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  1. A

    How to mark conduit bender?

    Good evening Gents Om after some help and advice please on setting up a new conduit bender. Im wanting to ask how to score a mark on the forming wheel to indicate bending points etc? I usually do the way of doing a bend then offering up and trimming excess off but would like to learn the old...
  2. C

    For Sale Does anyone want to buy a conduit bender? Conduit Bender For Sale

    Conduit bender for sale in Derbyshire
  3. P

    Conduit bender advice

    I do very little steel conduit work and can't justify buying a full bender set up. My dad has a hand held plumbers pipe bender.Would I be able to fit a 20mm former and guide to it to use for bends and sets etc.
  4. Jay89

    Steel Conduit bender 20/25mm

    After a steel conduit 20/25mm bender with clamp and formers etc. Happy to collect if anyone has one available, just north of London.
  5. A

    Hilmor benders for sale 20 & 25mm formers

    Hi I have a set of hilmor benders for sale comes with 20 and 25mm former. Selling as I have two sets and am being moaned out for the amount of space it takes up in my small shed. Very good condition. Obviously won't sell stupid cheap but open to offers. Collection only Will post pictures later
  6. EMMEC

    brand new non used 20/25mm conduit bender

    for sale bender as at link EL25 Steel Conduit Bender 20-25mm -...
  7. T

    Hilmor pipe bender, said I'd post a pic when I painted it so......

    Yep so painted the Hilmor pretty crap paint job but with new bits and a bit of paint not bad I must say. It's now ready for work. Just waiting for the end caps to arrive and put some wheels on to move it around.
  8. T

    Hilmor pipe bender it's mine all mine!

    Just got this for £20.00 pleased as punch. Had to put in former, roller and stop but had them anyway so no cost. In fact I got those for a tenner from another place a while back so have a fairly functional pipe bender and Hilmor! Just ordered a new pipe vice and couple of bits and it'll be good...
  9. H

    Conduit Bender

    hi looking to buy a 20mm steel conduit bender, something that's portable so I can put it in the back of the van. cheer
  10. S

    Hilmor Conduit Bender with Stock & Dies

    The bender is in good condition. With a 25mm former only and missing the stop end. Also with the bender are an almost new 25mm and 20mm stock and dies set, nylon draw tape and an almost full tin of cutting paste. Price £85.00. For collection only. My location is Coleford, Gloucestershire
  11. S

    Advice On Conduit Bender.

    Hi, I may have a job coming up that will require me to have a conduit bender. There is one local to me on ebay; a Hilmor EL25. However, it does not have the straight formers with it. The seller assures me that it works fine without them, but all the ones I can remember using required them to...
  12. Leesparkykent


    Looking to purchase a reasonably priced conduit bender if any one has one or knows of one for sale. I have one but have an underground car park to trunk/tube out starting in the next few weeks and would like another to speed the job up. Thanks Lee
  13. uksparks

    Armeg Conduit Threading Set

    Hi, Has anyone got the Armeg Conduit Threading Set? Conduit Threading Set I saw it in Eddies and was tempted, not that i do any metal conduit stuff, but thought it would be good to have. Your thoughts please.
  14. D

    conduit bender

    hello all - as a domestic sparks I have never had use for a bender however I will be needing one for installing lighting in a property as they seem to think that exposed brickwork and conduit on display is nice, anyhow whatever - I need a bender, not bothered if its a bit battered as long as its...
  15. S

    Conduit bender..

    Just wondering if this was worth buying?
  16. S

    Conduit bender

    hi guys im looking for a conduit bender (20mm and 25mm). i have seen them for sale on the internet but they were 527 pounds new. im not paying that much for a bit of metal that bends another bit of metal so if anyone knows of anyone selling one second hand please could you let me know please...
  17. G

    Irwin Hilmor Conduit Pipe Bender Brand New In Box EL25

    For Sale Irwin Hilmor conduit pipe bender EL25 brand new in box. T090700B EL25 machine and vice plus 20 and 25mm formers. Collection from Gloucester £300 ono.
  18. B

    Hilmor conduit bender

    Eveneing Gents I was just wondering if a conduit bender can be used to bend conduit without a conduit stop as a guy i know will let me have an old one but he says it has no stop will a bolt or something in its place work?
  19. R

    Bending 20mm galv conduit

    Hi, I'v got a job to do which involves putting 1 set into a length of galv conduit. I don't really get the chance to do any Galv as such, and don't have a proper bending machine. Could anyone advise as to whether a plumbers pipe bender would do the same job? or any other suggestions greatly...
  20. C

    Conduit Vice / Bender

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get deal on a conduit vice / bender - the free standing type. Appreciate postage might be a few quid! Thanks.
  21. M

    conduit bender?

    i have a question which i left out for ages and have now forgotten could someone please help , or any links with the information to help? thanks. List the checks that should be carried out on a conduit bender before it can be used. Describe in detail how to bend two 90 degree bends in length of...
  22. B

    American conduit benders

    Hello, as an electrician who frequently works in the United States as well as the UK, I was wondering why UK electricians don't adopt the US style conduit bender as shown below - US UK This style of bender comes in 3 sizes - 1/2 inch, 3/4...
  23. L

    bending plastic conduit - ?

    first thing comes to your head is, "use a bleeding bending spring" :D Now, i was wondering as I havnt tried it yet,but has any one tried bending plastic conduit with a bending spring, on an actual bender tool thingi me bobs..... because I tried doing a double set in a length and it was quiet...
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