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  1. S

    Bloody builders!!!!

    Hi first time posting just looking for advice from fellow sparks, having troubles with builder at home. He’s suppose to be knocking down some load bearing walls and fitting steels, fitting a kitchen and a couple of windows. Was agreed this week he would knock walls down rip out kitchen and fit...
  2. telectrix

    bloody computers and everything that gets in.

    thought i'd ask an expert.... been using google as homepage for ages. all regular sites and some most used progs. displayed under the www. search window, and icons in the main page. couple of days ago home page changed itself to something called my way with no access to anything unless i used...
  3. telectrix

    bloody ads again

    now the ads are hiding the x button behind the right side, so i can no longer tell them i don't want their pesky ad. come on dan, get a grip.almost every post has an advert attached.
  4. G

    Those bloody foxes chew my plug

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can get a replacement plug as shown in the pic as the foxes have chewed through it. It goes to an AC adapter for chriChris lights . Many thanks, Martin
  5. oracle

    Are the bloody Regs statutory or not?

    As of 1 January 2005 it is a legal (statutory) requirement for all work on fixed electrical installations in dwellings and associated buildings to comply with relevant standards. The relevant UK standard is BS 7671 2018 (Non statutory) The EAWR (statutory) says that compliance with BS7671(Non...
  6. telectrix

    Unable to view members profiles.

    if i try to view a member's profile i get this: Electricians Forum | Electricians Jobs | Electrical Advice Forum & Work Finder - Error this has been same now for a week. any staff got a clue?
  7. Dillb

    Garage clearance..............

    just sorting the garage out and got 3 drums of 2 core and earth 1.5 FP200, 2 white and one red. Any one want to make a reasonable offer (or even a unreasonable one) for them? Also got a bag with about 60-70 mixed MCBs and RCBOs, cant be arsed to list them would rather sell them as a whole...
  8. telectrix

    Bloody Wood Butchers.

    as above. fitted a wall cabinet. drilled , plugged and screwed directly above mid point od a double socket. what a muppet. esp. as the cabinet brackets could easily be moved a couple of inches.
  9. telectrix

    Capacitor Fail?????20 bloody characters.

    motor runs fine if i give it a push. i assume the cap in the pic is a dual start/run. only shows 1 value (4mfd) so does that mean it's 2 x 4mfd caps in the one can? assuming that.best place to get one?
  10. JackSparky

    What in the bloody hell..

    Evening all. Anyone know what the above item is? Customer wants standard double sockets changing to these.
  11. NDG Elecs

    Is this a disclaimer? If so, it's bloody hopeless!

    Saw this today, first time I have seen one. I would love to know how well it would (n't!) hold up in court. What was the socket test? Is there any other paperwork? Who exactly is the witness? Bloody bananas IMO!
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Must have been asleep

    Must have missed the lecture on safe isolation
  13. GMES

    Would anyone like a lift to work in my new Van

    this is Nice https://www.------------/photo.php?v=892868190730511
  14. B

    Underfloor heating query!

    I'm installing under floor heating on a concrete floor, it will be having wood flooring. Just wondering if I have to enclose the cable in a steel conduit or use armoured? Or if I'd get away with clipping t&e on the floor? Any advice would help. Thanks.
  15. S

    Any ideas what this type of roof tile is actually called?

    Hi All, Relatively new to the forum but have been reading lots of your posts regarding the state of the industry and supplier issues with interest!!! I need to order a roofing system for the roof as shown below, but are struggling to identify the type of tile. Any ideas?:53::53::53: Many...
  16. P

    on site guide has legs

    little red one has gone missing. not a happy bunny (neither was the good lady of the house after i pulled everything out trying to find it) think it may be stuck to someones glue fingers :mad:
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