1. W

    Unfinished basement stairs light switches

    Hi All, I am rewiring my basement, which includes the stairwell that leads from the main floor kitchen down to the basement. Here is an idea of the layout: From the main floor kitchen, I open a door to the basement stairwell. I take 3 steps down to a small landing. If I go right, I go down 5...
  2. R

    How Many Circuits for basement

    I’m working to wire my basement. I’ve been researching codes, pulled my permit, and have discussed my project with the inspector. With this being a basement I know I will need GFI breakers. First question, can I put lights on these same circuits? Second how should I break up my circuits...
  3. B

    Why lights are all beginning to flicker, basement now upstairs bathroom light is slowly beginning to

    Taped a cracked light socket and it worked but was dim thought tightening the tape would help but it started rapidly flickering with a buzzing noise didn't use that light again, now two more lights are flickering without the buzzing, and it's starting to flicker In the upstairs bathroom without...
  4. E

    Light bulbs in basement and garage burnout and can only use 60 watt incandescent.

    So I fancy myself fairly knowledgeable but this one has me stumped. My house was built in 2008. In my basement and in my garage the only light bulbs that work are incandescent 60 W bulbs. I have attempted to use 100 W incandescent bulb and LED bulbs but they do not work. So the other issue is...
  5. N

    new runs/drops from attic to 2nd floor and into basement?

    i have an old house (just got it). 1897. it has all knob and tube in the attic and a mish mash of lay out for what breakers do what. the first floor and basement are mostly all more modern wiring. question is: i want to run all new 12/2 wiring to each room. put each room on its own breaker in...
  6. J

    basement conveyor belt skip- lighting

    Evening Been asked to light up a road hoarding covering a skip for soil of a basement dig- not done this before. Am I correct in thinking it is common practice to just take 110v builders lights over to it- rather than taking 230v over a public pathway! Thanks J
  7. nyDIYelectric1

    Adding electric to thin interior basement wall ( w/ furring strips)

    It's common in the US to build interior basement walls on masonry using furring strips covered with sheet rock. Is there a proper way to add electical outlets to these walls and is it required by code?
  8. B

    Finishing Basement / Planning Circuits

    Goodevening Everyone - I need some advice and I appreciate your time to look at my question. I keep getting different opinions on this and I am struggling to get past the planning stage on the electrical portion of this project. I have read and heard it is wise to keep lights and outlets on...
  9. J

    Existing basement back box fixings

    Morning How is a good way of fixing back boxes to existing solid walls of basement flats. Builder said no fixings but need to ‘glue’ They are just dot dabbing exisiting walls and the finish is white plastic- so will get away with 25mm so no chase needed
  10. J

    wiring for new basement?

    quoted for a job which is for a flat conversion ground 1st and 2nd have timber floors and ceilings etc and they are currently digging out the basement now. The basement floor is going to be the lower floors of 2 duplexes I have never actually seen how this is done yet alone wire it! whats...
  11. E

    Bonding of drain cover in tanked basement

    Doing some work on a building with a tanked basement. In one corner there is a drain cover that is an extraneous conductive part so I need to attach a bonding conductor. I was thinking of something I could bolt on to the rim (about 5cm wide) that wouldn't interfere with taking the cover off...
  12. R

    Fixings in basement

    Got a job on at the moment with 2 basement/cellar rooms and will be starting this area next week , I have advised customer that the sockets will be surface mounted with trunking and wall lights also fitted , the outer walls are obviously tanked and sealed with no signs of any dampness , the...
  13. N

    Domestic Cu in basement and separate cu upstairs ground floor?

    Hello I am currently rewiring an old house which has tails in basement from meter going into a 60A fused isolator which feeds all the existing circuits from a fusebox in an inconvenient location, to be made redundant. I need to send power to both a consumer unit in the basement, and a separate...
  14. D

    Commercial Hello All! Problem with Basement service power cable, dangerous?

    Hello guys and gals. Not that long ago, we purchased a 200 year old grade II listed terrace property, which has a relatively large basement! The problem I have is with the electric service cable which runs right across the back of said basement (in the air!) to the main fuse block, then...
  15. A

    Fire alarm in basement

    Hi Im wiring a fire alarm in a basement. Of a old house now converted to flats The panel is going by the front door an i am drilling down into the basement. The hole is on the opposite side of the basement to the basement entrance. Now i am putting a smoke in the same room as the i am...
  16. S

    Domestic Advice on getting extra meter for self contained basement

    I have a self contained basement which I am looking to rent out. It has a separate gas meter and consumer unit but shares a meter with the main house. I have a three phase supply which has recently been replaced by Northern Powergrid. I would like to split the supply for an extra meter for the...
  17. S

    Domestic Advice for Moving Fuse Box and new Meter

    I have recently bought a 3 story house with a self-contained basement that I am wishing to rent out. The basement already has it's own gas supply and separate meter. In a wardrobe in the basement is the electricity meter and new separate fuse boxes for the main house and basement. If I rent...
  18. C

    Basement Plant Room Supplies

    Would appreciate some advice on the following: The project has over 20 large apartments between lower ground floor & 3rd & there are 2 basement levels. The client would now like to save space within the apartments & locate a small plant room within the basement garages. Has anyone encountered...
  19. D

    red ducting in basement for moving mains

    Hi all. hope someone can point me in the right direction.doing a rewire for two flats above a shop which is straight forward enough. except the mains are being moved from the front of the shop to the rear. the dno want three switched fused isolaters installing at the rear and a 115mm red ducting...
  20. W

    strange fault

    Strange fault. Rewire, 8 circuits all rcbo protected Tests out ok Intermittent fault Turn basement lights off at switch (fed via a 6a rcbo) basement power trips? (on an adjacent 16a rcbo) no crossed neutrals. The 16a rcbo trips when turning lights off not on? Any ideas, never seen this type...