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  1. darkwood

    New BS5839 regs out now.

    Just a heads up guys, my E-mail got pinged by BSI and we now have a new updated version of BS5839-6 (2019) to add to your shopping list so if you are in this field you may want to check it out. :)
  2. Dan

    British Standards for Free BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 (British Electrical Standards)

    Dan submitted a new resource: British Standards for Free BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 - Get British Standards Online Free of Charge! Read more about this resource...
  3. L

    Bs5839-6 British Standards Free Of Charge Online

    Bit of a long shot, but has anyone got a PDF copy of the BS 5839-1 & BS 5839-6 they would be happy to pass on? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    Where can I get a copy of BS 5839: Part 1:2013 ?

    Hello I am a house owner. Where can I get a copy of BS 5839: Part 1:2013 ("Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings.")? Many thanks
  5. K


    Hi all with fire alarms you get l1to l5 and p1-p2 -m What is the difference niceic state ABC ?
  6. Clark3169

    Domestic Help??? BS 5839-6:2013

    Hi guys, I have screwed up got my NAPIT inspection tomorrow and the are insisting on me havering a copy of BS 5839-6:2013 I ordered what I thought was a copy about two weeks ago it arrived today and its a guide not actually the BS. Does anyone have a PDF copy. I've found one on line but its...
  7. J

    BS 5839 Part 6 Domestic Fire Detectors

    Hi All, first time trying this so be gentle with me! Down here in Sussex hearing about Fire Regs in rented domestic properties being required to have Heat Detectors fitted in kitchens from April 2013. Don't know if it's true, from BS5839, not yet heard back from our local Council if it's a...
  8. S


    Hi all, would anyone know where I can get a copy of bs5839 part 6, I would be grateful. Many thank
  9. F

    Bs5839-1:2008 & bs5266-1:2005 help!!!

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get copies of BS5839-1:2008 & BS5266-1:2005. I need them for my assessment on Wednesday! If anyone can help, I'd be so grateful!!!! Kram
  10. G

    bs 5839 & bs 5266

    Hi just had my annual niceic assessment Got to get 2 new books dose anyone have a copy of Bs5839 2008 Bs5266 2011 That they could email to me Would be a big help If you can pm me and I will send my email address thanks gaz
  11. B

    Bs 5839-1:2008

    Anyone know where i might be able to get a pdf of this document for a reasonable price ? or if anyone has a copy i could "borrow" a look at online i would be willing to donate to their favourite charity(i will send the money via paypal you do with it as you wish)
  12. J

    BS5839 and BS5266?

    Hi, Got a bit of a problem. I'm in a position that no doubt many of you find yourselves in. I'm registered as an NICEIC approved contractor. I'm 26 years old and a sole trader who uses one subby a few days most weeks. I'm ticking over you could say, just earning enough to make it worthwile but...
  13. E

    Bs5839 fire alarms

    Got a commercial job coming up and one of these is involved. I've Neva touched one how hard are they to do?
  14. E

    Bs 5839 Fire detection

    Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone has a copy or link of bs 5839 parts 1 and 6 as well as building regs document B? Thanks in advance
  15. S

    Bs 5839/6 2004

    Hi All, Does anybody know where I can get a copy of BS 5839 Part 6 2004 for free? Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  16. E

    Bs 5839-1

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a cheap copy please ??
  17. D


    hi guys i have bs5839 but it doesnt include amendment 2 only amendment 1, can i just buy amendment 2 or does anyone have it / or the standard inc both amendments??? cheers
  18. M

    bs 5839 fire alarms

    just been robbed by bsi for £120 for the bs 5266-10 2008, and was wondering does anyone have a electronic copy of the bs5839. many thanks!!
  19. S

    BS5839 Cert

    Morning all, Does anyone have a link or a copy of an 'unbranded', generic BS 5839 smoke detector cert? Had a quick browse on the net and cant seem to find one suitable. Much obliged :)
  20. C

    bs5839 where can I find it in the red book part 5?

    Hi all Where would I find more information in the 17th edition book bs 7671 about bs5839, preferably in part 5 I hope. Any help is really appreciated. christian
  21. M

    documents bs5266 part 2 and bs5839 part 2

    hello everyone, basically i a have applied for the approved contractor scheme and was told that i have to buy these documents, I have been searching around and found out that these documets are in the 200 pound mark. well ,thats quit a bit of money, especially for me, anyone got any advise...
  22. S


    Hi guys Anyone out there know of anywhere i could get either a copy of bs5839 pt 1 and pt 6 was on the bsi site massive money for them Happy to pay for it but thats serious price i have an inspection for the nic eic and need a copy also need the bs 5266 this could be wrong but its the...
  23. L


    I know its a long shot but does any one have the bs5839 on a pdf file that could be e-mailed thanks
  24. M

    Smoke Alarm Certification

    Hi, when you do a complete/full rewire on a domestic property which must have smoke and heat alarms installed is it a requirement of BS 7671 that a certificate must be completed for the new smoke and heat alarms as well as the new installation certificate. Typical properties are 2 up 2 down...
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