1. B

    Ceiling box too small

    Hi I have ceiling boxes in my garage for old fluorescent lights. I want to install a single outlet in them to support new led lights. The existing boxes are round and the screw holes are 2.75 “ apart. I can’t find a way to adapt a 4” outlet plate to this box. Is there an adapter available? I...
  2. S

    UK CU in Meter Box & Henleys vs REC4

    Hi everyone, I'm still training so some advice would be appreciated :) We have a shed about 60m from the house where would like a supply. I've already ran some 2 core 4mm SWA and wired up a CU with a 30mA incomer, it will be protected upstream by a 16A MCB. I went for 2 core because I want the...
  3. Paul92688

    Help identifying part needed. Box missing lid.

    I am getting my dads house ready for sale. I need to fix a few things before it is listed. This piece needs a cover and I am not sure where to turn. No one at the hardware store to be found for help. Possibly you can help Thanks!!! Paul
  4. C

    Noise from fuse box

    Right I’ve woke this morning to notice the immersion isn’t working. It had tripped in the box when I put the trip switch back to the on position there is a noise coming from the box itself sounds like a buzzing noise wouldn’t say it’s a loud crackling noise though. It’s stressing me out.
  5. N

    Correct grounding of metal junction box w/splices for 3 circuits

    I have 3 circuits (microwave, disposal, and dishwasher) entering a metal box where the THHN wire will be spliced to Romex. I spent half an hour reading 2020 NEC Article 250 but didn't see multiple circuits specifically addressed. To ground the box do I just need to pigtail off of one circuit's...
  6. B

    Main Breaker box Wiring

    Hello Gentlemen Great Forum! Newbie to this place, not sure if am posting my question in the right section. I am attaching a pic showing wiring to the 220-240V main panel, my question is this the correct way of making these connections? I do feel something is missing here as I am confused with...
  7. S

    30 amp RV outlet box

    Hi there, I am trying to run an outlet for my 30 amp RV from my house. I am having a trench dug and I’m going to use 10 gauge direct bury wire. Wondering if it’s possible to use this outlet box?
  8. M

    USB Voltage out of fused box

    I'm looking to run an led light directly from mains power. I currently have a socket with phone charger plugged in to power it. But it looks ugly and sticks out. I'd like to chop the plug off and wire it directly into a fused box. Any advice on what I'd need for this? 12v fused socket? Or do I...
  9. J

    Back box

    What's the best method to use when pushing out the back of this back box? Would I need to use a gromit?
  10. IKETBeD

    Can't setup generator in close proximity to service panel.

    How many feet can 10-gauge Romex run (inlet box to service panel) and still properly support 30-amp inverter generator? Do I also take into account the 25-ft of 30-amp wire (3-pronged locking) that connects the generator to the inlet box?
  11. D

    Need a deeper back box, what are my options?

    I've swapped out a traditional switch for a smart switch. As you can see, the back box is nice and full, there's no chance it'd fit and I don't fancy pushing my luck and squashing everything. I think there's breeze block right behind this box so I don't think chipping away for the additional...
  12. Alexander

    Is it possible to : motorcycle EV conversion

    Is it possible, if and why not iff so, To fit an EV motor and controller directly to the stator output of a 125cc motorcycle engine, (pre regulator) Using a fixed throttle set up to increase revs to the required output and to bring it down to the engines normal idle revs for when stationary...
  13. dogbob

    How to connect IP65 LED flood to wall box

    I'm looking at installing an imported IP65 LED floodlight with CE rating on the back of my house. I guess that IP65 + CE makes them relatively safe. This one has a cable gland and 0.5 meter vinyl jacket cable coming out of the back. Here's a photo of the back of this light, from the dealer's...
  14. D

    Switch box and cover for L14-20 and L6-20 Receptacle/plug pair

    I posted a question yesterday about sizing an electrical switch box cover. I realize that my question is even more basic than that - its about both a switch box and a cover that can accommodate 220 volt, 20 amp plugs/receptacles. I am retrofitting the electrical supply to an old stand-alone...
  15. D

    Need 2-gang, single receptacle box cover for two 220v, 20 amp receptacles

    I have two 220 volt receptacles (one L14-20 and one L6-20) that I want to mount next to one another in a standard two gang switch box. This would mean I also need a 2-gang, single receptacle box cover (two round holes next to one another, one in the center of each gang. I can find a 2-gang...
  16. L

    Swapping an old ceiling fixture. Replace the box? Add a ground? Thoughts?

    I just took down an old chandelier. I'm looking to swap it out with a different old fixture, but I am interested in making it as safe as possible. I attached a picture of the fixture box as it is now and would really appreciate opinions on what needs to be done. At the very least, I feel like...
  17. J

    Mounting a sconce that requires a smaller than standard junction box

    I'm looking to purchase this sconce, though to my dismay it appears to need a smaller outlet box than standard: Bryant Sconce - Installation Instructions The electrician...
  18. D

    Wired door bell additional chime

    Is there a way of adding an additional wireless chime to an existing wired doorbell installation? Is there a product on the market that includes maybe a module to add to the existing chime that triggers a wireless chime further in the house? Have a customer in a largish property that is...
  19. T

    Flammable Filler In meter Box

    Hi, our new home builder has just repaired a hole in the our meter box using car body filler which I believe is flammable. The filler in cases the high voltage wires. I was wondering if this is dangerous and or a fire hazard?
  20. H

    Hot SWA gland

    I have a hot SWA Gland on a 11kV cable. The cable has a SWA Gland on each end. I was under the belief that this would create a current circuit. There is 3 trefols running in parallel. Any suggestions
  21. R

    Drill Biy Storage Box.

    I’m looking for a box that I could carry inside my Milwaukee Bag. As I have my SDS, Combi and Charger in there. This is the bag:
  22. 2

    Can I run this coax cables through this patress box?

    I've ran a coax cable through the trucking and patress box containing 230v dual gang socket. It's a satellite feed so does have 18v switching PS from the receiver. Is there anywhere in bs 7671 that says this isnt aloud?
  23. simpson93

    Looking for contactor that fits in single box

    Afternoon all, As title suggests I’m not sure if such a product exists but I’m looking for a 20amp contactor that is mounted into a single box/patress Reason being another sparks has wired 2 ufh mats 1800w each onto a single spur (14-16amp)
  24. J

    why won’t my plug socket switch stay on on my fuse box

    hi. today my power started switching off, but not my lights. only my plug sockets are going off. i’ve unplugged everything from all the sockets so there isn’t a faulty appliance. is there anything else i could try doing?
  25. B

    What's wrong with this circuit breaker box?

    It might be easier to list the few things right with it. I have noted what appears to be burnt or frayed hot wires. I have only seen the pictures provided but this looks less than professional to me. The house is 1957 construction and may have aluminum wiring (probable cause for the burnt...
  26. L

    fuse box for generator

    Hi good afternoon, this is my first thread on the forum so Hi everyone ;) good to meet you, my question is I have a well which uses a water pump and I have a 9000kw generator which powers it could you advise me what kind of fuse box do I need to buy in order to be able to connect everything up...
  27. D

    Generator to breaker box 30 amp and 50 amp

    Hey everyone. I have the stuff to backfeed my generator through a 30amp breaker. I have the lockout kit that prevents both the breaker and main from being on at the same time. My question is this: My generator is strong enough to run a 50 amp and a 30 amp cord at the same time. Can I backfeed...
  28. P

    What is this box for?

    Anyone know what this large box on the side of the house is please? It seems to be going into the electric meter, into the house and also connects to the telegraph line. I have no idea what it is!
  29. S

    Thumping sound in top of breaker box

    Have a 20amp breaker that flips 3-4 times a month, when flipping back on I get a thumping sound coming from the top of the breaker box, Causes?
  30. P

    Wiring a Reason 8 bell box to a Galaxy dimensions alarm panel

    Hi chaps I have a Reason 8 bell box and I want to wore it to my galaxy dimensions alarm panel . Can anyone help me as the alarm panel has 4 connections - a picture of a bell ?and a Aux and a GND ? The Readin 8 has 5 connections. Can anyone advise me where to wire what . Thanks in advance guys ...
  31. B

    Putting a Light Switch into a Junction Box

    So, I'm trying to replace a mess of a junction box and add my new outside light to it, using a 4 way junction box. It originally had two flourescent strips lights, a Light Switch and the outdoor light on it. I can add all the lights to it and they work fine, but when I then add the light switch...
  32. GBDamo

    Today's box of fun.

    What's your record, today i found five, yes five, lighting circuits in one MCB. Can I have a winner? -*- Emergency call, lights are out accross the practice. Eleven rooms/areas, twenty seven strip lights. Eight hours later, two fittings changed. One fitting was the fault the other would...
  33. D

    Metal Back Box -rewire

    Hi, had a rewire done, sparky didn't replace some of the metal back boxes, just run new cables into them, I don't have a problem, taking them out would have caused the plasterboard to get damaged, but mrs thinks they should have been done. Seems pointless, they are metal, new rubber grommet...
  34. bigspark17

    Box to go on bottom of street light pole

    Has anyone purchased or fitted a plastic enclousure that will mount to the base of a street light pole, ideally in kit format?
  35. Zerax

    Fitting back box to crumbly blocks

    I had one of those horrible walls the other day... just a couple of back boxes to sink in but behind the plaster was like a nasty course textured block that just fell apart. No fixings were possible... even knocking a little wooden wedge in behind to give something to screw to didn't work...
  36. P

    Domestic Ring Floodlight Junction Box / Mount

    Hi All, Just looking at replacing my current floodlight I installed via a fused 3 Pin plug into a 2 gang socket coming straight off of the breaker box with a Ring Floodlight, where the wire is coming out the brick work is to low and I want to put it into a Junction box and feed it in from below...
  37. Fitzy

    Domestic Copex conduit to Wiska box gland.

    Hi guys Can you recommend the best gland to use to connect some copex conduit to an external Wiska box please?
  38. MarkRibbands

    Three phases in single domestic kitchen grid box. OK or not?

    I'm fitting a small kitchen in my remote office/workshop with a limited, existing, supply (3 phase/20A MCB on a long 4 x 10mm SWA). I need to think carefully about diversity and load balancing. My proposed solution is to install individual final circuits for every appliance (Small hob, Small...
  39. S


    Hi, just wondering why there would be 179V at a light box from the home run to ground. At the panel the breaker reads 118V to ground. what's the reason for such a large spike? This circuit has also malfunctioned recently, causing the investigation. Thanks, Sylvia
  40. Dan

    Testing TL;DR Box - There's a poll you can vote on in here, like brexit

    Thought I'd add a new TL;DR box under the area of new threads (the first post only). Not sure I'd like an actual box near the reply boxes, they could be a bit confusing for newbies. Let's see if this works and gets used eh? I certainly sometimes need to use one lol I find myself waffling...
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