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  1. Pete999

    Boxing Day

    Come on Guys and Gals, up and at Em suffering are we? well it's all self inflicted isn't it, from 1 to 10 how are you feeling this morning?
  2. Pete999

    Boxing day greetings

  3. M

    Consumer unit boxing in.....................

    Hi guys As before on my last post. Having a read of the OSG and yet again failing to understand the wording. This time about consumer units and enclosures. It states that when fitted a dwelling a board must be one of these two; Manufactured from non combustible material ( this im assuming means...
  4. B


    No google but why do we celebrate boxing day? I know its the feast of saint Stephen.Also the carol "good king Wenceslas" is about it.
  5. Leesparkykent

    Joshua v Molina

    So who will be watching tonight? I would like Joshua to do well...He's a much better ambassador for the sport than that muppet Fury imo.
  6. GMES

    From that to this

    I can't believe the difference in Prince Naseem Hamed from his glory days to now, I know that once you stop excersing you are prone to a bit of weight but this is unbelievable. Before and after. these photos are from this year. Can you think of anyone else who has gone from one extreme to...
  7. La Poste

    Accessible main fuse

    I have a guy who wants the main supply cable boxed in and hidden. This will leave a problem with accessibility of the main fuse in case of emergency. I was thinking of boxing the whole lot in but leaving a small square of wood over the area of the main fuse that can be opened easily. Maybe by...
  8. K

    Who's working Christmas Day

    Who has drawn the short straw and ended up working Christmas Day. im on call Boxing Day and New Year's Eve
  9. K

    gas and water testing

    hi guys hope yous can help, doing periodics for a council, i cant get access to the main water and gas bonds in the house, laminated flooring, boxing ins etc, what do i put on the certificates? its niceic forms, was thinking putting in limitations at the tic boxes and putting reasons in at the...
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