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  1. T

    EIC’s in new builds

    Hi guys , So i’ve been offered some work by a local reputable builder on a site of new builds local to me , some of which involves carrying out EIC’s once completed . My query is that am I ok to complete the certs even on properties I haven’t worked in ? I can see the install at all stages...
  2. J

    New job wiring new builds, however I've never worked on new builds

    So I'm sick of my current employer and went out searching for a new job last week, the same day that I applied for a job, I was asked by a company to come in for an interview, today I get a call offering me the job. It's for almost double what I earn now, however, a large portion of their work...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on new builds........

    Been to quote for some work today and the house is a new build. Built by Linden Homes. At first glance looks good but when you stop and look a little closer you see several of the walls inside are not straight that there are big curves and deviations in them. when you look down on the...
  4. N

    Cat5e and new builds. Crossing the streams

    ive taken on a big new build and im not too sure about the data cabling. (thought i could sub it out but cant find anyone yet) The house has 3 floors with telephone points on each floor. Due to the construction of the kit there are points where my cat5e and my power cables will cross streams...
  5. L

    new builds and regulations

    I bought a new build from a national home builder at the start of this year. The house was built in December 16 and signed off in December too. I've had a bit of bother about the house as a whole and am in the middle of arguing with there tech team. In the house there is a plastic DB fitted...
  6. Les Macaulay

    Domestic Lighting Circuit Methods In New Builds

    To my knowledge, there are 3 methods of splitting the line conductor in each lighting circuit: Joint box below floor, or above ceiling Three terminal ceiling rose/batten lampholder Joint in switch box (neutral) I am wondering which method is most commonly used in new houses. I have been in...
  7. rolyberkin

    Quality Of New Build Electrics

    Done some work recently on a local new build estate (Countryside Homes), the standard of electrical work is dire (mind you the build quality is shite also), is this normal on new builds? In the house I worked on today the consumer unit looked like spaghetti junction, there were two holes in...
  8. T

    aerial advice for block of flats.

    Got a block of 6 flats to do. What is the standard set up for Aerials? Wire all points back to Center point, or take an aerial to each flat, and use a booster? Tom
  9. K

    Testing new builds

    Hi all, I recently took a 1 day P.A.T testing course so I can do the P.A.T testing at my work. One thing I found out is that because I build embalming pumps from scratch and then they get sold to customers, a simple earth contunuity test and insulation test isn’t enough. I found out that on the...
  10. S

    Smoke Alarms?

    Hi guys, I need to know if it is now compulsory to install a mains fed smoke alarm in a new kitchen and diner extension area and if so what about the existing installation? Thanks
  11. L

    socket heights in re wires

    had an argument with workmate today about height of sockets while where doing this re wire do they have to be 450mm as its not a new build as they are around 250mm at present and its all like for like so do we have to put them 450mm i say no he says yes
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