1. G

    Length of tails between meter and consumer unit

    Hi, I am currently studying for my 18th edition regs update exam and came across a video by SparkyNinja on you tube. I think SparkyNinja is very good and produces high quality content. However I disagree with his interpretation of regulation 434.2.1 (i) In his video he says you need a fused...
  2. Dan

    OFTEC Self-Certification As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time?

    As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time? (Poll total results are publicly visible - but NOT the actual individual votes - those are private and cannot be accessed via the forum software once the vote is...
  3. S

    Which fuse rating to between starter and leisure battery?

    What fuse rating do I need to put in between the starter and leisure battery? I have a 12V 75AH Starter battery and 110Ah leisure battery. Cable size 16mm or 8mm. (this is for my off the grid van :) )
  4. B

    Distance between Gas and Electric box caravan site

    Can anyone tell me where to find distance between Gas box and Electric box on caravan site I know it’s 600mm, now on new install someone’s connected the boxes now between the edge of gas to edge of electric box is around 630mm but this isn’t taking in to account a socket which will be plugged in...
  5. T

    Domestic Relationship between coax splitter and amplifier?

    Hi New here, so greetings to everyone. Fitted Labgear splitter in loft a few weeks ago to split cable from outside aerial. (One now goes to new tv in bedroom, other downstairs to main tv) Signal is ok (100% quality on all freeview channels, but signal level only about 40% on most) Only...
  6. P

    Domestic RCD trips every morning between 08.00 and 09.00

    I live in rural Italy. You get to chose your max KW here and pay accordingly. Most home have 1.5-3.0 kw, I pay extra for 5kw. I am at the end of the low voltage lines, one of only a few on this circuit. I constantly have voltage problems, according to my fluke multimeter it can go from 190v to...
  7. Litoral

    Domestic Video and simple comparison between the shortest and longest day of the year

    To explain easily the difference in power generation from winter to summer. Might be useful, I hope it helps
  8. rolyberkin

    Joint between 16mm &1.5mm!

    A donut of a builder has helpfully run a piece of swa two core 16mm to a small feature fountain fitted with 1.5mm flex, suggestions on best way to join, couldn’t get the 16mm in a wago!
  9. A

    difference between zi no trip and zi trip

    hi everyone, i have just got the fluke 1664fc can somone please tell me the difference between a zi no trip test and a zi trip test. i know that it in zi trip it is a high current test but still i can not understand why im getting different readings between live and earth. Thanks
  10. R

    Joining wall between 2 flats, sockets and fire prevention

    On site today and heard the carpenter tell the site manager that all the sockets and switches on the joining wall (flat opposite side) will need to have fire prevention boxes built aroud them. The site manager is having trimber supports added for the sockets and told him there is fire...
  11. M

    What is the difference between 6944x and 6943x

    Apart from price what is the difference between the above cables
  12. Baddegg

    TT or not TT................

    so in between stressing about the connection between KA and zs readings (thanks mattja) I’ve been to meet a customer who wants a pub built in his back garden (yep), tncs supply, will be no extraneous parts at all to the “pub” all plastic water and waste,incoming water is tee’d from mains which...
  13. N

    Fuse between batteries

    Hi all I’m in the process of upgrading my solar set up to 2x 260w panels with a 40a mppt tracer I’ve just bought a 2000w(4000w peak) inverter which will be running off my 2 120ah leisure batteries connected in parallel using 70mm2 cable fused at 350a But my question should the fuse between the...
  14. R

    Coordination between conductor and oveload devices

    A good memory trick for exam conditions for coordination Ib In Iz (Alphabet) the earlier letters are always lower in value than the earlier ones, saves remembering Ib < In In < Iz Ib < Iz
  15. T

    Voltage between live and earth

    I've finished rewiring the upstairs in our house (in Bulgaria). This is 3 bedrooms and the living room on separate ring mains. I bought an earth rod and put that in the yard and as I was connecting up the earths, I decided to check if there were any voltages between various points. With the...
  16. jaydub

    100A DP Isolator Installation Between Meter and CU

    Hi guys, When installing a new CU does anyone ever install a 100A double pole isolator switch between the meter and the consumer unit? Very often I come across 16mm tails which need to be upgraded to 25mm so I join the old tails to new in a Henley block and get the DNO to come and upgrade...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    Parallel earth path between 2 circuits

    I have a ring circuit (circuit 1) and a light circuit (circuit2) in a flat im working on and i have somewhere in the walls or ceiling a joined earth path. From what i have seen there is no obvious metal conduit, so it seems its either the ventilation system that is fed by the same ring and goes...
  18. K

    Cables run in cavity between block and brick of an internal wall

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of building a side extension. I will be putting in 2 new rings and 2 new lighting circuits. To get them from the CU to the extension I wanted to run them in the cavity of the old external wall (now internal because there is an extension on the other side)...
  19. B

    Looking for work between training??

    Hi I’m currently doing my city and guilds 2365 course level 2 and 3 and looking for some work as an electricians mate on my 2 weeks off from the course to gain some experience. I have nearly completed my level 2 and start the level 3 in 4 weeks. I’ve got my own van and basic hand tools I live in...
  20. einstein

    The difference between a registered scheme & standard bs7671 condition report

    Whats the merit between a niceic/napit/elecsa certificate vs a standard bs7671 certificate (available online) for a condition/periodic report? Why join a scheme when its not statutory?
  21. A

    Maximum distance between collectors and tank?

    Hi, I'm looking at installing a solar water system for a friend. He runs a B&B so has much higher hot water needs during the summer, and also a very high annual bill for heating and water. So it seems like he's ideally suited for a solar thermal system to at least reduce the costs. We live in...
  22. S

    Interaction between loads - power quality and noise.

    Hello, Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this. Didn't look to be far off... So I'm looking for some advice please with regards to interaction between loads sharing a circuit. I understand (or think I do!) a lot of the composite concepts and I think I have an idea of what my answer might...
  23. R

    Back box fire ratings

    I carried out an install on a kitchen in a village hall a while ago I installed some deep back boxes on the brick wall but the builders then installed batons the wall and used insulation board so even my deep boxes weren't close to flush with the wall, I put in some long screws to get round it...
  24. C

    Working live

    How many sparks would work in a square D KQ 3phase DB board if it was LIVE i was putting a new mcb in a live DB and it blown the MCCB at section board i tested between phases and there was no polarity between any conductors switched the MCCB and it tripped again WHAT COULD OF HAPPENED
  25. infinity

    Extending Data cable over 270M

    HI all, We have a customer who has 2 x 50 kWp solar arrays (one with SMA inverters; the other Delta) with a 50 kW export limit. He currently has a Cluster Controller / Energy Meter set up and working fine to limit one of his 50 kWp arrays (SMA) to zero export. The customer would now like to move...
  26. buzzlightyear

    new 18th regs, coming soon to your nearest cinema soon !

    more monies down the drain .
  27. D

    LED GU10 bulbs still glowing when turned off

    Hi Guys, Just need a little advice if possible. I have recently fitted 6 GU10 Downlights 230V on a customers landing with 5W Cool LED GU10's. When he turns off his light one light is still slightly on. I know this has something to do with the two way switching for the landing and a bit of...
  28. A

    3 phase quarry pump

    Latest fact finding mission for you gurus to help me learn about Todays problem was a quarry pump not running, guy went out and meggared the cable and pump and found one of the two 10mm cables was down on the black phase. So while cable was ordered up and being delivered he was called...
  29. F

    Voltage through earth to desk

    I built a metal desk with wood top. I just wired in a 500W heat lamp on the desk. 13A plug goes to a single metalclad socket via 1.5mm2 3 core cable. Same cable then goes from socket to 1 way metalclad switch. Same cable then goes from switch to heat lamp. Earths are all connected to each...
  30. G

    volt sticks

    Hi folks,i Admin over at the plumbing forum,quick question regarding volt sticks,in this case a Fluke brand,now i fault find boilers so am very conversant with a multi meter ,however i use a volt stick to check boiler cases and pipework,on checking the spec on the fluke they go down to 100v,as...
  31. M

    Reverse polarity when PV inverter switched on!?

    Hi all Very strange situation this evening. I installed a PV system around a year ago and has been working fine. Called out today as the generation meter had stopped increasing. Customers been away and only arrived back today. Western Power have recently put up a new pole in the customers...
  32. T

    Electrician Full time Electricans and Plumbers wanted in Jersey

    Full time qualified electricians and plumbers wanted in Jersey. Driving License required. Rates between £16-20 per hour. Full time contracts.
  33. G

    Problem neutrals

    Problem with neutral. The other day we had a problem with a circuit not working correctly. The circuit is a radial,wired in 4mm singles,in metal trunking powering 4 switched fused Spurs. The circuit had previously been dead tested,with no apparent problems. However when the circuit was...
  34. pete1smith


    We are looking for a Part Time Supervisor who can drive between two or three New Build Sites in the Herts and Beds area. The job will entail liasing between Site Agents and Electricians, sorting out day to day problems and helping out with 1st/2nd fixes when necessary. Would suit someone who...
  35. S

    IR testing

    Hi guys, might make myself look stupid here when wanting to carry out an IR test on a lighting circuit and you have sensitive equipment that you can't disconnect,if you do an IR test linking L-N to Earth is this basically the same as testing L-N. the reason I'm asking is because I have an issue...
  36. D

    Kitchen Light will not switch off only started happening recently

    sorry if this has been posted in the incorrect place. was at a friends house and since wedensday he has been unable to turn off the kitchen light. i checked the light and all the connections are fine. at the switch I'm getting 230v between live and cpc and 230v between neutral and cpc both...
  37. F

    Short between N-cpc of another circuit?

    I have a lighting circuit on one RCD and ring on other RCD I'm getting neutral of ring to earth of lighting circuit fault. But clear IR between Neutral of ring and cpc of ring as far as I know the circuits are and should be electrically separated. All cables tested are tested out of terminal...
  38. S

    Voltage between Neutral and Earth

    Hi guys, came across a fault yesterday on a job where I was getting 15v between neutral and Earth at two sockets on a ring main.if u need anymore details let me know. i am unsure what would cause this and want your expert opinion as I have never come across this problem. the installation is an...
  39. P

    Locating distance of earth fault in buried swa

    Hi I have a earth fault on a customers drive with 30 drive over fittings. The swa runs past each fitting and has a resin branch joint,with one cable going into fitting. Have narrowed fault down to cable by dismantling fittings etc. Is there any tester or method of measuring from the end of cable...
  40. happyhippydad

    Fault finding!!!!!!

    Hello all.. I have a problem with a tripping RCBO and it has me stumped! Yesterday I fitted 10 RCBO's into a CU which currently had an RCD main switch. This was a sub circuit from a house CU which feeds various circuits for a cattery. 4 of the RCBO's are for the cattery pens. Pens 1,2,3 and 4...
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