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  1. Darren Evans

    Buzzing dimmer and LED lamps

    Morning chaps! Advice needed please. Is there a tried and tested combination of manufacturer(s) for reducing the annoying buzz from dimmer connected (dimmable!) LED lamps? In the particular example I am having right now, I have 5 lamps on one dimmer switch, 3x ES and 2x SES. One or more of...
  2. EricMark

    LED bulbs and price.

    Fitted new 8 bulb fitting using SES (E14) bulbs, wanted as bright as I could get, Homebargains had two candle bulbs at 470 lumen both same make, 6W at £2.29 and 5W at £1.29 why? Seems wrong way around.
  3. Charlie_

    Light bulbs

    Hoping for a big crop come harvest time
  4. M

    Domestic Dimmer switches and LED Bulbs

    Hey folks, I just wanted to check something. I have 3 x 4W LED light bulbs on a 400W dimmer switch. I’ve read all this stuff about making sure the dimmer Wattage is right for the LED bulbs but it doesn’t say anything about the dimmer Watts being to high? Would this affect the Bulbs? They...
  5. N

    Domestic E14 candle led bulbs base getting hot.

    Hi guys...bought so E14 5w 470lm candle type bulbs today to replace some that were loosing the brightness. I was quite surprised to find the plastic base gets quite hot cant keep your fingers on them...the glass part is not overlay hot. And for some reason after fitting they need a further 1/2...
  6. Michael J

    360 deg. motion sensing bulbs for porch

    Hi all, Happy New Year. I have a porch lamp the customer purchased which does not have a motion sensor incorporated in it. The Lamp is ES27 and is positioned upright, can anyone recommend a quality motion sensor bulb? They like the lamp they bought so do not want to return it. (they do not want...
  7. B

    LED bulbs not blowing in one fitting but not in others

    Hi - I'd appreciate some advice please. I've just replaced all our G9 Halogen bulbs in the fittings in our living room to LED versions - 16 in total. The fittings are called Tugel (Dar Tugel 6 Arm Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Satin Chrome - Lighting Direct -...
  8. M

    Are LED Light Bulbs Safe?

    We are steadily replacing old incadescent, CFL and halogen bulbs in our house with LED bulbs. They tend to be the 2700k for the warm colour. We tried the daylight colour ones but they were too bright. From my standard grade physics I know that LEDs are low powered devices that need direct...
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    EU banning Halogen bulbs!

    Despite banning old filament bulbs and telling us all to use these halogen ones instead, the politburo and EU dictatorship have decided that we should now only use LED lamps and have banned halogen ones... EU will ban halogen bulbs at the end of the month making lighting our homes TWICE as...
  10. M

    New pendant light fittings with Led bulbs blowing MCB and RCD after 30 mins/hour

    Ok, so I have replaced the two ceiling roses in the lounge with two pendant light fittings with 4W Led Calex bulbs One fitting has two sets of twin and earth connected, the other has just one set of twin and earth (I assume this is a slave from the other fitting) I had the lights on for about...
  11. M

    Electrek Poundland LED Light Bulbs - Are they Safe?

    Hi all I wondered what people's opinions are on the Electrek LED light bulbs available from Poundland for the bargain price of... you guessed it... £1!!! (On closer inspection it would look like they are actually made by/for Poundland too.) I have had a couple of them for probably the best...
  12. TonyJohnson

    Remote colour changing light bulbs and neutral fault

    Adding a socket to a ring today, the socket fitted correctly, the ring with correct continuity and IR results OK but.... Plugging in the socket tester brought up a neutral fault?? The house has remote control lamps that change colour, can this electronic device effect the neutrals.. it seems to?
  13. M

    Domestic 2006 Honda Civic Headlight Switch Buzzing & Headlight bulbs blowing regularly

    Hi there, first time posting on here and after much Googling this is my last resort for some help on this topic. My friend has a 2006 Honda Civic that is known to have a common problem with headlight bulbs blowing quite regularly. He's noticed recently that the headlight switch (located on the...
  14. E

    Small Bulbs Keep Blowing

    Hi all, I have noticed something very odd in my home. All of the small bulbs keep blowing. When I say small i mean the fridge bulb, the freezer bulb and today the cooker bulb blew, tripping the fuse and this was a brand new bulb fitted only a week ago. I was just wondering if anyone knew what...
  15. L

    12v ES LED Bulbs and Garden Lights

    I've been searching for a 12V LED lighting setup for my garden and have just come across this forum - and I hope that someone can provide some advice. Specifically, I'm looking for lights to light up a patio area. It's an area of about 6m square and I'm thinking of using 4 wall lights (two each...
  16. P

    Multiple bulbs in one extension

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to create lighting with hanging filament LED bulbs, something similar to the image below. For various reasons I can't buy the ceiling fittings and will have to settle for ones with UK 3 pin plugs. I've found one on ebay with the description that reads "Up to 60W...
  17. D

    wiring led household bulbs - parallel of series

    Hi, looking for some advice. I'm doing a DIY project for a vanity mirror, with bulbs along the top of it. Each bulb is 7w. I've got some 5 port wago connectors, and have wired it with the live, neutral and earth from the plug connecting into individual Wagos. Then each bulb holder has a wire...
  18. E

    All the top floor lights have all gone out but the bottom floor lights and plug sockets are fine

    Hi everyone, Yesterday my sister switched on the bedroom light and all the lights o the top floor went out! there are six lights in total and none of them work at the moment. The lights on the bottom floor work and all the plug sockets on both floor's work fine too. I know next to nothing about...
  19. S

    buzzing led problem , thinking of using lower watt bulbs

    i put in a ring of 12 leds in a room (too many in reality) put in a good dimmer meant to be able take load but lights causing horrible buzz i am currently using 5w bulbs if i replace the bulbs for 3w should that reduce the load and stop the buzzing, trying this before having to take lights...
  20. F

    LED Bulbs won't work together on same circuit.

    I have two lights on same circuit served by a single switch. Two filament bulbs work fine. One filament bulb plus one LED work fine in either position. Two LEDs will not light up (normally). If I switch on they momentarily light up, then go out, with one bulb nearest the switch going on and off...
  21. TopDMC

    4 blown LED GU10s

    My daughter switched her bathroom lights on yesterday and the bathroom remained in darkness. I went over to have a look just now, assuming a fuse; but not the case. All four had blown together! Fittings are 4 x Aurora GU10 IP65 Fire Rated Bathroom LED Downlights Bulbs are FEIT...
  22. C

    LED bulbs tripping light circuit

    Hi, I have put three led bulbs into a ceiling unit, one of these bulbs have tripped the circuit with a loud bang. When checked nothing appears to be faulty and all bulbs work. Lighting circuit reset and then it went again last night. Any ideas on what is causing the problem? Calypso
  23. J

    Lutron Grafik Eye

    Been asked to tender for a kitchen extension which will have 3 'zones' of lights: 10x LED downlights 2x wall lights 3x pendants over island but the main contract has said the client is keen on getting Lutron Grafik Eye. still in early stages for this job but wanted to get clued up prior. what...
  24. S

    Cost of low voltage lighting..

    Hello - I am,as you will notice new here. I hope that I can get some definitive answers that are clearer than I get on-line and talking to 'those who talk the talk but know little'! I have given up on trying to correlate teenage girls and their complete lack of understanding why light switches...
  25. FatAlan

    GU10 LED Dimming

    Just been approached by a mate who purchased six GU10 LEDs marketed as dimmable. States that they were very bright but when he tried to dim them they started flickering. The bulbs were apparently really cheap from cost co. What's the general consensus on this re good makes of bulbs and or...
  26. T

    Two way lighting circuit gone wrong

    I'm hoping to get a bit of expert advice on a problem I have with a friend's wiring. Initially I was asked to take a look at a three-bulb light fitting that was regularly blowing bulbs. I took the fitting down from the ceiling to check for loose wires and found that several came out from the...
  27. T

    Light bulbs blowing and crazy wiring..

    I'm hoping to get a bit of expert advice on a problem I have with a friend's wiring. Initially I was asked to take a look at a three-bulb light fitting that was regularly blowing bulbs. I took the fitting down from the ceiling to check for loose wires and found that several came out from the...
  28. J

    Domestic Rewire a table lamp - any help appreciated!

    Hi, I have a table lamp that I love but it only allows bulbs up to 50 watt although the shade is large and open so not really a fire hazard. I have been using halogen bulbs to the equivalent of 70 watts (I think they're around 42 watt but I threw the box away) but they only last about a month...
  29. B

    E27 LED powered by DC voltage

    Hello everyone, Is there such a thing as an E27 LED lamp that runs off the supply from a battery?
  30. V

    Domestic Halogen Gu10's Banned From Sept 1st

    I don't know if there is another thread on this? But I can't find one. I got an email the other day saying that directional halogen bulbs (which includes GU10) would be banned/phased out from 1st Sept 2016. I must admit I know there were murmurings a couple of years ago about EU legislation...
  31. D

    Dimmer help please

    Hello! I have just had some new lighting installed and when lowly dimmed some of the bulbs seem to flicker. The bulbs used are: 10x LAP GU10 LED Lamp 330Lm 956Cd 5W | Light Bulbs | Screwfix.com (6 on one gang, 4 on the other) The dimmer switch the electrician used is: LAP 2-Gang 2-Way Push...
  32. M

    led bulbs damaged ?

    hi called to job today where the bulbs were changed to LED gu10 x4 a few weeks ago . the customer said that they all failed at the same time . removed and fitted halogen and all was good . took these back out and looked a bit further into the wiring and found that the switch was in the...
  33. H

    LED replacements

    Okay, this is probably going to be a really stupid question, but I'm hoping someone can point out my error. We have spotlights all over our house, and they are all fitted with this model bulb: TP24 LED 3W Lamp 8722 SMD NEW Replaces 2886 Long Neck GU10 LED Bulb | eBay Not wanting to pay £8 a...
  34. M

    Problems with LED bulbs

    Hi guys, please bear in mind I'm not a pro with this. i am trying to replace the G4 halogen capsule in my two ceiling fittings. These are brand new identical fittings and each has 7 20w halogens. I have replaced these with 2w led G4 capsules. Now this is my problem, birth lights are powered at...
  35. T

    Domestic Recommend LED GU10 Led bulbs?

    Hi can you guys recommend me good brand LED GU10 Led bulbs for my living room, i need to buy around 16.
  36. M

    Part L - MH11 LEDs

    I'm not an electrician but work in an electricians office and have been tasked with finding out the following. We are currently installing MH11 fittings in a new house but need to retrofit them with LED bulbs. In most rooms these fittings are the sole or main source of light. Are there any...
  37. L

    Dimmer keeps blowing

    Any advice is much appreciated. I have a new light fitted, 10 x E27 40watt filament bulbs. Its this one: 10 Lights - Edison Chandelier Pendant Lamp Ceiling Light Bulbs Remote Control | eBay I have now fitted 5 dimmer switches and not found one that works. Leading edge dimmers buzz really...
  38. N

    40 watt candle type bulbs blowing my wire fuses.

    Hi guys my first post....we have in our living room a ceiling light filament with 5x60 watt candle type bulbs....the type with a wire filament, My prob is these bulbs are quite cheap at ASDA £1.50 for 4 but when one blows it also blows my fuse...we have old style wire fuses...5amp, We also...
  39. N

    Led track light transformer or alternative fix

    Hi Guys I fitted four 12V track light kits today that a customer had supplied , they came as a kit i.e 3 heads, track and tranny .I supplied the 5w led bulbs and found out they wouldn't work properly as the tranny needed a minimum of 35w to work , I know silly mistake but the previous JLS ones...
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