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  1. S

    Rewiring Bungalow and circuit design for Kitchen.

    Hello, I am getting a bit bogged down with detail as I always try my best to meet every best practice but I am very out of practice as I have been working outside the industry for 15yrs. All help appreciated. I am refurbishing my small 2 bed bungalow and have some questions for all the experts...
  2. driverman

    UK Rewire cost?

    Hi guys, I'm a retired electrician and been out of the game for many years. A friend of mine is in the process of buying a 1980's property. What would be a typical average rewire cost be of a 2 bedroom bungalow? I know it all depends on what the customers requirements are etc. I've told my...
  3. Dave OCD

    One of todays jobs in a new build bungalow.

    An 8 zone underfloor heating connection box. I had to do a little modifying as these are designed for surface wiring. Also they usually go close to the manifold where the actuator flexes will connect straight in but this one is about 2 metres from the manifold so T&Es go down to a seperate box...
  4. A

    New build bungalow project

    A friend of mine is currently building a 2 bedroom bungalow and wants me to wire the house up. I've never been involved in a new build before especially a bungalow. I understand part p needs to be taken into account. I have attached the plans to give a better Idea There will be two bedrooms...
  5. A

    Unqualified re wire

    Hi guys wonder if you can give me some advice. I'm a 8 year qualified maintenance electrician in a power station and I'd say I have good understanding of domestic wiring having done multiple foreigners etc however I have no formal domestic qualifications. A friend of mine has two investment...
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