1. J

    Generator to buck boost box

    Hi all, so I'm having a difficult time sitting this generator out. Genny is fine, two legs of 120 and 240 across. Here's my issue, I'm assuming this buck box is a voltage regulator so as not to fry my inverter/charger but the power coming out of it is 98/140, 240 across. I'm not qualified to go...
  2. G

    Solar PV Inverter

    I am replacing my Solar Inverter which is a Power One PVI 3.6 OUTD, and changing to a solaX X1 3.0T boost or 3.6T Boost. Any advice which to use
  3. R

    Can i boost my solar ?

    I live off grid, have 500w of solar panels laid horizontal on my boats roof, naturally its not producing anything this time of year, my backup 5 kw Diesel generator is waiting for repair, i use a 30 amp digital charger with it but all I have working is a small 400 w petrol generator ( with AVR )...
  4. U

    USA Buck or boost for car lift

    I'm looking for help on fixing a car lift for a customer. He bought a used lift that calls for 30 amps at 230 volts but his building only has 120/208 voltage. Should he have the motor changed out or should I boost the voltage somehow? And what would I need.
  5. stidge

    Wap ceiling boost pain in the axxe

    Hi is it possible to get a ceiling booster (wap) that will plug in and boost my own WiFi signal ( same address) as the one I’ve purchased has its own address and is difficult to set up ?
  6. mhar

    Boost Button

    Big long house, some of it used for guests. We are looking for the facility to have a 1 hour boost button for the central heating located somewhere in the guest area. Obviously I am aware of the boost facility available on many programmers. However customer does not want the guests to be able to...
  7. P

    Water heater (boiler) not heating water at night but it does during the day

    I have been having issues with my Boiler (water heater) - Horstmann Quartz e7. It has been working perfectly for 3.5 years (since I moved in to my place). Suddenly it stopped heating up water at night. It does not heat water at night even though it seems that the timer works at night. To make...
  8. Worcester

    Battery Battery Storage Gets A £1m Boost

    Utility Week ? WPD backs battery storage RES announces £1 million UK energy storage project Read more: RES announces £1 million UK energy storage project : pv-magazine
  9. B

    hortsman economy 7 quartz system faulty

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any help. I live in a all electric flat and we have a hortsman econmy 7 quartz hot water system, recently the off peak immersion went and we have been stuck using the boost for a few days as and when we need hot water. we are in the middle of trying to contact...
  10. S

    Hortsmann E7 Quartz 1 hour Boost Not Working

    Hi.. Can someone help me out with this Hortsmann E7 heater's 1 hour boost. The light comes on when I switch on the 1 hour boost but the heater just does not kick in.. its not heating the water at all.. the main timer and the off peak heating is working fine .. its just the 1 hour boost that is...
  11. M

    Immersion heating help required

    A write looking for a bit of help for a Job I have been given and not too clued up on immersion heating. woman has no hot water, she has aHE7 water heater boost control switch in her kitchen. I bought a replacement controller but this one has 10 connections and the one I have have has 5. There...
  12. X

    Need help, setting horstmann economy 7 - it's just not working

    Hi guys, First thank you for reading and helping out. Ok I got the above water timer, since last week it's just doesn't seem to be working. First off i set the time as per current time, i set the time as "summer." but it just doesn't seem to heating up the water and importantly it doesn't...
  13. G

    mixed circuits

    Im currently in the process of 1st fixing a load of flats for a company as a subby. ive been told to do a kitchen appliance ring on a grid switch and also a radial for a microwave off the same grid switch. Also there is a heat recovery system and they want the boost switches as part of the light...
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