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  1. B

    Finishing Basement / Planning Circuits

    Goodevening Everyone - I need some advice and I appreciate your time to look at my question. I keep getting different opinions on this and I am struggling to get past the planning stage on the electrical portion of this project. I have read and heard it is wise to keep lights and outlets on...
  2. J

    Existing basement back box fixings

    Morning How is a good way of fixing back boxes to existing solid walls of basement flats. Builder said no fixings but need to ‘glue’ They are just dot dabbing exisiting walls and the finish is white plastic- so will get away with 25mm so no chase needed
  3. S

    Domestic Advice for Moving Fuse Box and new Meter

    I have recently bought a 3 story house with a self-contained basement that I am wishing to rent out. The basement already has it's own gas supply and separate meter. In a wardrobe in the basement is the electricity meter and new separate fuse boxes for the main house and basement. If I rent...
  4. D

    red ducting in basement for moving mains

    Hi all. hope someone can point me in the right direction.doing a rewire for two flats above a shop which is straight forward enough. except the mains are being moved from the front of the shop to the rear. the dno want three switched fused isolaters installing at the rear and a 115mm red ducting...
  5. W

    strange fault

    Strange fault. Rewire, 8 circuits all rcbo protected Tests out ok Intermittent fault Turn basement lights off at switch (fed via a 6a rcbo) basement power trips? (on an adjacent 16a rcbo) no crossed neutrals. The 16a rcbo trips when turning lights off not on? Any ideas, never seen this type...
  6. B


    Some guidance please..........I have asked EDF to restore the supply to a small shop where the basement is flooded and some circuits may well be wet. From the DNOs intake there is a distribution circuit to the distribution board complete with 80Amp semi enclosed fuse and 2pole cutout. This...
  7. I

    ring mains

    Would it be acceptable to have 4 ring mains, 1 for each floor of a 4 storey house? Washing machine and dryer are going in the basement and not the kitchen, or does the kitchen need its own feed? The CU is in the basement.
  8. U

    Listed building dilemma! a new board change req in a flat in a converted church as they want alot of work done and current board 20 yrs old and cant get rcbo's etc. the church is on fourth floor, meter and cut out for all flats in basement, all cables run internally when conversion was done...
  9. R

    Service cut out Fuse the red ones.

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows the rating of the red service head fuses? I havent come across one with a label on it yet and when I pulled one the other day I was going to have a look but they seem to have something like a rivet holding it together where the screw normally is. I'm thinking...
  10. sparks1234

    Commercial premesis

    In a commercial building that is owned by a landlord and then each office area has its own water supply and distribution board. The sub-main comes from a panel from the main installation in the basement so the sub-main is a TN-S but main incomer is usually a TNCS. When form filling you are asked...
  11. I

    2 way lighting, PIR motion activated

    Hello All, Is it possible to include a motion sensor into a 2way lighting circuit? If so, how would you go about the wiring? There are switches at the top and bottom of some basement stairs. The occupants are keen to include a motion sensor as they sometimes stuggle to find the switch when...
  12. banny07

    commercial rewiring

    hi, i am going to rewire a restaurant basement, upstairs is already wired (old red & black),the owner decided to put some tables and chairs in the basement. my question is if i could use ordinary pvc twin & earth or LSF cable which is expensive (owner dont want to spend too much)? I already...
  13. P

    Domestic Capers!!

    Afternoon all, (edited after phone call with the owner) Righto,I have been asked by a family friend to rewire their new property which is 100 odd year old sandstone building on 3 levels including basement.4 bedrooms and the kitchen is being moved down to the basement! I have'nt worked in the...
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