cable size

  1. barisk

    Cable size for commercial extraction fan

    Hi , I’m going install a commercial 450mm extractor fan , what size and type of cable should i use ?
  2. gobananas

    aircon cable size running cable for a split type 1.5 hp aircon....i have a roll of english 2.5 twin & earth, is this ok for the job? im running it to the fusebox into 16A breaker.....the run is about 5 meters.....
  3. D

    Supply Cable Size

    Client currently has a DB in his outhouse. It feeds a pool pump and an air source heat pump. It is currently being supplied using a 4mm T&E cable. He wants the DB moved to his garage. It will still supply the two pumps but also a socket circuit in the garage. Having done my cable calcs, 4mm will...
  4. Stephenmunt

    Shower, what cable size and braker?

    Hi guys. I was wondering what size cable and braker I'd need for an electric shower. Just out of intrest am I close in guessing as follows: The shower unit is an 8.5kw. Total meters to C/U is about 15meters. 10mm cable, 40A fuse. the cable will be solely for the shower supply, and RCD 1way...
  5. S

    Dual fuel oven 5kw what cable size?

    The customer has suggested from a previous electrician that the oven requires a new circuit installed . Upon viewing the instructions it is stated that the total power consumption is 5kw and cable size should be 2.5mm . The customer has a kitchen ring main with a previous fuse spur for a cooker...
  6. S

    Service cut out 80 meters away from the installation. Is it OK and Cable Size

    Hi All, I have a client who is developing a plot of land for a single house. Currently, their 100 amp service cut-out is in a cubicle fed by overhead cable, however, this is in the way of the build. Rather than having the cubicle moved before the build and then again once the build is...
  7. D

    Cable size for 9kW shower

    Hi, Same project as detailed in my other post (I want to run shower cables to the CU whilst the kitchen ceiling is disturbed). I'm going to install a 9kW shower, cable length will be 12m max from CU to shower switch. Cables will run in the cavity between between floors (between floor joists)...
  8. Daddyridz88

    Can anyone point out where ive gone wrong , my Iz is always to low

    Can anyone point out where ive gone wrong , my Iz is always to low. Thanks for any advice
  9. H

    3 phase motor cable size

    Hi all, I’ve been asked to run a cable for a 3 phase DC motor. Not having much experience with motors would you work out cable sizing the same? In the picture attached are the details I have received. Any help would be great 
  10. C

    Cable size when burying

    I have a run of cable where 12% is buried in ducts, the rest is on perforated tray, what are the limits on amount of cable buried when sizing cables?
  11. clanky

    Sums Check on Cable Size for Remote Solar Array.

    Hello, hopefully ive got this right but if someone can check over my maths for me, id appreciate it. Im needing to install a new supply cable from my remote solar array and because of the distance, it needs to go underground for about 35m then into a nearby barn where it will be joined into a...
  12. clanky

    Solar Panels Cable Size needed from Ground Mount

    Hello All, Currently building an extension to my barn/workshop and before i pour the foundations i want to run some new cables from my ground mount system which will eventually go through the barn and then into the house. The run comprises of: i) 25m Buried from the array inverter to the...
  13. R

    Panel wiring and cable size question

    Hi All I’m in need of a bit of advice. I’ve recently started a new job and have been given the task of relocating some machinery. There are 3 separate machines on the line with 1 feed from a bus bar with a 35mm cable protected by 125a fuses. What I’m planning is to take the feed to the first...
  14. harridnaufal10

    what is the cable size for 120A?

    what is the cable size for 120A?
  15. S

    Cooker cable size 12.9kw cooker

    Will a 12.9kw freestanding 60cm induction hob cooker be ok on a 32amp 6mm cable cicuit.
  16. S

    Size of imperial cable

    Afternoon all This is based on a previous thread I’ve worked on, carried out an assessment on site , found a imperial aluminium sheathed copper single supply cables measuring at 10mm diameter on the strands themselves , what size of cable does this make it? And what is the copper equivalent...
  17. S

    What size is this sheathed copper imperial cable?

    Hi guys , trying to determine the size of this imperial cable, 17mm diameter , what could the circumference be if it were double insulated? And what would be the equivalent cable now to use?
  18. S

    Cable size Aluminium cable

    Hello all, recently been asked to look some incoming power supplies for some future works , and I’m trying to determine the size of these incoming aluminium cables as it’s not something I work / see on a regular basis. Would anyone be able to give me some inside to what they believe the...
  19. S

    Cable size

    My electrician assures me that a 10.6kw freestanding cooker is fine to have on a 6mm cable, 32a breaker. Could anyone out there give me a 2nd opinion.
  20. R

    Cable size for a switch and power socket

    Hi everyone, i am planning to add a switch going to one socket and from That switch add a socket to plug in the downlights.! since socket use 2.5mm cable and lights uses 1.5mm cables, not sure what cable should i use for this product. Not also sure if i need any fuse in between.!! Any help...


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