1. D

    Generator to breaker box 30 amp and 50 amp

    Hey everyone. I have the stuff to backfeed my generator through a 30amp breaker. I have the lockout kit that prevents both the breaker and main from being on at the same time. My question is this: My generator is strong enough to run a 50 amp and a 30 amp cord at the same time. Can I backfeed...
  2. P

    What is this box for?

    Anyone know what this large box on the side of the house is please? It seems to be going into the electric meter, into the house and also connects to the telegraph line. I have no idea what it is!
  3. S

    Thumping sound in top of breaker box

    Have a 20amp breaker that flips 3-4 times a month, when flipping back on I get a thumping sound coming from the top of the breaker box, Causes?
  4. P

    Wiring a Reason 8 bell box to a Galaxy dimensions alarm panel

    Hi chaps I have a Reason 8 bell box and I want to wore it to my galaxy dimensions alarm panel . Can anyone help me as the alarm panel has 4 connections - a picture of a bell ?and a Aux and a GND ? The Readin 8 has 5 connections. Can anyone advise me where to wire what . Thanks in advance guys ...
  5. B

    Putting a Light Switch into a Junction Box

    So, I'm trying to replace a mess of a junction box and add my new outside light to it, using a 4 way junction box. It originally had two flourescent strips lights, a Light Switch and the outdoor light on it. I can add all the lights to it and they work fine, but when I then add the light switch...
  6. GBDamo

    Today's box of fun.

    What's your record, today i found five, yes five, lighting circuits in one MCB. Can I have a winner? -*- Emergency call, lights are out accross the practice. Eleven rooms/areas, twenty seven strip lights. Eight hours later, two fittings changed. One fitting was the fault the other would...
  7. D

    Metal Back Box -rewire

    Hi, had a rewire done, sparky didn't replace some of the metal back boxes, just run new cables into them, I don't have a problem, taking them out would have caused the plasterboard to get damaged, but mrs thinks they should have been done. Seems pointless, they are metal, new rubber grommet...
  8. bigspark17

    Box to go on bottom of street light pole

    Has anyone purchased or fitted a plastic enclousure that will mount to the base of a street light pole, ideally in kit format?
  9. Zerax

    Fitting back box to crumbly blocks

    I had one of those horrible walls the other day... just a couple of back boxes to sink in but behind the plaster was like a nasty course textured block that just fell apart. No fixings were possible... even knocking a little wooden wedge in behind to give something to screw to didn't work...
  10. P

    Domestic Ring Floodlight Junction Box / Mount

    Hi All, Just looking at replacing my current floodlight I installed via a fused 3 Pin plug into a 2 gang socket coming straight off of the breaker box with a Ring Floodlight, where the wire is coming out the brick work is to low and I want to put it into a Junction box and feed it in from below...
  11. Fitzy

    Domestic Copex conduit to Wiska box gland.

    Hi guys Can you recommend the best gland to use to connect some copex conduit to an external Wiska box please?
  12. MarkRibbands

    Three phases in single domestic kitchen grid box. OK or not?

    I'm fitting a small kitchen in my remote office/workshop with a limited, existing, supply (3 phase/20A MCB on a long 4 x 10mm SWA). I need to think carefully about diversity and load balancing. My proposed solution is to install individual final circuits for every appliance (Small hob, Small...
  13. S


    Hi, just wondering why there would be 179V at a light box from the home run to ground. At the panel the breaker reads 118V to ground. what's the reason for such a large spike? This circuit has also malfunctioned recently, causing the investigation. Thanks, Sylvia
  14. Dan

    Testing TL;DR Box - There's a poll you can vote on in here, like brexit

    Thought I'd add a new TL;DR box under the area of new threads (the first post only). Not sure I'd like an actual box near the reply boxes, they could be a bit confusing for newbies. Let's see if this works and gets used eh? I certainly sometimes need to use one lol I find myself waffling...
  15. Z

    Surface mounted box.

    Fellow Sparks, My sister has asked me to install a spur socket in her home. I'm going to install a surface mounted box and run the cable via trunking from an existing socket. Is there any sort of surface box which I can install over the existing socket box which has been embedded in the...
  16. J

    electrical back box install in a kitchen cabinet

    Hello Can please someone tell me if that (see pictures) is safe to do? That will be for the electrical hub. Thank you
  17. D

    Set screw for ground wire stuck in breaker box

    I am a DIY'r. The last house I was in I tore down almost the entire house, room by room, to bare studs. Then rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, etc. We had the power lines buried and ran into a different part of the house when we had our basement replaced. I installed the new breaker box and...
  18. S

    How to Remove Box From Concrete Wall

    How can I remove this box from the concrete wall?
  19. R

    Ordered new breaker and want to make sure it matches the current breaker in the breaker box that needs replacing.

    I ordered the exact breaker that is in the breaker box and they sent me this one. I want to verify that it is compatible with one in the breaker box. I took a picture of each. Thanks in advanced the company won't answer their phone so I'm kind of stuck until I find out!
  20. R

    Solar connectors in J box

    Hi there, We had simple residential solar installation with AC modules today but inspector by referencing to the code sec 690.33 asking us to use "polarized latching or locking connectors" in J-box. Any idea?
  21. D

    UK Looking for a back box sds sort of chisel

    Does any one know the name of this sds chisel in the photo I've had it a while but cannot find another or what it's called, it's great for doing neat back box cuts in brick
  22. P

    How do I mount an outdoor electrical box to line in mast?

    see pics (Please enter a message with more than 3 words )
  23. S

    something wrong with breaker box

    I've lived in this house for the past 8 years, never had a problem. until a few months ago the lights in the living room, oven, fridge and central air all started to stop working sporadically. checked the breakers and they don't get thrown. noticed that the light is actually getting enough power...
  24. driverman

    UK Dummy Bell Box required

    Hi Guys, I'm after a realistic outside dummy alarm bell box to cover Sky cable. It's a new house that's wired for Sky, but not used. I'm thinking of an empty bell box to house the Sky cable in case required for later use. Thanks
  25. Gavin John Hyde

    Using a rubber glove as a junction box!

    Came across an old lighting cable on top some cupboard wall units. cable was live, wrapped in tape then stuffed in an old rubber glove! Got to love the things you find house bashing. I sent it in to professional electrician magazine for the caught on camera as it made me chuckle too! Anybody...
  26. Pete999

    1st fix metal back box fixing, how do you do it?

    Like the title says, I think it may have been posted before many moons ago. 1st fixing bac, boxes I used to bed all my boxes in with bricklayers compo ( the stuff they lay bricks with) wait until it sets, if you have time, and then drill and fix with rawlplugs and screws, how or what method is...
  27. D

    Back lit bell box

    Hi all can a bell box be made back lit thanks
  28. R

    DIY Junction Box

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace the old light fixure in my conservatory that the previous owner had installed. After removing old light fixture, I don't have enough of the old electrical cabling to extend to new light fixture. So I'm thinking of using a junction box to extend the...
  29. D

    Alarm box decal

    Wanted bell box decal for my box any help guys please
  30. D

    Abacus control panel. To bell box

    Hi all I have a abacus panel I want to put new bell box in It’s a Texecom premier odyssey 1e. Can anyone please help has anyone got instructions for wiring please. Also. 2nd question can I use any keypad with the abacus panel. I have a Texecom panel is it ok to use if so looking...
  31. Henry_

    Outdoor socket used as junction box

    Hi, I am currently building a new outbuilding in my garden to be used as an office which will end up having a reasonable amount of power usage (Heating, multiple computers, lighting and a few other bits and bobs) and I am looking at reusing a power feed that previously ran to a shed which was...
  32. M

    Back box earthing

    Probably a bit of a noddy question but I am bringing my TV aerial cable into the house which I have already done. Now I want to fit a TV socket to the wall to tidy it all up. I have purchased a metal back box with a plastic TV coaxial faceplate. On the metal back box there is an adjustable lug...
  33. Gavin John Hyde

    Old Junction box - How old?

    At a house today to install a new electric shower, When in the loft by the hatch I come across a metal box with wires coming and going, open it up and find this. Has a mix of very old wiring which surprisingly tests out okay on IR testing all >60 Mohms on the old metal braided sheathed cables...
  34. J

    External wire box

    Hi all, We recently moved into our flat and I am looking to tidy up the maze of cables we have on external walls. We have a box with quite a bit of wiring (see picture) and I am wondering if there is any possibility to figure out if it is used for anything or if it is not in use and can be...
  35. gijno

    Domestic 415v electricity box outside of my flat

    Hello, I live in a building of flats. On my floor there is one 415v electricity box (here the pic: SAVE-20190801-194948 - I'm wondering if it is dangerous, mainly from a health point of view. Can it cause headaches or any other discomfort? Thanks.
  36. J

    EXOR intelligent lighting Box

    This might be daft but i am currently doing remedial work on a commercial site and there are lights being served from a EXOR lighting box. Undertaking a continuity R1 and R2 at the incoming on the box i have continuity but at the light fittings nothing, i have changed the plug and the flex still...
  37. B

    Distance between Gas and Electric box caravan site

    Can anyone tell me where to find distance between Gas box and Electric box on caravan site I know it’s 600mm, now on new install someone’s connected the boxes now between the edge of gas to edge of electric box is around 630mm but this isn’t taking in to account a socket which will be plugged in...
  38. stuarth

    Domestic Check box forms

    Anyone able to point me in the direction of a check box spread sheet I could download, I did create one from scratch a few weeks ago but Mac drive died and the back up failed as well ffs and can not face creating it again:(
  39. R

    Fuse box question

    Can someone tell me what the middle white fuse would be used for? We have an issue where we lose power to everything to the left of it (downstairs lights, upstairs sockets, heating, downstairs sockets) and we think everything to the right works, I know oven and upstairs lights do. Nothing...
  40. J

    New Texecom alarm box wiring help

    Hi, first time poster here, been on the plumbers forum for years but have a question about an alarm box that I need a pro to help with :) Got home yesterday and the alarm was going off, I hadn't armed it, got in and the tamper light was flashing, so reset the alarm, and the panel stopped...
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