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  1. OnlQQker

    Basic Electrical Skills In The 1940's

    So this would be the 'first edition' I'm guessing? View:
  2. C

    UK Can I use a 3 pole isolation switch as a basic trigger switch?

    Hello all, a little help would be much appreciated. I would like my extractor fan to have its own trigger switch, not dictated by the bathroom light switch. However, I’d like that switch to have an indicator flag. I’ve seen the ones on tlc but these are a 3 pole isolation switch. How could this...
  3. J

    Advice on basic alarm.

    Hi. I've been asked to fit an alarm that will give audible/visual warning if an infra red beam is broken between 2 points. It will be in a warehouse environment fitted indoors and I plan to fit them about 5m high to steel uprights about 15m apart. This is a standalone alarm only not part of...
  4. B

    Basic PAT Testing question

    Hi there, Excuse if a daft question but should PAT testing include all spare cable and chargers ? ie we have several boxes of unused spares (laptop chargers etc) which are likely to never be used but kept just in case. I presume they should be tested as they could be used at any point or...
  5. F

    Basic Home CCTV System

    Hi all, I'm looking to install a basic (2 or 3 camera) home CCTV system. Having done some research I gather a lot of the wireless systems aren't the best and can be very expensive for what they are. Therefore I'm looking to install one (possible two) camera on the from of my property on the...
  6. S

    Need some basic electrical wiring help

    Have recently purchased a glass display stand in which the centre shelfs rotate. There are also 3 bulbs at the top. The display stand wasn't in the best condition and some wiring was missing and overall wasn't working. I'm hoping for some help and advice to fix this. I've attached some images to...
  7. M

    Cheap labour in offer in exchange for basic training in electrical installation

    Mature adult wanting to gain some on job experience. Willing to work as part time labour for any electricians in and around the SE-SW London, I would happily accept a £60 day rate for any one willing to show me the ropes. I’m enrolling into college in September for my level 1. I understand...
  8. L

    Basic insulation _________

    Is twin and earth classed as double insulated? If it is, is it necessary to use when you using ADOS when the regs say basic protection can be provided by basic insulation.
  9. L

    Trainee Basic insulation _______

    Is double insulation cable necessary such as twin and earth if under automatic disconnection of supply it states that basic protection can be achieved by basic insulation only. Thanks
  10. G

    Some basic tool help please ...

    hello everybody, new to the forum and I’m just looking for a bit of advice. I’ve taken the steps for a career change and got my ecs labourers card. I’m starting with a firm next week as a trainee and would like some advice on what tools I will need as I’ve been asked to buy some basic...
  11. A

    Basic Can Bus testing .......

    Hi, Is anyone aware of a basic test I can carry out at the Canbus level? I want to see whether the fault lies with one of the vehicle controllers (ECU on rear "Haldex") or whether the vehicle is either not talking to it or not receiving it's response. Essentially the vehicle tests all appear...
  12. H

    Basic FCU wiring question

    Please excuse the basic question, I am rewiring an FCU for a washing machine, adding a socket to the FCU output to plug the washing machine into rather than wiring the washing machine directly into the FCU without a plug. Just want to check that it is ok to wire both circuit wires back into the...
  13. T

    re-wiring house, basic information needed

    Hi Can someone explain me step by step what electrician should do before he will start work in house. I found the electrical work should be registered at local authority. But an electrician told me he dosen't have to do this. In house he will installing new distribution board, re-wiring all...
  14. D

    Two basic switch/indicator questions...

    Hi Guys, I've recently moved in to an upstairs flat and in the bathroom there is fused switch on the roof - which I have to turn on so that the extractor fan would come on... Can I remove the fused switch and fit a cord pull type switch? Any ideas why there would be a fused switch fitted? Also...
  15. F

    Multimeter - basic continuity test

    Hi I'm a product design student working on a project and am looking to get some advice. I would like to buy a cheap test instrument that can carry out the following earth continuity test. Maximum resistance 0,50 ohms measured by passing a minimum current of 10 A at between 6 V and 12 V for at...
  16. J

    basic outside light wiring help

    hey everyone, hopefully a very straightforward question please can you advise on the following have a mains wire ready for outside light (previous owners had light but wasn't working) tested wires and are live. out of wall have red black earth from mains, far as i can tell not linked to a...
  17. John Lundrigan

    FELV providing both basic protection and fault protection

    Hi All, Regulation 411.7.1 states that the provisions described for Regulations 411.7.2 and 411.7.3 are applied for a nominal voltage not exceeding 50 V ac or 120 V dc then this combination is known as FELV. Does that mean then that if and installation is defined as FELV then it IS protected...
  18. T

    Basic security light wiring advice

    Hi, I would be very grateful for any basic wiring advice anyone could provide for a hi-lo pir security light if possible. I believe I need to put the one of the switched live cables into the section marked 1 along with the other main live wires and the other switched live into the section marked...
  19. S

    Basic installation techniques

    Hey all I am suffering with 'engineers no good' syndrome. My engineers are installing intruder and cctv systems, and know the tech side of it fine. But, having never done an apprenticeship or site time, they just lack the basic skills of how to install cabling etc. I have been out to site (I am...
  20. G

    Really Basic Mains Wiring Question

    Hello all - I'm new here - signed up to try and answer a really basic electrical question which I have googled in vain. I just bought a mechanical doorbell which runs on mains power - which I presumed meant that it would have a plug on it, or at least a socket for a plug cable. But in fact...
  21. N

    Help Please, Circuit understanding (basic)

    Hi all, Just wondering if I could grab a hand understanding this circuit, or more specifically what each individual part is/what it does? Thanks for the help
  22. S

    Time sheet software? Becoming a nightmare

    Hi, I'm a new member but I run a commercial electrical contractors, it's a family business around for 35 years and I've been in it for about 13 now. Started off in admin, then a full apprenticeship, electrician, junior project manager, estimator, manager, now I'm operations manager running all...
  23. D

    Domestic Beginners guide to home automation

    Newbie here so go easy please! Am working on a new build that will be more high end then im used too! they are having the touch screen control panels in each room to control lights, heating & whatever else they choose (believe they are using Phillips dynalite range) The spec, cables etc is...
  24. C

    DoL with pilz relay

    Hey all, fairly new to this so bare with me, i have an interview this week and Iam expecting a skills test does anyone have any idea what I could be facing? Or what you have experienced, the job is in a food processing factory. ive heard rumours of having the wire a dol with pilz relay? not...
  25. R

    Electircal control design books

    I'm looking for a good book/s on basic motor control design for DOL starters overloads etc, good panel design practice what to include and best practice in design as per interlock methods basic principles etc. Anyone know of some good literature or websites
  26. C

    Fault Finding?

    Alright, I recently sat my FICA and failed section E (Fault Diagnosis) and I have my resit next Monday but my problem is I've never actually done fault finding before. I've read about it and looked over some basic notes but my first real attempt at it was on the day of my test! I know that...
  27. B

    What has happened to the trade?

    It seems that every time I check out the forum, so called qualified sparks are asking the most basic questions such as help my rcd is tripping, how do I test? Etc. So many chancers about nowadays who wouldnt know the first thing about fault finding and think Ra is a school subject. As for these...
  28. T

    3ph Heating Element

    Hi guys, I have a basic wiring test on Friday and I've been told one of the practical parts is wiring a 3ph heating element. Does anyone have a basic diagram of how this should be done ?? TIA
  29. S

    MAXIMUM DEMAND... nic assessment

    hi guys. if i calculate maximum demand like i got 6 circuit 32a cooker 32a upstairs ring 32a down s. ring 20a,radial 6a upstairs light 6a down stairs light get the higgest one and add the rest together get 40% of it and finally add to highest one.. do u thing is that right?? and also do...
  30. D

    3 phase contactor not dropping out

    Hi folks here goes im replacing a contactor on a 3 phase sheet metal bending machine the old 1 is obsolite an was gave 1 that would do the same job the old 1 had termanals 33 an 34 new 1 dosent 33 had a red going in and a link to A2. i put the red into A2 and a link to 13 an its energising bet...
  31. M


    Got a Question .......................... I have recently got quotes for Liability insurance ranging from £650 - £850 then I contacted NICEIC £127. Iam I missing something ?????
  32. D

    books and witch ones i need

    hello my name is david mackay im 30 years old been a floor layer for like 7 years and have decided to become a sparky its the only other trade i have wished i could be all the time not sure why maybe cause its quite technical any way going to trade skills for you next month to do my domestic...
  33. S

    Domestic Does my Irish Qualification allow me to work in Scotland???

    Hi All, I was working for an Access Control company for about 18 months and was told that my Irish Electrical Qualification was sufficient for me to do basic things like wiring spurs etc. I have recently started my own business doing CCTV,Alarms etc. I have found conflicting info about whether...
  34. G


    Hi, I have a little thermostat... very basic... ( two metals theory.) think it was orig a thermostat for a fish tank heater. Im thinking of putting it into the circuit of a small heater, so it will heat the greenhouse to 70 , then cut out. Im wondering, should I wire it into the...
  35. L

    someone help me on this please I carnt work it out

    what is meant by the term "basic protection" In relationship to electric shock ? a) contact with parts or conductors that are live under fault conditions. b) contact with parts or conductors that are not intended to be live unless there is a fault. c) contact with parts or conductors that are...
  36. R

    basic and fault protection

    hi guys, whats the difference between basic and fault protection. am i right in guessing fault protection is the means of earth were as basic protection is means of instulation of wires, ect
  37. R

    earthing fault help

    hi guys, Just need some help with some course work. does earthing provide basic or fault protection? Now i know it provides fault protection as the earth is need to trip the circut breakers but im thinking is this a trick question and could it be both? :rolleyes2: any help is muchly...
  38. G

    Bosch or Fein

    Hi fellas as the title says im looking at getting at multi tool either the bosch 240 GOP or the Fein quick release multimaster, so looking for your opinions to point me in the right direction. Also if anyone knows the cheapest deals for either at the moment Cheers Gram
  39. E

    Inspection and Tester

    Seriously had to blink twice when I seen this.... Directgov jobs and skills search - Job details £9.00 for a testing engineer. Absolutely shocking and playing on the recession.
  40. P

    Industrial wind farms?

    Anyone got any info about how you get involved with wind farms?
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