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  1. B

    Ten plug sockets broken on front slice of the house

    My house is Victorian and spread over three floors. The plug sockets through the front slice of the house across all floors don't work from this afternoon. The fuse box situation is pictured. None of the buttons has tripped - I switched each one off and on in turn to confirm they are still...
  2. D

    Can an oven thermostat probe (thermal bulb?) with a broken spot on the casing be repaired?

    I am replacing a thermostat on a wall oven and can only find used parts due to the age of the oven (1960's Frigidaire Flair). The used thermostat has a probe that goes into the oven and the casing or covering that covers the capillary tube has a break in it that exposes the capillary tubing. Can...
  3. Vortigern

    Oh noes! Garage broken into decided to have a moan. Could not post in off topic, second post that will not get published.

    Had my garage broken into a couple of nights ago. Took a lot of cable maybe £500 worth. Drum of SWA and offcuts, T&E reels and singles in all sizes and colours. Strange thing is nothing else taken! Tools were left and mower, jet wash and so on so I suppose that is good. Door wrecked with jemmy...
  4. Vortigern

    Garage broken into having a moan sorry!

    Had my garage broken into a couple of nights ago. Took a lot of cable maybe £500 worth. Drum of SWA and offcuts, T&E reels and singles in all sizes and colours. Strange thing is nothing else taken! Tools were left and mower, jet wash and so on so I suppose that is good. Door wrecked with jemmy...
  5. pixelpixel

    UK Help with a tampered eco 7 time switch

    So, we moved in a month ago and only just noticed on our first bill that the meter has been stuck on "Low" throughout the whole day. Great! Except our storage heaters have been running 24/7 because they're wired into the off peak circuit, meaning we spent just under £100 in a month :0 Our...
  6. R

    Broken Immersion heater Element or electrical wiring problem?

    Hi there, DIY'er here I have an immersion heater that is not heating up water during the night on the cheap rate. The booster switch "top element" still works fine, but I can't work out if the bottom element is broken or there is something wrong with the supply of electricity to the element...
  7. KeenPensioner

    Broken PEN in TN-C-S

    I'm learning so be gentle. I'm trying to understand the consequences of a broken PEN conductor downstream of the DNO service head. If I'm correct, this will cause all exposed conductive parts to potentially rise to mains voltage but this voltage will be reduced by any parallel paths created by...
  8. KeenPensioner

    Insulation resistance with broken line conductor

    Hi, I'm not an electrician but I'm studying the material required for the C&G 2394/5 just for the sake of it. I think I understand the theory behind insulation resistance testing (but maybe not!) and the reason the test is performed at 500V (insulation condition, fault finding) and that loads...
  9. B

    Broken CPC on Lighting Circuit

    First time posting so hope this is correct place? Been checking out a Customers Premises and all is good apart from 1 lighting circuit that feeds a bedroom and office. A CPC has been run but has been damaged/broken/cut somewhere en route to first light switch. (proved by using wander lead)...
  10. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    Yup, got to add my name to the list, Transit Connect opened with a key overnight in a quiet country villiage.Toolbag, drills MFT and a lot of other stuff gone. It was insured so hopefully get some new kit. I'll leave my van locked up in a garage now and take my car home.Police absolutely no help...
  11. S

    Broken PEN conductor

    Attended a seminar today based on EV charging points. The broken PEN conductor was mentioned and converting to TT. 2 things. 1. How often does a PEN conductor go down?? My understanding was that they use PME to reduce this risk further. 2. I asked the question as to should we be installing...
  12. C

    PAT Tester broken but i can use megger?

    Hello guys my seaward PAT tester has given up the ghost, i have some small PAT jobs coming up and was thinking short term of being able to just use my multi function meter. R2 test on class 1 equipment using low voltage ohm meter Insulation resistance testing with leads Trying to think what...
  13. michaelw6

    kt64 continuity boom!!!

    Hi guys been a while I've had alot going on in my life with ill ness and one thing and another. Any way long story short. I lent out my tester to a so called friend and he failed to say he had broken it! I found tin foil around the fuse and the continuity no longer works. After a massive...
  14. Z

    Question regarding signing off 32a ring circuit with broken CPC ring continuity

    I installed a kitchen ring recently. Went back to test after the builders had finished and found that the CPC is broken somewhere inaccessible, everything else tests normal. I’ve got continuity on live conductors, and even with the broken CPC, each socket is connected to the CPC and tests with...
  15. James Harrison

    Electrician Unidare Storage Heater with Under floor air flow broken

    Hi, I'm trying to help my elderly dad who has a Unidare Storgae system with underfloor air circulation. The motor appears to have stopped working. Can anyone help. I'm in Winchester, Hampshire. Many thanks in advance.
  16. K

    Wanted Fluke 83 LCD & any broken Fluke multimeters

    Hi I'm looking for an LCD screen for an early Fluke 83 but interested in any Flukes for spares or repair
  17. Electron

    Broken 13A Switch Fused Isolator?

    Whilst checking for a tripping RCD I found that a 13A Switch Fused Isolator, for a double socket behind a washing machine and a dryer, was giving various voltage readings when in off position, 240v when on and stayed at 240v when switched off. This video shows the problem...
  18. gazdkw82

    Strange voltage readings - broken earth

    Was fixing a broken twin florescent fitting today and came across something I couldn't work out. First thing I did was measure the incoming voltage. At the fitting I measured L-E =190, N-E = 90v. Scratched my head for a minute until I realized the Earth's coming in from the numerous (4) twin...
  19. F

    Washing Machine broken wire.

    Hi. I'd be grateful if anyone can offer me some friendly advice please. My washer stopped spinning and I discovered the fault to be a broken wire on the motor connector block on the washer side connector. Here's a picture. I took the motor out a while ago and cut the tiewrap that secured...
  20. J

    Fix for Broken Dishwasher Switch

    A while ago the plastic switch that turns our dishwasher on/off came loose. We worked out wedging a paperclip into the switch held it in place and stopped the dishwasher from switching off. However, a few days ago after wiggling the paperclip back into place, I believe it caused some kind of...
  21. M

    Domestic Need help with wiring a fan isolater, testing unit possibly broken.

    Hi, I had a problem with the fan isolator in the bathroom and it cut out. So I had a look at the switch and replaced it. But that didn't fix the issue and I am wondering if the unit itself has gone. Is there a way that I could test it? This is how the switch was wired. And this is...
  22. rossfenwick

    Broken core 2 way switch

    Afternoon, I've just been to a new build finishing off some lighting and found a fault in the 3c&e between the landing and hallway. No continuity on 1 core. It's going to cause a lot of damage to replace the cable. The other 2 cores & CPC are good, IR tests fine. Is there anything out there...
  23. J

    Should I call an electrician (novice and broken junction box)?

    I moved into a new house today and whilst moving the sofa I broke the blanking plate off what I think is a junction box near the electric meter (it has two wires in one way and one the other way). I'm tempted to have a go at it myself or even just superglue it back on as it is just the box that...
  24. happyhippydad

    Finding a broken line conductor in a ring?

    Hello all. I haven't been posting for a while but I have been 'lurking' as Rpa put it :). Life gets in the way of things! I rarely come across a broken ring, but I now have a broken line conductor on a ring (or rather a poor connection somewhere) R1=1000ohms, R2=0.61ohms, can't member On but...
  25. D

    Broken old ceiling light query

    Hi. Hopefully an easy one for you guys. We have a light where the metal bit has eroded/broken where it holds the light bulb - the back to front, upside down L shaped bit - think old fashioned, the fitting is probably from the the 70s when the house was wired. Am I right in thinking that there...
  26. C

    Outside socket and broken MCB for Spa Bath

    Hi I'm new here and I'm not an electrician but I came across this place when searching for answers to my problems. I have just moved into a house that was re-wired in 2006. There is a 2 way outside socket that has broken so I am looking to replace it and want to make sure I get the right...
  27. M

    no earth at socket

    in the picture theres no earth at the socket above the worktop, the earth is broken from the JB to the socket somewhere and is not accessable. can I run a single earth between the two sockets.its a 20 amp radial cct.
  28. T

    Eicr code - db is dirty

    Hi guys, Im doing an eicr on an events building, the db is in the main kitchen, however dirt and grime havegot into the db. Would you code it? Im thinking c3 as there is no sign of danger but improvements could be made. Or am i being too picky. The cause of the grime getting in is the fact...
  29. sparkymalarky

    Advantages and disadvantages of Ring Circuits

    Found this argument on the IET website and it made for interesting reading at work!
  30. C

    Underfloor heating programmers

    Hello, I recently attended a job where the underfloor heating programmer/ thermostat was broken. When chatting to the wholesaler to find a replacement he warned me that I would have to get the same make and model as the one that is broken. This is slightly annoying as I will have to order it...
  31. S

    best extra van security

    Hi guys, had a bit if bad luck over christmas had my van broken into and had away with all my tools and test gear. I have a 60 plate ford transit and was wondering if anyone knows the best extra security (save sleeping in it with a shot gun!) so this doesn't happen again Thanks David
  32. T

    vairilight dimmer staying on

    i bought a four way remote controled dimmer about 8 months ago, last night 2 gu10 bulbs blew ( with a bang ! ) now the dimmer that controled these lights just stays on. checked all wirring and put another working light circuit into connections for broken dimmer these lights just stay on, so...
  33. M

    whats the correct method of connecting broken - cutcable in a ring main socket please

    Hi, i have a fault on my lounge ring main, it works fine but failed the tests, i have discovered a cable passing through the back of one of the sockets has been cut which was part of the ring, what i need to know is how should this be correctly reconnected, there is enough cable to crimp or run...
  34. Y

    i phone apps

    Has anyone used the Solmetric for the iphone
  35. B

    What is the software design in computer science?

    Hi Everybody, Does anybody tell me, In computer science a definition of what is software design and also how they are beneficial? If you have an any idea please suggest to me. I am waiting for your positive reply. Thanks a lot advance Baron Davis
  36. K

    Domestic Key Meter Broken/Faulty ??

    Hi Folks Recently my Key meter has not been taking credit from the Key but I am still receiving electricity . The little red dial aren't moving/ changing numbers and the orange light on the front doesn't flash .I have contacted my Supplier (EDF Energy) but they don't seem to worried about it . I...
  37. C

    Switching poles

    Hi cud u help, I was just wondering when you have for instance a 3phase isoltor it's classed as a 3pole sw am I right as in it sw's the 3 phases but why do u not sw the N therefore it being a 4 pole sw and y do we not sw the N and in other isolators we do sw the N
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