1. T

    UK switch using water

    I want to use water to switch on a 12 volt buzzer in my car. A container with 2 contacts, when water is added the circuit is made and the buzzer sounds. Is this possible ,practical. Your help will be appreciated
  2. S

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying
  3. D

    Quick question about 12v parking buzzers

    Hi, just joined to get the definitive answer to this conundrum. The parking speaker in my car is really quiet, so I bought a 12v DC buzzer from Maplin to replace it. The Maplin buzzer doesn't work when connected to the car, but works if powered direct fom the battery. The voltage at the...
  4. yellowvanman

    Loss of supply alarm

    Customer feeds an outhouse via a RCD fused spur. Tripped a couple of times in the last 6 months and because there is a freezer out there potential to not know supply has tripped and lose all thats in the freezer. Anybody had cause to use some sort of alarm in the event of the RCD tripping...
  5. G

    door alarm system

    Hi everyone. I have had a request to fit a door alarm system. Basically client needs a buzzer fitted within an office that will operate when either the front or back door opens at night time only. I have a general idea of fitting 2x door magnets, when door opens buzzer activates, psu fed by...
  6. S

    New member, Hello I have a headlight relay? problem.

    Hi there, I'm Steve from Cumbria, just joined. I usually mess about with vintage radios and the like, but my Rover Metro has just started playing up and I thought I'd ask for advice before replacing any parts willy nilly. When I switch the headlights on, the dipped beam...
  7. E

    megger multifunction 1553

    Had my megger for 3 years and accidentally turned off the continuity testing buzzer. Buggered if I can get it back on! Anyone familiar with above machine, help?
  8. R

    Which socket tester?

    Trying to decide which socket tester to buy, I like the Socket and See 32 / 34 /36. I already have a Megger 1553 which has RCD and Zs test. The highest model seems to detect E/N incorrect polarity is this only if the installation has an RCD?
  9. B

    Megger not beeping

    My Megger MFT1552 has stopped making the four 'beep' sounds when carrying out a Zs/Ze test, anyone know how to get this setting back to normal as the beeping noise is handy when the meter is slung over shoulder up steps to let you know a reading is being taken!!!!
  10. P

    Megger MFT1552 help

    HI all, this is my first post, any help appreciated. I recently bought a Megger 1552, off e-bay but new. However, I can't get the buzzer function to sound. I've set the rotary selector to Buzzer (one position anti-clockwise from the ohms setting, the symbol with sound waves extending from it)...
  11. S

    240v buzzer on a 3 gang sw

    stumbled on this site by accident while looking to solve my problem. as a spark of 25 yrs finding the topics very interesting and i hope to be able to contribute in the future. ive a 3 gang switch that acts as an overide for 3 outside security lights,i want to fit a buzzer so if either or all...
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