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  1. S

    Nvq L3 book?

    Hi, I’ve been working as an electricians mate doing bms for almost 9 years and I’m currently trying to obtain my gold card through the mature candidate assessment (grandfather rights) I’m currently going through the assessment of knowledge questions and I’m getting a bit stuck on some...
  2. A

    Design book advice

    Hi, I'm after a single book that has all of the relevant information in to design circuits, I currently use a selection but it would be very handy if I just had 1 that I could work from... does 1 exist Many thanks
  3. S

    IET 18th Edition Regs Book - Best Place to Buy (price-wise)

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any decent places to buy the IEC 18th Edition Regs book online? There's the usual places like Waterstones, but its pretty pricey. Has anyone found any 'gems' out there to purchase the book from for a reasonable price? Thanks!
  4. B

    Book sale

    Hi, I have some electrical/electronic books and related publications for sale at very reasonable prices, these are old but a lot of the content is still relevant today. I have been retired for some years now and these are just gathering dust. If anyone is interested please contact me and I...
  5. P

    14th Edition Regs Book

    Hi, I am new to this forum and hoping for some advice. Does anyone know if it's possible to get your hands on an old regs book, 14th edition prior to metric conversion. Maybe a PDF download somewhere if a physical copy is out of the question. I work for a large organisation doing condition...
  6. P

    whats the best book to buy for motorcycle diy electrics

    whats the best book to buy for motorcycle diy electrics
  7. C

    Book Recommendation Electrical Installation for beginners?

    Hi there, As the title suggests i am looking for a book literally something like electrical installation for dummies. Since i have typed this in with no joy i was wondering if anyone could recommend a book or sort of Haynes manual type thing. I would like to install outside light, and light...
  8. Doomed

    Regs book at office

    Looking at some work for a lady who has recently had a new fitted kitchen. She was concerned about some bits so I had a quick look and found a 3.5KW oven on 1.5mm T&E to a 13A plug top. Can anyone tell me the reg numbers for loads over 3KW needing thier own circuit, not using T&E into a plug top...
  9. sam400

    Current Regs book for sale

    Blue one for sale in the celophane, purchased from Denmans so genuine book. £50
  10. The_apprentice2.0

    Blue book mistakes, BS 7671:2018 Corrigendum

    Got the night shift over Christmas lucky me o_O With it being such a busy shift (not) came across the corrections for the nice expensive book I've already bought. Might come in handy for some of the other members if not already aware. BS 7671 - IET Electrical -...
  11. J

    Domestic Good electricians hand book?

    Morning all, I have just bought my first house and I am looking to rewire it in the near future room by room. I am by trade an industrial electrician and have little domestic training other than my inspection and testing and the odd job here and then. I was wondering if there was a book out...
  12. Peejay133

    5357 - Work log book advised.

    Hello, I recently started my Electrical technical NVQ - 5357 and wanted to ask if anyone could recommend any dvds/books that may guide me on how to fill out my work log book properly I get the gist of it but just need to know more about what are the right pictures to take ect, I realise that it...
  13. J

    Which regs book for assessment

    Hi, i have my annual niceic assessment coming up. Is it ok to use yellow regs still or will i need new 18th, this book coming into play 1st jan so was not sure if be problem still using old. Understand not good practice etc..thanks guys
  14. C

    city and guilds level 2 2365 book

    A friend has joined the same course i am starting on thursday but has just been emailed to say his c and g book order has been cancelled due to no stock. Is there anywhere he can order it from with next day delivery,had a quick search but cant find any.
  15. C

    18th edition book with on site guide

    Hi all, im starting my level 2 2365 course soon and am looking to buy the 18th edition book with onsite guide. Does anyone know of the cheapest place to get these. Tried looking for second hand but no luck. cheers
  16. the pict

    Its Operation Blue Book

    Well it dropped through the door today and it was never going to be page turner book at bedtime as we all know......but its seems to be rewording of what we already know plus stuff I personally will never need, so including the on-line NICEIC course,exam, travel to the college for the exam and...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    £85 to pre-order the 18th edition book!!!!

    Just had an email from NICEIC, clearly they are getting in early, the RRP for the 18th edition is £95!! as with most books its likely that the likes of Amazon and others will be cheaper. NICEIC though are offering a 'discount', you can pre-order a copy today for just £85.... talk about day light...
  18. R

    Electrician Book recommendations

    Ive decided whilst I apply for college courses I am interested in buying some electrical books. Any recommendations please?
  19. LeeH

    The BRB. Title spoiled by having to use 20 characters.

    I will skip over the Pete\Tel jokes... :mevilrun:
  20. PLW

    Can anyone recommend and useful website or books?

    Hi there guys I am a trainee electrician and I am wondering whether any of you can recommend any websites or books that can simplify and give me a more basic understanding of electrical installations and their components as I am finding some aspects of my course a little overwhelming?
  21. Dan

    Login with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ - Please test this for me?

    http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/account/external-accounts You should be able to associate your forum account with your social media accounts now, and like / share stuff (you'll see some options at the bottom of a thread below the 'similar threads' feature). Pretty sure I've set them up...
  22. Dan

    Books For Electricians?

    Wondering what books you've had or have that have been handy over the years? Adding them to the resources area Books on Amazon
  23. GMES

    One For The Bookshelf

    Well That's me happy, just made a purchase that hopefully will be worth it and I can think of at least one Person @TonyMK11 That may want to see it. Unless he already has it. It won't appeal to everyone but it does to me and can't wait for it to arrive...
  24. S

    Good, easy reading textbooks?

    Hey! First time posting here :hurray: ive been a sparky for 10 years working in mostly domestic and now I've decided to try going into another form of the industry. However I've realised that I'm not as upto scratch as I should be with certain things and would like to refresh myself. I've spent...
  25. Phil Thompson

    Best books for 2395/94

    I am contemplating doing the 2395 at my local college starting in August, just missed the 94 but hopefully they will be running it again in November. I've seen a few books online, but was looking any recommendations from guys who have done the courses recently. Or any other advice.
  26. C

    For Sale 17th edition wiring regs - red book

    As stated, 17th edition wiring regs, never used but there's a few creases etc from being stored. How about £15 posted cheers
  27. H


    Anyone got any books they want to sell or hand off to a better home? I'm particularly looking for the guidance notes, and (I have GN3 in yellow already) don't particularly want to part with £30 per book. Just thought a member might have a slightly older version they'd been willing to part with...
  28. M

    New regs books

    OK so had to buy new Spanish regs with latest amendments . The main book 753 pages all pages are coated with a wipe clean finish plus 3 small on site ref guides plus 2 quick calc cards total inc postage 22 euros about 18 quid .....looks like a bargain compared to what you guys seem to pay. BTW...
  29. J

    Domestic Help with answers not in regs book or in my brain please

    Hi All, Im hoping a bright sparks can help me with one or all of these 3 things that have been foxing me for a while Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance 1) If im not wrong, a type B breaker must activate between 3 & 5 times its rated current within .1 second. There is time/current...
  30. P

    Trevor Lindsey books

    Anyone on here have any experience with the Trevor Lindsey books. It's been recommended but I'd like to know how they helped, in particular with testing as I'm at college training for this at the mo. paul
  31. H


    Hello folks, I would be looking for a book about domestic electricity/wiring, theory and all, I wondered if you knew any, I know quite a lot of them in french, but I would be looking for a good one that I could import from UK, that would be a nice read. Thanks in advance, and I apology if this...
  32. uksparks

    Old BS7671 Books

    Hi, I have just purchased a 16th Edition and a 15th Edition BS7671 book both in excellent condition. I am looking for a 14th and 13th edition if anyone has one they don't want. No particular reason that I want them other than to look in and to have sitting on the shelf as it would be a nice...
  33. D

    Regs Books

    Hello Fellow Sparks. Can anyone tell me what they do with their old regs books. As I've got amendment 2&3. I have done my 17th with amendment 2 so it's got lots of regs highlighted and a few calculations written in the book. I have also done I&T with it so it's got lots of extra info in. Thanks
  34. D

    Book Prices

    How much things come down in price over time and some just seem to go up and up Amazon.co.uk: Buying Choices: Requirements for Electrical Installations, Iet Wiring Regulations, BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 (Electrical Regulations) Regs I think at the start of this month i paid £70 and now its dropped...
  35. D

    Guidance Note Books

    How much of the Guidance Note Books have Changes from Red-Yellow (2008-2015) and Green-Yellow (2011-2015) With every Book needing to be YELLOW is there any CHEAP deals to be made
  36. N

    Electrician Books

    I'm starting the level 2 2365 in electrical installation in September and want to do some reading up before starting. Can any of you link me to some books which you found helpful on your way in becoming qualified?
  37. B

    Ring end to end results not text book for cu change.. do we need to ensure 1.67 times

    Hi, Cu change pre tests (TT) indicate non text book results: r1=072, rn=0.92, r2=1.58 another ring: r1=0.67 n=0.67 r2=1.60 As can be seen the r2 values are more than 1.67 times r1 or rn possibly due to loose connections. Are we responsible to try and bring these values in line for a cu...
  38. B

    AMD 3 and the yellow book.

    Just saved myself a fortune. Did some searching around in the loft and what do you know !! Found an old regs book and guess what ! it's a yellow one. Phew just saved myself a few bob with the scam assessor due next week. Now all I have to do is poke him in the eyes before he does his paperwork...
  39. W

    Guidance Note Books

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one uses the IET guidance notes 1-8. I mostly refer to my regs books or on site guide and I'm wondering if they are worth buying?
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