1. J

    Building control / works certificate

    Hi, In 2005 would building control / works certificate have been required for a new / extending kitchen wiring, new ceiling lights and oven installation? In 2007 would building control / works certificate have been required for new ceiling lights, sockets, replacement of electric shower and...
  2. S

    Installing fibre from external man hole to inside building

    I currently have a large project coming up in which my company has asked me to install fibre into several buildings from external man holes, which will be dug out and installed by contractors. My intention on most is to come up the external wall using a security grade channelling from ground...
  3. bigspark17

    De stratification fans in storage building.

    Any one familiar with these and fitted any recently.? Looking for reputable brands and ideas on there control. Warehouse is used for individual self contained storage units.
  4. R

    Electrical Install in a Small Office Building

    Morning all, I'm new to the forum but just after some advice. I've been asked to price for an install on a small Office (12 desks over 3 floors of a 150 old building). Its for a firm i've done electrical work for for years so i'm happy to take it on. Its been a while since I did an office...
  5. O

    Domestic Limited Space For Out building supply

    Hi all, I am looking a installing a new supply to an out building, but very limited in space in electrical cupboard. Could you use a double pole mcb in place of a switched fused disconnect ? If not could you please enlighten me as to why. Thanks all.
  6. Simon-0116

    Building regs part p - latest.

    Anyone no latest list/ edition of noticeable work to building control, part p. Newest one I can find after a quick Google is 2013. I'm sure it was updated 2017. If so can someone post a link, Thanks.
  7. Top Cat

    Transportable building Periodic Inspection Report

    Long time, no see! As above, has anyone got a template for one? Cheers
  8. A

    Swimming Pool Building in a Building

    Hi guys, Another question for those who've ever had this issue or experience with pool installations. I'm due to begin work on a timber framed building inside a steel framed building housing a swimming pool. The cabin would be mostly in Zone 2, potentially overlapping Zone 1. Would this cabin...
  9. D

    Industrial Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building

    Do somone know requirements for Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building ?
  10. A

    Domestic AFDD, Building Regs and Insurance

    Hello all. New here so i may get flamed if this is covered somewhere else, but I've been scouring google for ages without any conclusions. I'm of the understanding now that AFDDs need to be installed in certain locations, sleeping accommodation being the one I'm interested in as it constitutes a...
  11. cprfenom

    extending the earthing arrangement for a steel framed commercial building under 18th edition

    Hi Guys, This is my situation: Existing brick building demolished and replaced with steel frame, steel panel clad warehouse/storage structure. Original building had two electrical supplies: 1 x 63A single phase and neutral via 3 core PVC SWA PVC 1 x 100A TPN via 4 core PVC SWA PVC plus equal...
  12. S

    HNC Building Services Engineering / Elec & Elec

    Hi all. I have been trying to do some reading up on my options for possibly doing a HNC next year. I had originally looked at doing a HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering as it seemed the most logical step forwards from my current qualifications as follows Apprenticeship NVQ L3 2391...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Part F building regs...................

    Had an email from some outfit suggesying to keep building control happy we sparks should do a course to certify our extractor fans, cooker hoods etc.. never been asked for one yet but maybe one day i will. If i recall in the niceic online portal there is a form dv1 for certificating such things...
  14. S

    Problem Building my own electric skateboard

    Hello, I bought a motor for the skateboard and a ESC to control the speed , so i found this (80A) and bought it . someone told me that the motor and the ESC do not fit together and it won't work for me , is it correct ? and if so what cheap ESC do you recommend? thank you :)
  15. happyhippydad

    Building inspectors and notifying work.

    When working on a house where a building inspector is involved do the electrics get notified twice? What I mean is, the building inspector signs off the work after he's happy with it, does that mean he's signed to say he's happy with all the electrics and that they have been notified? I...
  16. Doomed

    odd demand from building company

    New build houses, full system boilers with the big cylinders with seperate thermal cut out and temperature probe which come with a pre fitted link connecting them. Have been told to remove this link and feed the main live feed for the whole system through it (after the fused switch spur) so if...
  17. 7

    Building control queries

    Currently working on a renovation that has plans for four ensuites. Client has decided now to keep one as a dressing room instead and would like some power provided. There will be pipework presented for future change of use but will be boxed in etc. What do you think building control will...
  18. Murdoch

    Domestic Building services compliance guide

    if you are having trouble sleeping, take a read of this ... Some useful stuff in it .... Happy reading
  19. 8

    Building Control - Extract fan with filter?

    Evening all. Note sure about this one: I have a job of new circuits to install for a new domestic extension - nothing fancy. It has a ensuite shower / toilet on the new install, 2 walls of the en-suite are internal to the extension, 1 wall backs on to next doors extension (touching), and...
  20. sham

    True story about building manager and Building control agent.

    When I worked for my previous electrical company back in 2015 in which they were not certified to any scheme and they didn’t have any real college qualifications as in 16th or 17th edition, they did not have any electrical qualifications at all. However, they were the most recommended...