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  1. J

    BX in commercial buildings

    Hey so I am renting a large office space in NJ that used to be a school. The space is about 13k sq ft, with drop ceilings and there are fluorescent units throughout. I am slowly replacing all of the units with either pendant or led panels. What I’ve realized is that 98% of the wiring for these...
  2. Vortigern

    SWA supply cables between buildings will not disconnect in required time

    Doing calcs on swa supply to building as sub main from main three phase squard D board for single phase supply off of TN-S supply. I used cable mate from jarsoft and looked up various tables for disconnection times. In all case scenarios it tells me it will not disconnect within the required...
  3. l4urence

    Timber framed buildings... and the temple of doom

    All. Bear with me. I'm doing some research into electrical installation into timber framed buildings. This is not about a new build in first fix but much later modification. These constructions provide a thin service void which may or not be fit for purpose but I'm specifically interested in any...
  4. JK-Electrical

    BEAMA Calls For EICRs To Be Done In UK Residential Buildings Every 5 Years

    An interesting report. I'm in favour. My own opinion is that ten years between inspection and testing of domestic installations is too long, and that this period should be reduced to five years. I particularly like the proposal that an EICR be compulsory whenever there is a change of occupancy...
  5. Thebonse

    Supply to Portable buildings and portacabin/container

    Hi Fellas Sure i had another login but seems my account has been recycled......anyway. Im running a supply to multiple portacabins and shipping containers. The Supply is a TNS and is approximately 95m away. I have decided on a 63A 3phase circuit and calculated the cable size @ that length to...
  6. B

    TNCS export to out buildings

    I have a house to test soon that has several sub-mains to out buildings, some t&e and some 2 core swa, and one to a swimming pool. The supply is TNCS and I know it should not be exported anywhere but what code should each one get on the EICR?
  7. K

    Domestic Running an outbuilding

    Hi, this is my first post so sorry if I miss some of the etiquette that usually accompanies these questions. I'm also slightly embarrassed to be asking it, as I'm sure I already know the answer. I have a contract for a company that install timber framed out buildings in peoples gardens, (30...
  8. F

    Display energy certificate open source software

    Dear all, I am a student and as part of my thesis there is a high need to perform a DECs calculation on a set of buildings. Of course the overall process is not related to a commercial process and therefore this is not related to the standardized method. So my question is if there are open...
  9. R

    Domestic Switching for Biomass

    Hi I am currently working on a Biomass installation on a farm which will be servicing two houses and a fan blower. I need to be able to run the main pump in the boiler room when demand is called for from any of these 3 systems. 1 house is over 150m away with the other 90m in the opposite...
  10. J

    Commercial Problems with more than one rcd

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone with a lot of experience had any thoughts on this; I've seen on farms that are usually tt earthed the mains come in and through an s type time delay rcd and then sub mains go to different buildings which are protected by standard 30ma rcds. Sometimes faults in...
  11. P

    Mains Gas earthing

    Have a friend that's currently working on a church complex, building 1 is fed via a 3ph head with the gas meter being located within this building, building 2 is totally seperate and has its own 100amp single phase head and meter. The problem being building 2's gas supply is from building 1...
  12. Y

    Buildings not requiring EPCs

    Effective yesterday (9/1/13) DCLG (Dept for Communities and Local Government), officially exempted a range of buildings from needing an EPC: Not sure if I can post a link - search for: "A guide to energy performance certificates for the construction, sale and let of dwellings", relevant bit is...
  13. S

    Commercial Farmhouse supplied from farm buildings

    Hello, The normal PME etc query i see on the forum relates to the farm buildings supplied from the house where the house runs on PME and the farm on TT with local earth rods. In this case, the supply is terminated to the the farm which has a PME supply, should the farm CU & final loads be...
  14. D

    two buildings into one

    Hi guys. been asked to look at a job where two buildings have been made into one, where a building as been erected in between and combined to make one building. been like this for a while and had numerous inspections and recently its had ecir done and failed because there are two...
  15. N

    EPC listed building (church)

    I am quoting on a ground mount array at the rear of a chapel, its 100's of years old, in a conservation area and listed as well, these are being addressed by my customer however obviously there is isent a cat in hells chance that this church with stained glass windows etc will get a D rating...
  16. S

    Exporting PME to outbuildings

    Hi all, Just wanted to run this past some people, its for a little job im doing (possibly by moonlight). The property has recently (yesterday) been converted to PME when the DNO changed the cut-out. It is a farm and ususally around here they will not give PME to farms. The old service was TNS...
  17. V

    Multiple gen meters MCS CERT Question:

    Hi Guys, Got a 10Kwp install to do, split over 3 phase on two buildings next to each other. i will have 3 single phase inverters, connecting into a different phase each. I will put 3 x single gen meters (one fore each inverter) as each building has its own sub main. How would i go about...
  18. P


    I'm doing my first farm building installation and would like to get it right. The Main Barn has a 3ph 100A TN-C-S supply to a 3ph Meter. I'm ripping out the the rodent eaten ancient switchfuses, domestic consumer units etc and starting again. My plan is to feed a new local 3ph board. From...
  19. C

    Transportable building certification

    Hey I am testing a transportable building that comes in two parts with two consumer units does if need two transportable building certs
  20. T

    Sub mains info and advice -thoughts?

    Afternoon All, I've got a little project coming up soon and would like your thoughts to how i plan on running main sub feeds to some outbuildings etc. I have put together a little pic of the layout. Here is what we have Main House has a 3 Phase incomer with TN-S Earthing Phase 1 = 2x 15...
  21. C

    Main water bond in several buildings

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone had this situation. The main incomming supply is pme which is in a isolated building all on its own.There are 3 different buildings all isolated from each other.The buildings all have water supplies/gas.I am installing 3 separate supplies to these buildings with swa &...
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