1. Strima

    Wire Stripper Blade

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement blade for my wire stripper? Not sure of the make as it's around ten years old and an eBay special but possibly a WilTec. All my searches are coming up blank. OD of 38mm and ID of 16mm. Plan B is make a mandrel up and put the blunt blade on the pillar...
  2. P

    Anyone Recommend A Good Brand Of Saber Saw Blade?

    Just wondering if anybody has any recommendation for metal blades for a Bosch cordless 12V saw? I know Bosch drill bits are very good so was wondering whether to go with their blades or is there anything better...They will be primarily be used for cutting copper water pipe and maybe 1" steel...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for multi tool blade for brick/plaster

    I am looking for recommendations for a decent multi tool blade to cut through plaster and some brick/block. I could use a standard blade but it will kill the blade. Have a job coming up where it needs some delicate cutting without going too heavy on the wall. normal chasing isnt an option...
  4. A

    Wera Kraftform Kompakt any good?

    Anyone using these? Looking for something to use up ladders in loft spaces/ceiling voids. Came off site another driver down yesterday must have fallen out my pocket in the void. Never been a fan off this type of tool as I think they'd 'round off' after a while but I use wera drivers and they are...
  5. V

    Wiha Softfinish Screwdriver Set at Screwfix

    Bit of a bargain at Screwfix at the moment. I lost one of my Wiha screwdrivers this week and also managed to chip a lump out of the blade on the really skinny flat blade. Anyway I went into Screwfix to get a couple of replacements and I wasnt sure if the one I lost was 3.5mm or 4mm, so the girl...
  6. A

    Ck Trunking cutter views

    Anyone have any view on this product , seems to have descent reviews on Amazon , any of you with experience with one ? Previously owned the red version liked it very much , just wondering if there's anything that might be better
  7. W

    Lots of Dado trunking

    We don`t usually mess around with commercial/offices. But i`ve been tasked with putting some power and data points in the office. Seems like dado trunking or the like is the best bet and lots of it... So I`ve heard one of the best ways is to use a mitre saw for it? But i`m worried that the...
  8. K

    Fuse keeps blowing? Try this . . .

    Found this today after a call from one of our service engineers. I think the picture says it all.
  9. M

    FOR SALE Electrcians tools and toolbox

    All in virtually new condition on used in about a dozen jobs. Milton Keynes or surrounding area- collection. 23” Stanley Fat Max tool box Ultra-strong structural foam, large capacity case with unique IP53 rated waterseal. ¾ length tote tray for easy storage of larger items. 4 Piece...
  10. i=p/u

    Trunking and pipe

    Hello starting new job on Monday, some will say a proper sparks job instead of facility maintenance. This job involves trunking and pipe which I little experience in installing.. I've told the guy this and he said long as you don't ask what's a running coupler etc. so feel fine. But anytime I...
  11. B

    Chop saw blade for cutting dado trunking...?

    Read on another thread some of you saying that when cutting dado trunking a chop saw with a suitable blade leaves a manufactured type cut, nice and clean. As opposed to a hacksaw cut that leaves a burred edge that requires filing down etc. I use a hacksaw for small jobs but I am curious as to...
  12. tombrooker84

    Just took an expensive punt on ebay. Was it worth it?

    Hello Guys, I just bought a matika 410kb dustless cutter 110v for £99. Any of you guys used this. Only saw it with 3 mins left to go, so quite an impulse buy. Cheers Tom
  13. S

    Cutting trunking and cable tray

    what are the best methods for cutting these with a power tool as with a hacksaw with every cut it just goes off the line
  14. E

    Bosch PMF 180E

    anybodys views, bought one couple days back and first day fine, then trimmed some laminate flooring that had been laid a bit tight and both blades destroyed on a 20min job and at about £20 pop hardly worth the purchase. prob better to stick with trusty circular had same blade in for years
  15. tuckermot

    floroboardsaw ,jig saw or circular saw

    Hi all at the moment i use a hand floorboard saw to cut floorboards .due to the time factor and the loss of skin on my hands i am considering using power tools. can any tell me if they use jig saws or circular saws to do this job and why and what deth to set blade on cicular saw, and the pro...
  16. E

    Best way for lifting floorboards?

    Hi guys, could someone give me some advice on how you lift floorboards? If I am lifting one or two I usually just use my Fein multimaster to cut over the joist on each end and along the tongue. I was shown at college to use a floorboard saw but I find them so time consuming. My boss also...
  17. T

    The perfect 12v cordless saw for FLOARBOARDS

    Makita 5093 I find is perfect for cutting floorboards. Its a 12v cordless mini circular saw with a thin blade making it just right for cutting floorboards. A lot neater job than using a full size circular saw. I had used one of these many times as my workmate had one but no longer working...
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