1. sythai

    Nest Smokes (heat?)

    Hi Guys Just seeing if anyone knows for definite if Nest have a heat capability or not yet? Have a new build coming up which obviously needs smokes & heat ? And they have specified Nest throughout. I'm thinking not possible yet and doubt very much they'd be a way of linking into an Aico heat...
  2. S

    New build query for Scottish based electricians

    Been asked to carry out the electrics in a new build for someone I know. Although I’m a qualified electrician I’m not registered with Select or a similar body, I know it is advised to use someone from one of these bodies to carry out work & sign it off but where would I stand legally if I just...
  3. robertl

    3 phase Rotary Converter Build questions

    Hi All, I am just about ready in my new workshop to buy and start using the 3 phase equipment i will need for my business. The biggest of which will be the press brake rated at 12.5kw max. There will be a few other units but smaller - around the 1 to 3kw rating range, so with that i am looking...
  4. B

    How much do I charge for this new build?

    Big 4 bedroom house with built on garage All gear is supplied, just want to know how much it should cost to do 40 sockets 8 tv points 15 switches 4 fans 3 smokes/heats 8 external up/down lights 80 spotlights 4 4ft garage lights 1 cooker 1 Boiler Main board+testing
  5. Dave OCD

    One of todays jobs in a new build bungalow.

    An 8 zone underfloor heating connection box. I had to do a little modifying as these are designed for surface wiring. Also they usually go close to the manifold where the actuator flexes will connect straight in but this one is about 2 metres from the manifold so T&Es go down to a seperate box...
  6. Lister1987

    Best way to build a lockout/tagout kit?

    Tool purchase for this month is looking to be a LOTO kit as I don't have one currently. Whats the best way to cover bases? Buy a pre made kit (budget ~£40) or build piece by piece? I'm open to suggestions & sources.
  7. A

    Earthing and bonding new build

    Hi guys bit of advice needed to save me some time and money. Earthing and bonding required in new build property. 10mm earth to be ran to gas meter to clip to gas pipe that will enter property. This gas pipe then goes to a combi boiler where I will bond all pipes at combi to the gas pipe (gas...
  8. A

    Tv socket height new build

    1200mm is the max socket outlet height in new build property so what's the score with putting a socket at a height where a wall mounted tv will be situated obviously required to be higher than 1200mm. Is this now not allowed for new build properties?
  9. A

    Consumer unit heights and mains tailsnew build

    are the consumer unit heights for a new build 1350mm and 1450mm. The services to the new build property will be on the front outside wall of the house meaning the tails will have to be passed through the cavity wall. Can I pass the tails up through the cavity wall to a reasonable height and...
  10. A

    New build bungalow project

    A friend of mine is currently building a 2 bedroom bungalow and wants me to wire the house up. I've never been involved in a new build before especially a bungalow. I understand part p needs to be taken into account. I have attached the plans to give a better Idea There will be two bedrooms...
  11. J

    TV wiring for 9x new build flats

    Afternoon Just so I can agree with the builder- can I get advise on following. What wiring I need per flat to allow for sky and standard tv aerial So per TV position in each flat (average flat 3x TV positions- 2x WF100 cables to flats utility cupboard- so if 3x TVs- there will be 6x WF100S...
  12. robertl

    Industrial Single phase power all thats avaiable for new workshop build

    Hello Everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a new workshop, i'll explain. I am planning on building a metal / woodworking workshop (mainly aluminium and stainless steel) for boat work, refurbishment and boat building. I am a marine engineer to trade and i am planning on...
  13. J

    What should i expect when wiring new build housing?

    So I start a new job tomorrow and my first job is first fixing a load of new builds, the thing is, os that I've never worked on new builds before, so what should I expect, I.e, are boxes going to need chasing in? Am I going to have to drill through the joists for cable routes etc, I know every...
  14. T

    Wiring TV and DATA on a new build

    Evening all Starting two new builds tomorrow and just wanted to check what other people do with regards the TV and DATA Its a new builder who i am working for and they have specified dual coax cable for the TV points, can dual coax be used for SKY TV in each room? They have an engineer who...
  15. Sean Kennedy

    New Build regs on insulation

    Hi Has anyone had any experience regarding insulation in walls on new builds as to what size mcb they are using for ring main circuits. I have checked the regs and seen that 100mm > insulation derates the cable capacity a fair bit. The builders are using 140 mm in the walls. I have pointed this...
  16. 7029 dave

    Electrician New build strap banding everywhere.............

    Hi all, on a building site 70 new connection, noticed all tray work for cabling etc , cable tied plus metal strap banding everywhere. This new regulation is extra work, phew glad I don't do installation work anymore.
  17. T

    Pricing larger new build

    Morning all Need some advice on pricing a 6 bedroom house with a swimming pool. Im use to pricing your average 3 bedroom new build but this is another step for me. The house is 37m x 24m Ground floor: Play room, family room, dining room, gallery/entrance, kitchen, pantry, study, sitting...
  18. L

    Hi there guys, my name is Keith. I am now a retired electrician.

    I am going to do some work for a friend,on a new buid building, just 4 rooms and a utility room, for contractors or holiday, on his land at the rear of his pub. Solar panels on the roof and a supply from the pub, which has just had solar fitted. I see now as well as the new regs dist boards, I...
  19. stidge

    New build bungalows xxxxxxxxx cxxxxxxxx cxx

    Hi all , been asked to wire 4 x new bungalows. They want me to put in tv etc but they are not sure which system as they will have the choice of sky, virgin or bt . What would you tv pros pull in cable wise ? Cat 6 , shotgun cable ? They are bungalows with stone cladding and living roofs so must...
  20. J

    New build compliance vs renovation compliance

    Hi, a friend and I have recently built two new build properties. We have undertaken all of the electrical work ourselves. We need to get the electrics signed off to satisfy building control. Will an Electrical condition report be enough to satisfy them. Or, should we have used someone who is...
  21. M

    Electrician Power supply build needed.

    Hi folks. I'm learning bits and bobs here and there about the mystical +/- that's all around us, but not enough to tackle this problem. Please don't ask why, (!), but here is the project... A 128 raspberry pi cluster. The raspberry pi is one of these newish micro board pcs. The Cluster or...
  22. G

    Domestic Live wire taped off in the loft.

    Afternoon all, new on here and hoping someone maybe able to offer a bit of advice? I am flooring the loft at the moment in the loft, and there is a length of wire (grey 3 core) that has just been taped off and taped to the rafters. The wire is live (240v) but isolating the MCB for upstairs...
  23. C

    New build outside light

    Hi, is it a requirement to run an earth wire to outside light(although its double insulated) or is it probably just best practice ? I was replacing my son,s existing outside light on a new build house with a pir security light but found there was no earth to his existing light. Thanks
  24. S

    Part P signoff on self-installed electrics in a new build

    I'm building a house, and I HAD been looking to do the bulk of the electrics myself, and then get it tested and signed off. I now understand this can be just as expensive and more complicated than having an electrician come in and do it himself. Any thoughts on this, please, and if it IS viable...
  25. P

    Domestic Radial lighting not used in new build home

    Hi, My son had a water leak last night in his upstairs bathroom which resulted in the water pouring through a couple of the downstairs ceiling roses. In order to rectify the situation we turned off the power to the downstairs lighting circuit and removed the covers and pendants in order to...
  26. Simon-0116

    Sky tv, airel, cat 5 new build

    Just been to look at a few snagging jobs on a new build that original electrician cant get back to for a friend. They have a office which has bt phone line in, cat 5 to every tv, and hdmi to living room tv. Aerial points to every tv from central point in loft. Now they asked if sky box was in...
  27. B

    How to build hvdc with transistor

    Hello How to build hvdc with transistor at 11KV or more
  28. D

    Run Electric Supply to new build garage from 16 amp new build house CU

    I am planning to run a power to the garage from a 16 amps RDC from house CU in a new build. I want a power a twin socket, an internal light, and a floodlight. There is a power feed to a junction box on the outside of the house from a CU. My plan is to install a power supply as per the attached...
  29. K

    Price work. New build flats

    Evening chaps. Myself and a pal are keen on price work for new build flats. Has anyone got a good lead in and around the sussex/Surrey areas. We don't mind a bit of travel and are both gold card holders and very experienced in new Builds. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Cheers
  30. driverman

    Shed supply from new build property

    Hi guys, as the title suggest. Friend of mine buying a brand new house from a reputable and well established builder. however it has already been 1st fixed. He\asked the builder if he could have an U/G supply taken out to the detached shed. Yes they could, no problem. Method. To tap off the...
  31. S

    Problem Building my own electric skateboard

    Hello, I bought a motor for the skateboard and a ESC to control the speed , so i found this (80A) and bought it . someone told me that the motor and the ESC do not fit together and it won't work for me , is it correct ? and if so what cheap ESC do you recommend? thank you :)
  32. Markc

    New build dwelling >200mt/2 fire alarm

    Hi all We have been invited to tender for a new build dwelling, two storey with a ground floor of 240mt/2. My understanding of Part B is the property will require a Grade B-LD3 fire alarm system. My tender allowed for a LD2 to include high risk areas, kitchen and living room (wood burner) The...
  33. A

    New Build Install Advice

    Hi all, Just quoting for some new build houses and need a bit of advice. The consumer units will be approx 8 metres from the cut out. What is the correct way of going about getting the tails to the board? I think its a case of a 25mm 2 core swa with a separate 16mm earth with a 100a double...
  34. K

    Wiring issue on a custom build Jeep Comanche

    Hello everyone, I have no luck posting this in Jeep forums, so I thought I’d give this a go. I am in the process of restoring a 1988 Jeep Comanche from the ground up. We are using the wiring harness from a 1993 Jeep Cherokee XJ. The re wiring has been going well with all the modification we...
  35. B

    New build 2nd fix after original contractor gone AWOL

    As the title really....been asked to 2nd fix a couple of new builds....original contractor no longer available, I don't know why. 1st fix completed, everything plastered up... Somehow these houses need to be completed, but I'm not signing an EIC stating that I've first fixed when I haven't...
  36. M

    Electrical enclosure build

    Please can someone point me towards a beginners guide to wiring up simple enclosures. I have built a small recirculating water system which consists of a pump, heater, flow switch, thermocouple and temperature controller. I would like to build the control box that will operate the system...
  37. D

    polystyrene new build

    Has anyone had any experience of working on an ICF new build? A builder we do a lot of work for has started a new project and we're going to be starting first fix soon. it will be the first time ive seen it let alone worked with it. any help and advice will be appreciate
  38. S

    The Fun Starts. The Next Build

    Some rough drawings in, meeting scheduled in for next week. Measured drawings have been done a year to two ago before anyone asks. As is,
  39. J

    New Build IR Testing RFC, can't find the issue

    I am currently testing a 2 bed flat, all other circuits read clear. Flat Ring not so much. Using a Megger MFT1721 L - E Reading 300Mohms but slowly L - N Reading 400 Mohms but slowly N -E Reading 200Mohms but slowly Have tried breaking the ring and narrowing down the problem but both sides...
  40. M

    New build part p ans being registered

    Hi all My in laws are having their new build wired bur the company are not part of anybody such as nic eic They are on about self certifying their work and noy notifying building this possible? Or would building control need to come and have a look?
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