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  1. P

    Becoming Qualified Auto electrician?

    Hi all. I already got my NVQ 3 as an installation electrician, but I've been thinking about getting qualified as an Auto electrician as well. Does anyone have any information in that regard? I see that City and Guilds offers courses, but I want to avoid them if possible (I've got mixed feelings...
  2. M

    Becoming an electrician??

    Hi guys just after some general advice, if that's ok?? Mulling some options over... I am 44, worked the last 25yrs for one of the big six suppliers, ten in the office, with the last 15 of those out fitting electric meters, so I have some background, and built up some good knowledge and...
  3. J

    Route to becoming certified electrification.

    HI All, I am planning a career change and wanted some advice. I want to work my way to become a fully certified domestic and commercial installer. My practical experience is minimal as in I have helped electricians on jobs, this was ad hoc and not regular. I am confident at general DIY and...
  4. V

    Becoming a sparky (with on site experience)

    Hi Eveyone, Just like to get some advice on becoming a gold card sparks. Here is some background info and i would like some info on what i can do to become a gold card electrician. I started working with my uncle at 17 in 2001 for a housing maintenance company as a subcontractor, after a few...
  5. gazdkw82

    Becoming fully compliant/joining schemes

    I'm coming towards a crossroads. I have 1 last hurdle to get over in the new year and that's AM2. After that I will have my full level 3 NVQ, 2391 test and inspect, pasma and IPAF. Once I overcome this last hurdle I'm unsure on what I should do. Currrently I am stable in a maintenance role...
  6. H

    First step to becoming electrician

    Hi there everyone, first of all I would like to say what a good and helpful website this is, I’m Huseyin, I would like to know what do I need to do to become a electrician, for example to start work immediately ?(construction site or firm). So far Iv looked at ableskills level 2 and level 3...
  7. M

    Becoming OLEV registered?

    Guys, i like to have a broad knowledge base and range of work, as i get bored doing the same things day in day out. From working on F1 hospitality units, to kitting out warehouses, to a little bit of domestic (however i generally hate domestic Re-wires, so rarely do these). I have been...
  8. Y

    Approaching the end of highschool - should I become an electrician?

    Long story short, I've decided that Uni probably isn't for me so I've taken this time to look at an alternative. I looked into the trades and the two things that really caught my eye were Electrician and Underwater Welding/Construction. I didn't take physics due to having a bad experience in S3...
  9. A

    Need some Advice on Becoming Fully Qualified

    Hey guys im 19 ive completed my Levels 2 + 3 Electrical installation and PAT testing at college, ive been looking for apprenticeships for a while, on job sites such as indeed and the gov apprenticeship one and regularly ringing round local companies to try and get a start but no-ones interested...
  10. M

    Looking For Advice - becoming An Electrician With A Criminal Record

    New to the forum and looking for advice. I am 24 and have had a pretty messed up life so far. When I was 17 I started an apprentiship but messed up and I was sacked without getting any qualifications. I joined the Army but didn't last long in there either and got discharged. I admit I was a...
  11. M

    What are the first steps in becoming electricians mate?

    I am looking to become an electricians mate in the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey area. I have experience doing small electrical jobs and City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electro Technology. Any help or advice on how to progress would great.
  12. gnuuser

    becoming one of santas elves i think!

    discovered i have a bit of a Knack for toy making, anyhow i started making wooden toys for the grandkids and now have orders for a lot more. (and not just from family) I'll be making doll furniture and full size cradles for my nieces children as well as various pull toys. kind of a pleasant job...
  13. T

    Czech guys would like to become an electricians in England

    Greetings gentlemen, I am 25 and i am finishing my Masters degree in June. After that, i would like to go to England with my ex-schoolmate from high school to work as an electricians to learn english, practice, meet a british culture, earn some money and maybe start a new life. Informations...
  14. M

    Becoming Qualified For a Career Change

    Hi all, I have tried to read through as many threads as possible but couldn't see the answer to this question so apologies if I am asking something that is obvious. So I am researching the best way to change career into becoming an electrician, I am 35 and have a mortgage etc etc so an...
  15. D

    Becoming an Electricians Mate/improver.

    Hi, I started C & G L2 2365 at my local construction college early September. I am really enjoying the course and feel a new challenge ahead which should last many years. I previously graduated as a Psychiatric nurse in my mid 20s, however after about 10 years in H&S I fancy a change, I am now...
  16. D

    Becoming a qualified electrician

    Hello I've been trying to find apprenticeship for over four years an have had no luck, I have a level 2 and 3 2330-01 and 2330-07 with a level 3 Eal 600/0665/1, I am 22 and it looks like they hire people only 16-19 , I've been told to get Cscs card and become a electricians mate while gaining...
  17. Z

    Becoming a Qualified Electrician

    Hi, so I have 2 months ago started working at a store selling all kinds of electrical products and I am learning a lot from the different products and the people working there. I am planning to become a qualified electrician so would like to get some advice how to pursue this best. I don't know...
  18. C

    In Need of advice to become an electrician

    Hi everyone New member here in need of a little advice. Any advice much appreciated. I'm considering a career change perhaps and becoming an electrician. In my teens at college I did a BTEC national diploma in electrical eng and a city and guilds 7261 in the same, with the idea of going to...
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