1. C

    Ls Lr why isn’t some dont bother

    Just your thoughts on this one,helping a sparky out on a real nice ufh system wireless stats & heatmiser wireless control box. i asked you got all the cables in from boiler to junction boxes.,3core to each one mate. why is it they don’t look @the diagram,it shows a volt free contact,to the...
  2. buzzlightyear

    i am in a bit of bother

    customer rings up I am in a bit of bother ,just returned from being away and the rcbo will not set . ok be their in a jiffy ,ok what's off, ground floor sockets ,ok let me have a look ,have you had any work done ,yes says the customer the boiler ,me looking at the f/spur hang of the wall . which...
  3. C

    Ducting reducer or not bother?

    Could do with bit of advice, running a 6mm SWA from consumer unit to shed, where I exit the house will be through the slab foundations straight underground. To do this ill need a long SDS drill bit. My issue is I would like to use twin walled 40mm underground ducting however I cannot make a...
  4. D

    Torque screw driver anyone bother ?

    Ok tin hat on for a minute... I have never ever bothered to acquire or use a torque rated screw driver I have been offered a second hand wiha one by a mate for £20 as he is buggering off to Spain to work Are they worth using ?
  5. buzzlightyear

    why do i bother doing jobs for people

    my neighbour ring me up and asks me to go and sort her electrics has she said that the fuse has gone .telling me the over the sink the cabinet lights stopped working so I tuned up after making appointment with her now the house she has been in, approx. 20year a new house when she moved in . now...
  6. T

    Why bother to register

    Hi guys OK so here's my post I've been an electrician for some time and have worked both employed and self employed as most of you probably have.. I been with elecsa when they first started out and stroma. But as times moved on I don't want to do large installs.. I'm content with socket...
  7. Joshua

    Why bother getting a gold card when they're giving away black ones.

    I think I've given up on our industry now. More dumbing down from the JIB.
  8. buzzlightyear

    why bother in the first place

    this was fitted by a traveling circus ,fitted by two clowns .was fitted around December , call out to a fault on the ground floor ring .no test cert .nothing .and a new alarm fitted by a electrical firm .love the way the tails have been put in by both parties.
  9. telectrix

    wonder why we bother sometimes

    as title. see photo. wet-pants had a diagram showing the exact position of my where does he run his wet works? had to reposition all 4 lights. the cables in the pic are in the alternative hole. lucky i didn't drill his pipe.
  10. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme filing a complaint with NICEIC - is it worth the bother?

    As part of a renovation to my home I'm having some electrical work done. It's been organised through the builder so he contracts with the sparkie and I contract with the builder. The sparkie is NICEIC registered and has just done the testing prior to issuing the certificate. He's made the...
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody bother to join trustmark scheme?

    I know the schemes/scams depending on your outlook offer the Trustmark scheme as a add on. Has anybody actually seen any benefit from having this extra or is it just money down the drain? You might get one or two people who see it and think you are a demigod as a result and might be...
  12. Spoon

    "Why do we bother" rant ...................

    Ok. A friend on mine had some sockets in her house with swapped polarity. Her hubby Googled for an electrician. They have come and spend 2 days fixing the problem. Hubby (or DC) would not tell his missus who he had got or what they were doing. Yesterday the 'electricians' were round, fixing the...
  13. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic registration

    looking to register with niceic got everything in place just need to pay fee and go through examination , been trading ltd company since last year feb , looking for advice on what the examination involves what questions asked etc im in south lanarkshire area
  14. G

    Socket box sinker. (+ sds chasing chisel)

    Anyone use a socket box sinker ? I'm thinking the armed type. I've got 2 or 3 jobs lined up soon where I know I will be chopping out in brick. So I think now's the time to bite that particular bullet and lay out for one. ! Be grateful for any pointers Cheers.
  15. A

    Another fun day in the trade

    Have just been to a job to move a few lights, sockets and install a feed for a new hob. Its in an extension thats 4 years old so new colours. Im not perfect but the electrician that did it didnt bother with grommets, or with cable zones they go everywhere, mixed cable colours (its obvious he ran...
  16. P


    hi thinking of hetting a megger 1552 or the 1553, has anyone got or used one? any thoughts. thanks in advance.
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