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  1. C

    18 volt solar battery charger

    Hello, hoping for advice on this... We intend to use 18volt Makita power tools high in the Khumbu mountains near Everest. With no mains power on site I’d appreciate any advice on an affordable yet lightweight, portable and efficient set up to recharge batteries. Probably x10 4.00 Ah units per...
  2. S

    Car battery drain

    Serious power drain on battery on Audi 80 1992.30 mins after turning engine off no battery power won't start.ALL main components seem fine.After turning engine off a humming noise comes from back of engine ?this stops if I disconnect negative terminal on battery.Could this be causing power...
  3. D

    Battery powered Rotating Beacon

    Hello Hope everyone is well and thanks for creating this forum. I'm looking for some help for a project I'm doing. It's a Short Film where I would like a red rotating beacon to cast its light on a solider running in a bunker's corridor. I found a rotating beacon that comes with a car plug...
  4. G

    AEG Multi-voltage battery charger

    Hi Folks :-) got a query. Can my AEG AL9618 Battery charger that came with my BSB 18STX-R drill, also charge Li-Ion batteries? The drill originals are Ni-cd 2.0ah, and I wish to upgrade to 3.0ah Li-Ion ones. The front of the charger does show various images of what the lights should do. And it...
  5. R

    relay cause flat battery?

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place for this but want to confirm something. I have wired up a 12v lightbar on my ATV using the attached wiring loom layout, but I have been told by some that this setup will cause the battery to drain/go flat over time due to the relay always having current...
  6. L

    New Liquid Battery

    I want to know what people think this battery will do in the market. New residential liquid storage battery (not lithium-ion) 12 kwh storage 3 kw continuous wattage, no peak 12 year warranty at 90% capacity No moving parts Environmentally friendly Physically safe 4' x 3' x 2' size $7,000...
  7. S

    Which fuse rating to between starter and leisure battery?

    What fuse rating do I need to put in between the starter and leisure battery? I have a 12V 75AH Starter battery and 110Ah leisure battery. Cable size 16mm or 8mm. (this is for my off the grid van :) )
  8. S

    Adding PV diverter to battery system - using delay switch??

    I am trying to add an Apollo Gem diverter to my battery grid tied system (Victron ESS). It is not going to work because both systems are fighting for the surplus solar power to either charge the battery or divert to immersion. If I add a delay timer switch in the immersion circuit so the load to...
  9. S

    How to get some type of battery to last long pulling 1500 watts

    I'm trying to run multiple lights that take up 1500 watts each. I know I can get a ups and a battery with that can run 1500 watt for 42 minutes and take 10 hours to charge. Any other ideas?
  10. B

    Battery charge counter

    Hi guys, I hope someone could help with my problem. First of all i am zero when it comes to electric. So my issue, i have a rental company for little underwater scooters here in spain. I work with beach rentals who rent out my scooters to their clients. I charge the beach rentals per 30 min...
  11. S

    House has PV & batteries - how much to add extra battery?

    Hello. Sis has just looked at a house with a possible view to purchase. It has just had 30 PV panels fitted along with one battery, and this is used to run the fully electric CH 'wet' system. (This has only been installed for 1 month, so owners have little idea of how effective it is going to...
  12. M

    Car battery testing

    Have a car battery and wantedto know if it was any good. Got my fluke tester and set it to volts and put it across positive and negative...first battery had 0 volts and the second battery had 6 volts. Did i test these properly?
  13. P

    smet2 meters are they compatible with solar and battery systems

    Recently ive heard of several complaints regarding the smet2 meters presently being installed in homes are not compatible with solar pv and battery systems leading to householders' being overcharged always thought the smet 2 would sort this out.
  14. C

    ABS and Brake Light on after battery change

    Hi, I drive a 1999 Toyota Corolla. I bought a new battery 2 weeks ago which was flat this morning. The battery warning light came on on my way home from work last night. I jump started it and took it to the place I bought the battery. They changed the battery I had bought for a new one...
  15. gunsmokejp

    For Sale [West]: Electric Scooter Parts. 350W motor 36v Battery

    Hello i have for sale the parts of this scooter. Everything is working fine is just the holding mechanism is a bit wiggly(missing a screw) and the speed indicator is not working. The cable from the battery to controller has been worn out so i think this might be the issue. The scooter is one...
  16. Pete999

    ACT Gold battery tester complete with case

    As title £150.00 Pm for details.
  17. Pete999

    For Sale ACT Battery tester 12Volt SLA and Car Batteries from 1.2 AH -200AH

    As title complete with soft case and instructions PM me if interested £150:00. Pete
  18. J

    SSE DNO 4kw Solar Panels with battery storage, zero export

    Hi, I'm looking to expand our current grid-tied solar from 2kw to 4kw, add some battery storage and do zero export. Has anyone done this? Did SSE accept it? Any advice on equipment? Thanks all
  19. H

    Can I charge this li ion battery in led lamp with 7.4V new charger? pics inside

    I really wanted to keep using my led lamp for my plants. So I bought a new charger. Altough I couldnt find a 8.4V charger, so I bought a universal charger. I tryed the setting on 7.5 Volt and I tested it for 5 min. But now I read on the internet that li ion batteries can explode and catch flames...
  20. Martins

    Wiring solar kiln

    Hi, I am willing to do a solar wood kiln. Part of that includes fans that I want to connect to solar panels. As it is solar kiln then most of the time fans need to work when there is sun in the sky. Still, I would like to run one fan from a battery. It is hard to find fans that can keep high...
  21. M

    Solar charging nest box camera & battery

    Hi Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything. I'm fitting a new bird nesting box which contains a wireless camera. It will be attached to a battery which will in turn be attached to a solar panel. I'm hoping to avoid the need to constantly bring the battery in to...
  22. Moley

    How to change a Seaward Supernova backup battery

    My Supernova wasn't keeping the time/date so it looked like it was time for a replacement backup battery. After a search on the net I couldn't find any info on it's type or location so, after a quick chat to the guy who calibrates my Supernova, I was fully armed and ready to go into battle. The...
  23. A

    Battery charger switch over system

    I have a 4kW solar pv installation that has a 6kW lead acid battery storage. In the summer I am constantly exporting and in the winter not much is generated. I was wondering if its possible let go install a second battery store which runs from solenoid of some sort such that when I e battery is...
  24. D

    On off car battery switch - cable length?

    Hi, My car is Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 (1998), and I'd like to install a battery on / off switch in the interior of the car. My question is: would it be ok to use around 1.5 meter length of normal battery cable? The idea is to connect it to the battery negative terminal and to the existing...
  25. D

    12v socket ,leisure battery

    Hi, have a campervan (Toyota Lucida) set up with a leisure battery. It has a smart battery protector that runs to the front 12v socket, a second one in the back that has a switch aswell that runs a small fridge and the head unit is also powered through it. Problem is the 2 sockets aren't working...
  26. B

    Domestic AC converter for battery powered lights

    I was looking at my battery powered Christmas tree lights and was getting a little fed up with constantly changing/looking for the appropriate batteries (3 x 1.5 volt AA, in this case) I then came up with the idea of using an AC Converter Adapter to DC 4.5V 1A Power Supply. I guess that will...
  27. M

    Cordless drill battery charger

    Might be the wrong forum but here goes. I`ve 2 Parkside drill/drivers 10.8v not had a lot of use but come in handy because they are quite small and do the job. Problem is I`ve lost one of the chargers and the remaining one has given up. I`ve inserted a pic of the circuit board, no sign of any...
  28. S

    Battery discharging over night WITH charge controller

    Hello, hope someone can shed some light on my problem. I have a simple solar powered gate opener setup at home. I am having trouble with the battery seemingly discharging over night. I have 2 x 20w panels wired in series making 24v. These are then wired to a charge controller, which is then...
  29. ferg

    Time for new battery tool kit

    It's time for me to change out my battery kit which is a shame as the tools are mostly OK but the batteries are FUBAR and not made anymore. My go to brand for many years has been Dewalt and the outgoing kit is also mostly Dewalt. I need combidrill, impact driver, jigsaw, circular saw, SDS...
  30. S

    Audi 80 92 2.0 l serious battery drain

    Audi 80 92. 2.0l. Serious battery drain in the morning tried to turn but not enough power from battery.jumps easily runs ok stop turn off then turn on same problem.won't turn .bought new battery same problem.alternator checked no problem mechanic says it's charging battery ok.any help would be...
  31. D

    Shock from Dyson handheld battery vac...

    So, here is one to debate. Wifey bought one of the cordless V8 dyson vacs, on the basis that all her friends have one. It's pretty handy. But today I discovered an unusual feature. If it detects the motor is working too hard (in this case as the filter was blocked with dust), it will switch...
  32. M

    Pump / battery and fuse advice

    Hi, mostly clueless by name and nature I'm afraid. I need to buy a pump that I can use to fill a motorhome water tank from a water carrier. In essence I will need to to shift about 60 litres of water at a time. I've found a 12v 6A pump that moves around 6l a minute - so it would need approx 10...
  33. S

    Suitable LED bulb for rechargeable battery

    Hi I am trying to make a light fixture with an LED bulb and rechargeable battery so that it can sit on table without any cords. What LED volt light will work with 3.7V 750 mAh battery (see picture) or 4.8V rechargeable battery (see picture) I am only finding LED strips and bulbs that...
  34. N

    Please help smart people! Battery and cooking simple question...

    Hi there Thanks for taking the time to read. I am hoping that this will be a very easy question for knowledgeable guys and girls like yourselves. My question is short and sweet; Could I run an electrical hot plate off of a large battery source? I have included links at the bottom giving...
  35. gazdkw82

    Coffee lovers - battery machines

    Seen Makita do a portable coffee machine which is powered via battery. I'm a big coffee lover and always looking to make it cheaper (in the long run) and easier to enjoy a drink during the day. A battery style coffee machine would be ideal. Especially as you only need the coffee grinder and...
  36. M

    Need some help with a battery box

    Hello, I recently bought a 12v deep cycle battery 75 AH and I made a battery box following these tutorials: and (no need to watch it ofc, just to understand the basic idea). Here is the outcome: asd - https://imgur.com/a/crgzYlJ I know the pictures quality is not really good, but hopefully it...
  37. L

    The Plot Thickens ... (mystery parasitic battery drain)

    Hi Folks, Got a bit of a mystery on my hands and it's so far left 2 RAC techs and a local garage absolutely baffled. 10 Days ago I bought a used 2004 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TCDI, drove great, everything worked great, smelt nice so of course I bought it happy as larry. Suddenly one morning without...
  38. M

    fitting air horns to a non battery lambretta

    hi i have a 12v non battery 1966 lambretta, i want to see if i can wire air horns onto my scooter...the kit comes with a compressor and a relay but when i look at videos on fitting them to cars it says connect to battery, so can these be connected to my 12v non battery lambretta ?
  39. Strima

    Battery Charging Room

    OK, we have yet another project on the horizon but this one involves battery charging. We do a fair bit of battery work already with large battery UPS systems but we will have a requirement for charging batteries up before sending them to site for installation. I used to work in battery bays...
  40. happyhippydad

    12V battery getting over charged.....

    Hello solar forum, I don't often post in here! My shed has had solar power for the last 2 years. It has a 120W solar panel, PWM charge controller (see pic below) and a 105aH non-sealed deep cycle battery. I have not been looking after the battery properly and let the levels get too low for too...
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