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  1. D

    Can I become an electrician? Currently serving in military (army)

    Hi all, Currently serving in the Army, 9years. Looking at using my enhanced learning credits to use on fast track courses. I’m just trying to find out if I can actually get into the trade this route and if it will actually be worth my time. I don’t have time to spare, wife - mortgage - kids...
  2. H

    Retraining to become a self employed Electrician - HELP REQUIRED PLEASE

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum so please excuse any stupid questions which may come below. Sorry if this is long winded but I want to give a good overview of my situation to ensure I get the best advice. I have very basic electrical knowledge and experience but I enjoy and get satisfaction from...
  3. davesparks

    When did seperate earth's in trunking become fashionable?

    Next question on the date my install game. When did the practice of installing seperate cpcs in trunking become the norm? The 'original' part (the rewire when the VIR was replaced) of the install I am trying to establish an age for is entirely in enameled trunking which has been used as the...
  4. W

    Courses needed to become a industrial maintenance engineer

    Hey guys, I am a wind turbine maintenance technician and commissioner, with a level 3 nvq in electrotechnical Installation and maintenance. I am finally done with the industry and want to work at home in one of the local manufacturing companies, I have come across a course which I think may help...
  5. A

    What career path is available for an adult to become an electrician in Scotland?

    Hello I have been going round in circles on the internet trying to find information. I am currently working as an ROV Pilot Tech and have previously worked as a UPS engineer. Can anyone tell me what routes I can take to become an electrician in Scotland while keeping my current job. I am on a...
  6. M

    Best way for a 47 year old to become an electrician.

    Hi. I am after some solid advice. I am a 47 year old ex chef who wants to retrain as an electrician. I know in a ideal world the best way into the trade is a 4 year apprenticeship but at my age that might be a bit difficult. I have been to see tradeskills4u in Crawley who seem quite...
  7. L

    UK Training to become an sparky

    Evening guys, I wouldn't mind becoming a sparky, but with a mortgage and 3 whipper snappers I can't afford to drop to an apprentice wage, there's no night courses near me, what other way is there? Or isn't there? Haha.
  8. ElectricianFit

    Trainee how to become an electrician UK

    Hi! I live in London and have 5 years experience in another country (Lebanon). How I became an electrician in the UK, how to be a qualified electrician, and how much time I needed to do it Regards
  9. B

    What qualifications do i need to become fully qualified

    I’ve just completed my level 2 2365 electrical installation course and I'm going start the level 3 2365 course later on this year but I'm not sure what other qualifications i will need to become a fully qualified electrician.
  10. T

    What's the best way to become a fully qualified electrician earning a good wage?

    As the title says, what's the best way of doing this? I got a good set of GCSES (2A*s, 10As and 2Bs) however I do not think that I will be able to go to uni. Instead learning a trade is a more likely option. I have decided to go to being an electrician and will probably apply for something...
  11. Gakure

    Starting to become self employed (own)

    Many in the forum are self employed with own companies. If given opportunity or you were to start again from square 1, which plan route/step will you take when setting up? I.e Qualified and you have bags of experience in many past years while employed, have hands tools but no power and MFT Open...
  12. C

    What Qualifications Do I need to Become a CCTV Installer / Engineer?

    Hi there, as the title suggests I would like to complete a course in cctv installation with the long-term goal of becoming a sole trader and working for myself. I am aware that there could potentially be other aspects such as alarm and fire systems but at the moment I would appreciate any help...
  13. S

    How to become fully qualified?!

    Hi Guys, So I completed my level 2 and 3 C & G course at college in May. I’ve worked as a mate a bit since, but I need more experience and consistent work to go on to complete my NVQ and whatnot. My question is, as I’m not going the apprentice route, what’s the best way to gain that...
  14. S

    How does one become an electrician?

    I want to know how you proceed because in my country I only have courses that start from 4 months to 6 months and I have no idea how you can get training.Do you start as an assistant?I tried to find 4 year courses but I couldn't find it and I'm pretty sure that most of the courses in my country...
  15. C

    36 yr old and want advice to become an electrician

    Hi I'm 36 and I'm interested in becoming an electrician .Any advice on how to do this and would I need to go in to full time college ? Is there online courses ? .Would a company take me on as an apprentice ? ,I can plaster and do general joinery.What college offer courses ? I'm in Manchester.Thanks
  16. oracle

    Pat testing, why some guys become sticker jockeys

    OK, we all have said a lot about this. Having met one recently I asked what his take home pay is. He gets a basic of £1000 and 20p for each test so to get another £1,000 he needs to do 5000 tests a month. That's before tax and NI! So imagine working for that sort of pay for putting 5000...
  17. J

    Domestic When did neutral at the light switch become standard practice?

    Hello all, I am in the process of buying a house built in 2002 and I am trying to find out when it became standard practice to run neutral to light switches. The reason being I may look at having smart switched installed and having this already in place would make the job so much simpler. Thanks
  18. oracle

    Why has this forum become riddled with critical and sarcastic Trolls

    Why can't people stick with supportive comments and ask for clarity if they are unsure about the post's meaning. Is it asking too much for them to stay in context with positive feedback instead of uninformed ridicule?
  19. N

    Ring main become 2 radials

    Electrical ring circuit The electricalian came and did the second fix. But we werent sure if all the wires had been bought through the plaster board. All the sockets work, but we wanted to make sure there are no wires hiding in the walls.. we tested by disconnecting one of the 2 lives going...
  20. T

    Become an Electrician in 18 days!

    So seeing post ads on local community groups on Facebook advertising Kitchen and bathroom refute minor electrical work done. This really gets my back up and think the system is a complete joke. They may have served a electeical apprentiship for 4years like most of us, but probably just done a...
  21. D

    Guidance to become an electrician

    Hey guys, I need your help. I'm finishing a levels this months, and want to become an sparky. I do not know what route to take: A: Do a training course for CG level 2, then CG level 3 electrical installations. This would take under a year at the centre I'm looking on. Or B: Do an...
  22. F

    how to become a domestic installer

    Hi I am looking to become a domestic installer can someone recommend what course or courses I need to do to be able to do this. also can you tell me what the job entails. I have found the basic information and also how much they earn. thanks
  23. S

    Cost to become an ECA Registered Member?

    Good evening guys, Has anyone had any recent experience with becoming an ECA registered member? Does anyone know the cost involved? They don't advertise these things on their website!
  24. S

    How can I become a third party inspector?

    I have a technical bachelors degree and I have done a material inspection training course and I would like to become a third party inspector, however, I am unsure about how to go about it.
  25. Y

    Approaching the end of highschool - should I become an electrician?

    Long story short, I've decided that Uni probably isn't for me so I've taken this time to look at an alternative. I looked into the trades and the two things that really caught my eye were Electrician and Underwater Welding/Construction. I didn't take physics due to having a bad experience in S3...
  26. C

    EICRs to soon become compulsory

    Reading allot of landlord accreditation and news items EICRs are a hot topic and may soon become compulsory. Looking around on the internet i can see companies charging £80.00 for an EICR, i dont see how this works as it take 4 hours to test a 1 bedroom flat with all the paper work involved...
  27. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How to become a complete tool tart

    Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features | Firefox Help -
  28. T

    Czech guys would like to become an electricians in England

    Greetings gentlemen, I am 25 and i am finishing my Masters degree in June. After that, i would like to go to England with my ex-schoolmate from high school to work as an electricians to learn english, practice, meet a british culture, earn some money and maybe start a new life. Informations...
  29. E

    Training advice to become an electrician

    Hi, I'm looking to retrain as an electrician and want to find out exactly what courses I need to undertake and the best route to go down. Google it and you're hit with course after course that suggest it can all happen in a matter of weeks (not to undermind those courses) however I am a...
  30. P

    Route to become electrical installer

    Hi all, Quick back ground info. I did a BTEC electronic and electrical at college then went into the airforce to gain my apprenticeship in electrical and avionics engineering. So by trade I'm an aircraft electrician. I left and am now on electrical maintenance in the automotive industry. My dad...
  31. D

    Studying to be an electrician looking for any advice or guidance

    Hello I am looking to leave the forces in the next couple of years and I have started a traing course with train4jobs, this should give me my city and guilds l2 and 3 and the am2 exam. I joined this forum just for any advice or tips that anyone has to offer on becoming an electrician. Thanks...
  32. T

    Hi I'm new and looking to become an electrician from scratch

    Hi nice to meet all of you.
  33. E

    Refresher Course to become qualified again

    Hello, about 25 years ago I worked as an electrician, back then it was JIB Approved electrician 15th edition of the IEEE regulations. After several years I left the business in the early 90's due to house market crash and other slump meaning lack of work; I went into the I.T. industry...
  34. sparksburnout

    Don't panic

    Don't panic. If you want to become a sparky it is dead easy, look here: Become a UK qualified electrician 17th edition Pat testing 2391 2377 2382 *&7 | eBay -...
  35. A

    Need advice!

    Hello everyone, I have just signed up to the forum so that I can get some advice off of someone. I am due to leave the military in a couple of months and I have decided that I would like to get into a trade. I am stuck between two options and that is to become an electrician, or a plumber...
  36. C

    Hello All

    Hi, greetings to you all. Previously an IT guy, good with computers and building websites. Now packed that all in to become an electrician because sitting in front of a computer listening to office politics is not for me. Done a few courses, such as 17th Edition, EAL 2394 Initial...
  37. B

    Becoming a Domestic Installer

    Hi All,I'd like to get the qualifications needed to become a domestic installer and self certify/sign off my own work. I'm currently a security engineer so do have a good knowledge of electronics. I've looked at multiple courses from the likes of Able Skils and trade skills for you etc.My...
  38. uksparks

    NICEIC Upgrade

    Hi, Just thought id let you know I have just booked to upgrade my NICEIC membership to Approved :-) I can remove those god awful DI signs off my van then!
  39. N

    LEDs & Interference

    I'm led to believe that LEDs (as in the actual basic semiconductor device themselves) are comparatively strong emitters of radio frequency interference. Don't know about how much power or where in the spectrum but that's what I was once taught. Just wondering whether anyone has seen this as a...
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