1. S

    Cables buried in wall less than 50mm UK

    Could somebody please clarify a certain aspect of this for me? I have posted in the IET forum and got no reply. So say you install cables in a wall/partition less than 50mm below the surface. You run the cables in the specified zones and you protect it with a 30ma RCD. Do you still need to...
  2. M

    Domestic What type of electrical cable will be good to bury in walls?

    Hello, I just bought an old apartment and i need to make 4 new dedicated power lines (AC , kitchen, Washing Machine and heater). There are concrete walls and cutting chases will be very difficult, i was thinking to choose some type of cable that can be covered with plaster, without tubes ( only...
  3. B

    Domestic SWA lifespan buried?

    How long does 6mm SWA last before the sheath degrades if buried direct? What would be the best ducting to run up a garden to a shed if ducting is needed?
  4. T

    data cable buried direct in concrete

    I've been asked to look at a job (total shambles) they've given the other sparky the boot because of his poor workmanship. I've honestly never seen work so bad. one of the main issues is a load of floor boxes have been chased in, the data cabling has been buried direct in concrete, is there any...
  5. SJD

    Joining a cable to be buried in a wall

    Now and again, I need to join a cable that is buried in a wall, sometimes in a stud wall, sometimes to be plastered over. Sometimes when someone has drilled through it (last one was a kitchen fitter who should have known better), or sometimes to extend a cable e.g. to move an accessory lower on...
  6. J

    Wires buried in plaster vs oval conduit

    We have recently had some electrical work done in our house and the electrician simply clipped the cables to the wall which was later plastered. When I have done similar wiring myself (before the current regulations - I do have a degree in Electrical Engineering) I have always used oval PVC...
  7. S

    Twin and Earth riser - buried in the wall.

    Putting a new CU into a flat. The riser is protected by a fused switch (immediately after the meter). The riser is in 16mm T+E i.e non armoured. I can't see it anywhere so it must be within the fabric of the building Is this a non compliance?
  8. oxford 12

    Time delay RCDs and cables in walls

    Your carrying out an eicr on a domestic property with a time delay 100mA RCD protecting lighting cables within 50 mm of the surface. What code would you give it c3 or c2?
  9. T

    Main earth for a submain

    Hi everyone, apologies in advance, it's been a long day and I've not even had my lunch yet, so I'll try and keep this quick! Running a supply to a wooden summer house, coming from existing CU on a 20A MCB with 30mA RCD as the main switch. It's going to run in 4mm 3-core SWA buried under a...
  10. N

    cable behind 50mm insulated plasterboard

    Hi, doing new build first fix ,chased wall for 25mm conduit to run ring mains on 32 amp rcbo (TT installation) behind 50mm insulated platerboad, is OK to run in 2.5 t&e. Without factoring in thermals, would be very expensive to beef up to 4.0mm.
  11. P

    100mA time delay rcd

    Hello guys, I'm after a bit of advice/opinion on this one. A customer has a plumis mist sprinkler system that needs power. I'm planning to stick in a separate unit, 100mA time delayed rcd as he wants the cables buried. If I just stick a mcb off of that would that be acceptable? It's not a TT...
  12. R

    Type of 3 Phase supply cable?

    Hi, Iv found a 3 phase supply cable in the basement of a restaurant. It had been plastered over and I'm curious if this type of cable is legal. It had been installed a long time ago but is Red, Yellow and blue phase colours, it obviously has pvc covering over the copper, then half of the...
  13. L

    Frozen four inch buried conduit

    I'm working on some buried conduit and it is frozen. Have managed to break free some of the ice, now there is suction at other end when using a vacume. However I cannot get a bag or a fish tape through all the way gets hung up part way through. I have tried antifreeze was wondering if anyone has...
  14. D

    Rcd protection

    Hi wondering if some1 can advise me on a job I have been doin I've run a 10mm swa 3core to a outer building office mostly buried into a consumer unit protected by a rcd . At the house end consumer is it best to terminate in rcd side of board? or general supply side ?... Because if I terminate in...
  15. D

    rcd meter tails

    hi i tested a domestic property earlier,and someone has sunk the meter tails,the fb is a 17th edition,my question what size external rcd is required for the meter tails,its a pme system,many thanks
  16. H

    Extension of lighting circuit!

    Hi, I have been to look at a job, basically lady wants two lights in loft and a switch, no problem coming off existing upstairs lighting circuit via a bedroom pendant below. Just after a bit of advice, existing db is 16th ed, so lighting circuits not rcd protected. Would you insist on...
  17. N

    EIC etc. For New Circuits

    Hi again guys. So, if you're filling out EIC + Sched Of Inspections + Sched(s) of Test for an existing installation, for example because you've added new circuits :- 1. When filling out the Sched Of Inspections, do you fill it out thinking about the new stuff you've put in or the whole...
  18. K

    Mains Cable

    Working on a property at the moment and mains cable coming in from the road has been exposed. The builder has taken up the flags from the front garden and right underneath them was the mains cable. The front area of the property is going to be tarmacked in a few weeks so they will be digging...
  19. B

    RCD protection to Hi Tuff

    Hi Guys Been to see a job for a mate of mine who is in a bit of a money pit.we have completed all house new dual RCD mains with non RCD way ready for the shed supply. he has had a peice of Hi Tuff donated. to be cliped externaly 300mm down into a duct buried and marking taped. now I would...
  20. B

    RCD Protection of tails to flat

    1st floor flat on PME supply. Service head on lower floor below G/F flat. Tails to 1/F flat some 10m away protected by switched fuse after meter. Cant see run of tails but 99.99% sure they are buried in the wall as no conduit/trunking evident and they also go through the communal staircase area...
  21. S

    Installation Reference Method

    Hi What is the installation reference method for flat T&E cable, with capping and buried in plaster, am I correct in thinking it is method C as all the others in table F6 (page 150) in the OSG refer to insulation? Steve
  22. R

    Board change query.

    Morning everyone Just a quick one. What do you guys do when doing a board change and you come accross a 9.5Kw shower on a 40amp MCB wired in 6.0mm? Its not clipped direct so current capacity tables show that its less than the 40amp MCB.
  23. darkwood

    Zoning and other trades ......!!!!!

    :sad3::sad3::sad3::sad3:..... crap morning but saved by been prepared, was pad-sawing out a socket box in dot and dab about 1m from a window with a radiator under it, then psssssssssssssss water squirting out, was hot so isolated boiler to drop pressure and bashed out a large section of wall...
  24. 1capybara

    can I use HO5-VV-F in PVC conduit underground?

    someone said i cant use fine stranded cable underground in PVC conduit. the "F" in HO5-VV-F stands for fine stranded. I cant see any 17th ed regulation why it cant be used underground in PVC conduit. what do you think?
  25. A

    rcd in kitchen

    hi all just want to check that i am right have been ask to check over another sparks work in a first floor flat all he has done is added 3 new sockets in the kitchen the only thing is it is a old ccu with rewireble fuse and no rcd as the cables are buried in the wall it needs to be on a rcd. one...
  26. J

    Extending existing swa garden light circuit and adding fittings

    A customer has 2 lights on a 30m circuit in 1.5mm swa which is buried half way round the perimeter of the garden and the lights are spurred off it at the end via Y boxes, they want another 10 lights added. I would normally use Wiska boxes & earth clamps but they want it as discrete as possible...
  27. telectrix

    RCD or Not

    Just been called out to install cooker circuit. 6mm and 45A Isolator Switch, obviously dedicated circuit. Existing Wylex D/B with 1 Ring for whole house on RCBO, 2 Lighting not RCD. 1 Spare way with 16A MCB, assume was for Immersion Heater, no longer used. Changed 16A MCB for 32A and connected...
  28. W

    Rcd protection?

    Hi guys just a quick one, all cables 50mm and less to be protected by rcd, what about tails??? correct me if im wrong but they have no protection do they??? :confused:
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