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  1. P

    UK Installing 2 gang socket where boiler controls were located

    Hi all, First time poster and keen DIYer here. Seeking some advise/info about my current situation, moved into my house 4 years ago and straight away needed a boiler fitted (changed from a gravity fed system to a combi and had it relocated from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom). After this...
  2. S

    Salus, running boiler most of the time.

    I have a salus RT501RF (TX) and the thermostat is Salus RXBC605. The boiler is a baxi duo tec 24 combi erp ( what the label says). I have reset the boiler, thermo and wireless unit, synced them back up due to the same issue but it did not fix it. The problem is the boiler is running all the...
  3. H

    Boiler comes on after time clock has been removed from wall

    Hi just looking peoples thoughts on this one. I went to check out a 3 channel hortsmann time clock. I found it to be faulty as the display came and went. It’s about 12 years old and apparently when the internal battery fails it time to change the clock as you can’t access the battery. Anyway, I...
  4. rolyberkin

    Boiler not firing

    Hi all, just a bit of self-doubt here, have wired in a Worcester Bosch Greenstar ri boiler with three two port valves which feed HW, Rads and one underfloor heating circuit. The boiler hower is not firing although clearly has power to it. When the time clock calls for heat there is power at the...
  5. M

    UK Combi Boiler water to hot.

    Hi all, I have a combi boiler when I set the hot water at 60c on the boiler it goes right up to 70c when I run the shower after a few mins, should it do this or have I got an fault in the boiler. the shower is the bar mixer type. Can any one help. Thanks
  6. C

    Warm flow oil boiler

    Hello, so this is to anyone that is great with heating systems. It’s always been a weak point for myself. I am currently doing a heating system at a home which has a warm flow oil boiler. I’ve been told it has 4 zone valves 1-UFH 2-Upstairs radiators 3-Towel radiators 4-Hot water It will...
  7. EricMark

    Central Heating and the modulating boiler.

    To start with it all seems to make sense, the TRV measures the room temperature and controls the radiator temperature to suit, as the water flow is restricted the by-pass valve lifts, and hotter water is returned to boiler, so the boiler is throttled back (modulated) so the heat exchanger is...
  8. EricMark

    Can you tell when a modulating boiler is fully modulated?

    The problem with using TRV's to control heating to every room, is as the weather warms up, the boiler starts to cycle as it can't turn down any lower, to some extent anti-cycle software can increase cycle time if on switch on water returns hot, or decrease if it returns cold, but it can never...
  9. S

    Domestic Boiler controls price work in and around London areas

    Looking for anyone interested in taking on some boiler control installations combi/ S/Y plan heating circuits Between £200-£300 a day all in around north/east/west London Price work Must drive And have small experience in central heating controls/ Boilers and testing Feel free to call or...
  10. D

    Boiler not firing up

    Hi, I've got a problem with my boiler I was hoping someone might know what it could be (apologies for me explaining in very simple terms), we've been away for 10 days and have just returned and when I switched it on it's not firing up and there's no flame visible through the hole. It's a Glow...
  11. HansJones

    Is an annual boiler service important?

    I had this LPG and gas boiler servicing Tavistock expert install a new boiler in my apartment. And since I just got it, I honestly don’t think that servicing it annually is that important like what my brother think so. Want to know your opinions about this. Anybody?
  12. P

    Domestic pre heating water to combi boiler wih solar pcwer

    Some months ago I remember seeing a advert for basically a squarish seeled box filled with bags that are filled with some kind of chemical that can accept a charge using a voltage from solar pv that are capable of heating water before it goes into a combi boiler saving on your gas {have looked...
  13. S

    Vokera Linea 24 combi boiler - Hive wiring help

    I'm trying to install a hive thermostat. I was able to get the hive receiver hooked up but I think I've made a mistake with the wiring as the heating will stay on continuously. Can anyone tell me what needs connected to what? I've attached the boiler board (It only has the old timer connected...
  14. T

    Electric boiler losing power - meter/tariff problem?

    We've got an electric boiler (Fusion Comet) in a rented flat. Several times a day, every day, it loses power for an hour or so, at approx 0800, 1600 and 2300. We have two "Domestic & Economy 2000" electricity meters, one of which powers the boiler. We're on a Standard (Online) tariff with...
  15. R

    Domestic Electric Flow Boiler - Tripping consumer unit

    Evening all, I've just joined the forum after coming up short with answers on my internet search for potential solutions to my electric boiler problems. Complete electrical novice here & would have any suggestions for solutions completed by an electrician. For context, I live in an apartment...
  16. bigspark17

    Earth bond to external oil boiler....

    External oil boiler, (just outside kitchen) oil pipe buried through garden to tank. Plumber says it doesnt need bonding as its outside? Am i missing something?? Copper pipes entering house from boiler. Thoughts
  17. S

    Combi boiler & extractor fan in zone 1

    Hi, so someone decided to put a bathtub under a boiler and electric extractor fan. Half the bathtub is taken up by the boiler. It has a cupboard around the top and the sides, but the base and pipes going into the wall are exposed. More space will go if a shower mixer is installed and there is an...
  18. Stephen Tromans

    Electric combi boiler keeps cutting out.

    We have a 5 years old EHC combi boiler which switches the central heating off now and again ( no pattern that I can see ). To get it working I switch through the programme options once or twice and it starts up. It can be ok for weeks or days. Can anyone suggest what is wrong with it please...
  19. R

    Wiring a Hive receiver to a Vokera Linea Combi boiler

    Can anyone please help me to wire a Hive to a Vokera Linea Combi Boiler I have uploaded diagrams and pictures of everything I think is important. I think I should 1 Disconnect the Honeywell thermostat and bridge the two connectors where it says Room Thermostat on the wiring diagram. 2...
  20. N

    Domestic Switch fuse spures for combi boiler

    Can you run a 2.5mm twin an earth cable from the consumer unit to a 13A switched fuse spur then from that switched fuse spure on the feed side to another switched fuse spur so you have 2 switched fuse spures on one radial?? Reason for asking I’m getting a new boiler which is currently down my...
  21. B

    Oil Boiler cable size

    hi all, just after a bit of advice have had a oil boiler fitted in a outhouse the company also wired it up. They took a 3amp fused spur off the the immersion spur ran 1.5mm 4 core 14 meters to outside junction box 3 meters of armored cable to another junction box then 5 meters in the out house...
  22. L

    Help wiring bdr91 to baxi 600 combi boiler

    Hi chaps, Could someone advise on where point A and B on a bdr91 thermostat go to which terminals on a baxi 600 combi, does a go to terminal 1 and b to terminal 2 ? Or the other way round ? Also do i need to link L to A ? Thanks.
  23. M

    Relocating a remote wireless thermostat to somewhere out of range of boiler?

    Hi All, hope you can help. I've inherited a fairly stupid CH setup from the people who "renovated" my house before I bought it, and need to do something about the CH. Its 3 floors - "basement" with bedroom, shower room & access to garden. 1st floor - main living area, kitchen, sitting room...
  24. M

    Boiler timer doing my head in

    Hi is anybody willing to talk me through wireing up my boiler controller ...
  25. D

    UF controller connection to boiler

    Hi All, I have a wundafloor 3 zone uf heating system and a separate rad system running off a Baxi Ecoblue Advance heat Boiler and Megaflo tank. The rad system runs fine via a Danfoss controller but the installer has not wired the uf controller to the boiler so the uf cannot "call" for heat and...
  26. R

    Heatmiser UH8 volt free with a 230v switch wire boiler

    I haven't had the chance to install an UH8 before and it looks a cracking piece of kit. However I'm a little unsure on best place to get a Live from, to feed the Volt-free LS, with the LR going to boilers 230 switch. Take the UH8's main live or take the boilers? There's no valves at the moment...
  27. B

    HELP! Boiler not working when set to 'Off Peak'

    Hi There, I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to sort out a problem with my electric boiler, So far I have had 2 electricians, 2 british gas engineers & a plumber take a look - and they haven't been able to get to the bottom of the problem, To sum up what's been done so far: 1st...
  28. A

    Washing machine off boiler circuit?

    Bonjour I'm a level 3 apprentice at the moment and have a side job to fit a double socket for a washing machine, only power is off a fuse spur supplying a gas boiler, which is also protected by a 13a, is this okay?
  29. M

    Connecting a wireless thermostat to a glow worm boiler

    hi all , I’m after some help please , I’ve just had a glow worm boiler installed and wanted to add a wireless thermostat on , I just want to check how it would be wired , currently I just have a switch fuse spur next which directly feeds the boiler . There is a L N E RT ( room thermostat )...
  30. telectrix

    How to supply a new boiler, the wet-pants way.

    as title. at least he used a 3A fuse.
  31. Baddegg

    Let’s hope the boiler don’t leak then....

    Been kind with the pipework though
  32. N

    Gas Boiler flue enquiry......

    My gas boiler is wall fitted and is set up in my kitchen close to my sink. The housing association has done a half arsed job and the flue has yellow expansive foam coming out of it with no cover over it. I was putting lining paper up in my kitchen ready to be painted. I was trimming the lining...
  33. Doomed

    Problem I had with electric boiler

    Doing a new boiler install with a gas engineer who uses us for all the electrics, 9kW combined thingy. Went to commision it and could not get the heating to work, all the controls wired correct, check, all the controls calling for heat, check - timer is on and room stat maxed out to 30 degrees...
  34. Luke Killick

    Electric boiler taking too long to heat water

    Hi, I’ve just moved into a new flat with an Electrastream boiler, and when I first moved in it seemed to get to around 45 degrees in around 45 minutes. Now, (about two weeks later) I’m luck if it gets to 40 degrees in an hour. This seemed to happen after a new shower was fitted. Can anyone...
  35. G

    Should a boiler be able to turn on a pump?

    I recently had a new hot water cylinder installed and changed from a y-plan to an s-plan. The plumber installed the cylinder, valves etc and left me to do the wiring. The existing wiring was not great. The boiler is an old Potterton Netaheat Profile 50e. I wired the orange from the 2 valves...
  36. J

    boiler control wiring and wet UFH wiring

    Afternoon Starting a rewire tomorrow on which the build wants me to do the control wiring (i have never done it and usually just do up to the spur) I will be subbing the controls 2nd fix out to someone that can do it (and shadow over his shoulder with a note pad) i assume it is likely going to...
  37. B

    What contactor size for a 9kw electric boiler

    Hi all. Don't have much experience on this topic. Called to a job with an electric boiler. It has a dedicated 10mm supply from a 50A MCB. I narrowed down the fault the the contactor which was only feedig 1 of tge 3 elements and had scorching marks around the other 2 terminals. And is currently...
  38. B

    5 Wires to go - Help required to remote fire up the boiler

    Hello all, I've found myself left with a small amount of wiring to do to complete an installation. It's a Heatmister UH8-RF unit being wired to a Drayton 2 way valve. The boiler engineer has done 95% of the wiring and has not gone sick long term. I'm left with only the remote 'fire the boiler...
  39. T

    Nest on a Glow Worm 30CXI Combi Boiler fitting

    I bought a Nest and think i know how to fit it but want to check. I have a Glow Worm 30CXI combi boiler so only need to connect the heating side of things up and not the water. I have located a pink and a light blue wire which appears to then connect to the wire which then links to the...
  40. C

    HIVE - UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat wiring issues

    I have a British Gas installed Worcester 28i boiler with a UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat and trying to replace the UT1 and ES1 with Hive. ES1 The wiring for the ES1 is 4 wires Brown, Blue, Black and Green/Yellow. the black and yellow/green wires have red sleeves near the end. (All 4 wires...
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