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  1. Vortigern

    Doh! Can't believe I did this but I did.

    Not once but twice. That cable is to an old coughtree corner light who would imagine the cable would have taken that route? Just popping in a few cameras and light stopped working. had to dig out the cable bit by bit. Actually managed to get a bullseye on the cable twice, wow! Oh by the way at...
  2. buzzlightyear

    like victor meldrew i dont believe it .string lights

    had a call yesterday customer telling me the cooker has gone of and could I look at it .well now the customer tells me that every time he put on the out side lights (XMAS) ones the old string lights the type you find on the Blackpool front ,that the their is a fault . so me was thinking ok...
  3. S

    did you believe this ......??????

    today on my email address arrives this video from one friend..he asked me to see the video and to comment what i think of it..after watching it I was impressed and to be honest im not sure if I have to believe it or not..when I watched the video, it looks like it works perfectly..what do you...
  4. D Skelton

    The Burka - To ban or not to ban?

    Following on from recent events in France and burkini-gate, I'm interested in your opinions. I've got my views which I'm sure I'll chip in with later, but for now, as the title suggests, what are your thoughts and why?
  5. Midwest

    Work Polo Shirts

    Can anyone recommend a decent quality work polo shirt supplier, with printing &/or logo. Given up buying local, as the quality is poor, fades in the wash, buttons fall off & they seem to shrink! Did a forum search, which didn't have any hits, which I find hard to believe?
  6. W

    Megger repair?

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a company that repairs megger multi testers in dorset.? Would be good if they are cheap and don't keep my tester for 4 weeks!
  7. D

    PME final circuits question

    I have a query, Im working on some signage that is connected to a PME supply. This is supplied to a leb header by straight concentric 16mm cable and then to and RCD with outgoing circuits to the sign. Now I have just seen that work by others have been carried out in the form of doubling up on...
  8. i=p/u

    insulation resistance testing stanless steel

    in a cafe at present working and is a load of stainless steel in one corner for washing up etc.. i want to do a test to see if needs bonding im nearly certain i I r test from earth isco to stainless steel in question and test @ 500vdc and if under 22k ohms it should be bonded, is this info...
  9. P

    P.A.T Testing Bodies?

    Hi all this is my first post as a new member so please bare with me! ;) I recently turned self employed as a PAT Tester and i was after a little advice. I have my C&G 2377 but i was wondering is there any registered bodies out there for PAT Testing or are there any recommendations for me as a...
  10. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Grading

    Hi I gained my part 1 C&G approx 25 years ago & have been working for an electrical company for approx 14 years my director is writing a refrence for me for the JIB grading of an electrician,does anyone know what the procedure is. many thanks.
  11. C

    Smoke alarms-new build

    Hi I am new to the forum and fairly new to domestic work so need some help, I have been asked to wire a new build and need to know how to wire in the smoke alarms. I believe they have to be interlinked and on thier own circuit not rcd protected so as not to be effected by other circuits, so...
  12. M

    replacing lighting gridswitch

    Hi all i have been asked if i could replace a 12 way lighting gridswitch(correct me if im wrong)in a taxi rank as most of the swiches are broken or not working.These switches supply lights inside and outdoors,this will also involve testing existing cable and outdoor circuits as i believe some...
  13. M

    main fuse

    Hi all i have had a look at future upcoming job of cu change at the moment im not registered now how can i do a cu change for one of my assesor jobs when main fuse(80A)has to be removed and would be replaced with i believe 100A correct me if im wrong as current installation is TNS i believe and...
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