1. wheeto

    Sockets in bathrooms

    A friend of mine has installed a BS-1363 socket in their bathroom, well outside of the zones (but not 3m outside) and protected by a type A RCBO which is itself downstream of a type AC RCD. The friend installed the socket in a 40mm back box, and when (s)he moves house and gets an EICR, the...
  2. M

    spotlights in bathrooms , from 12v to 240v

    next one , lads, bathroom spots outside of zone one. above the 2250 , directly above the bath ip and fire rated. 240v led spots. existing installation not rcd protected.
  3. S

    Underfloor heating bathrooms- recommendations?

    Got two underfloor heating systems to install- both on timber with a tiled finish. Both bathrooms are around 2 x 2. What systems have people installed and what recommendations have you got?
  4. O

    Extractor for 2 bathrooms

    So, got a client in a concrete structured block of flats - 2 bathrooms with "wall to wall" windows so nowhere to put extractor fans. Fortunately between the 2 rooms is a cupboard - so I'm thinking of putting a single extractor in the cupboard and running the ducting in the cupboard then a...
  5. diyterry

    Are mains sockets permitted in bathrooms?

    Hello. I am extending my bathroom, but one of the walls that will be incorporated into the bathroom has a socket fitted. Is this allowed in a bathroom or is it best to remove the socket and fit a cover?
  6. R

    Light Switches in Bathrooms

    I want to fit a light switch on the wall in my new bathroom but I've tried 2 electricians and both will only install a pull cord. The location of the switch is outside of zone 2, the switch itself is a touch switch rated at IP25, and the circuit is RCD protected. I can't therefore see what the...
  7. D

    Extractor fans in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

    Morning.. Just wondering if anyone knows what official building regs state about having to install the above when doing a refurb of house? I have had building control officers tell me in the past that fans are required in kitchens bathrooms and utility rooms, but I can't find anything in the...
  8. J

    Bathroom design software

    Over the last couple of months my business has been really taking off and we have started offering bathroom installations, as of now we have been sketching out the bathrooms and using about 50 catalouges from different companys to design bathrooms. I want to find software that can let me design...
  9. R

    Separating switch lives at fan isolator?!

    Hi guys, new to the forum, electrician two years out of my time and still learning! Im on a site 2nd fixing at the moment, unfortunately it's builders who have 1st fixed, the problem is; 3 bathrooms, 3 PIR, 3 lights, 1 fan, same circuit, I told them that where they've taken a s/w live from...
  10. S

    Domestic multiple switching of fan

    Hi, I have a quick question... Without having to spend time sitting down and working out I'm hoping someone might have a simple solution. I have one run on fan in loft but wants to be switched and ventilated via 3 separate bathrooms. Now I'm thinking off hand that ill need a relay but I may...
  11. Goody

    Domestic Isolator switchs for bathroom extractors

    Hi, Isolator switches for the bathroom extractors, could they be in the loft rather than the unsightly position on the wall outside the bathroom? “Electrical Installers’ Guide to the Building Regulations” or the “Red Book” doesn’t say anything about their position. Could someone shed some...
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