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  1. S

    Calculating gauge of wire

    Ok. I've fitted 2 tone car horns in place of 1 tone horn on my Renault Kadjar. The factory horn is weak. I'm attaching a photo of a waterproof scotchlok crimper connector which will connect 2 factory wires to new wires to horn. The car horn runs via 10 amp fuse. My question is: does anybody...
  2. M

    UK calculating power for a shed

    Morning Again In my last post I was asking whether to TT or not to TT and another question was posse by Strima saying that my allowance of 38 amps was possibly to much. I'd based this on the fact that I only had a slight idea of what the customer was going to do in the shed/summer house. so...
  3. J

    Calculating Fault Current...

    Hi all, quick question, hoping an easy one to answer. Just need to clarify this up in my own head. When calculating fault current from Zs, do I take Cmin into account? For example. Zs is 0.54 ohms So to find fault current I would calculate nominal voltage / Zs So 230 / 0.54 But, should I...
  4. L


  5. C

    Calculating Voltage Drop

    How is voltage drop of a circuit normally calculated in the UK? And why are wires 16mm2 and under listed as a single unit, but 25mm2 and over in R, X and Z? How do I work with Z?
  6. J

    Calculating R1+R2 on a ring...

    Hi guys, I just need help with something really basic that I’m struggling with in terms of calculating resistance (as opposed to measuring). Just a hypothetical question here, not a real situation, I just need to understand the theory. If I had a socket, just 1, on a radial, running from DB...
  7. T

    Calculating volt drop

    When doing volt drop calcs, should you use the rating of the mcb/rcbo for the design current or the realistic current the circuit is going to use? Just doing a calc for 40m or 4.0mm 3core swa feeding 6 sockets. Im going to wire them in a radial via b32 rcbo
  8. C

    Calculating Earth Size

    Hello All, Just a quick one. We look after a factory that has a 250amp busbar running around the factory. We have a machine plugged in with a 70mm 4 core swa and the ZS reading is too high so we are going to run in a separate earth to help, how would we determine the size needed to run in? Thanks.
  9. M

    Designing and calculating

    Hi guys I asked my work to help me wrap my head around calculating and designing for cable sizes. I watched chris kitcher on poo tube to get a better grip. My manager posed a scenario and ive tried calculating it but it doesnt seem right. This is the set up. There is an outbuilding 45m away...
  10. N

    calculating the de-rating of a cable near a heat source

    Im Working on a new build site at the moment, and the kitchen layout has changed to include an island with a hob on it. Meaning im goin to have to get power to it. The underfloor heating pipes have been run in already and the floor has been screeded. Theres about 50mm before you get to the...
  11. A

    Calculating Cable Size for Ring Circuit

    Hi All, I'm needing to calculate the cable size for a long ring main. Cable type will be SWA/LSF. The ring is feeding 5no Twin Sockets, on a 32A Type B RCBO, kicker is the length out and back is 300m. Using cable calculation tools can i half the length, 150m, half the current, 16A and allow 20%...
  12. Marcus Vaughan

    Calculating Voltage Drop On Lighting Circuits

    Hello All, I should know this and have been avoiding asking but just want to be sure. So I am designing a downstairs lighting circuit for a domestic refurb/rewire. I reckon max demand will never hit 3 amps. So using the basic formula for voltage drop - (tabulated value x design current x...
  13. T

    Cable Calculating Software

    Hi Guys I would like some advice and recommendations for an affordable cable calculating software package for some projects i will be taking on myself. At work we use Amtech Prodesign which is very good but expensive. I am currently having a play around with the trial version Modecsoft...
  14. T

    DCP 161 implementation April 1st and calculating KVA, maximum demand

    I have alluded to this in previous threads. The commercial site I work on has asked me what I think the total KVA for the site is. Having looked at various ways of viewing this I am getting lost with it. So if I just say kVA = ( V*A*1.73)/1000 and assume supply is 400V and take the main incomer...
  15. B

    Calculating main switch size

    My friend, a plumber is at a job with a 63A 3 phase main switch, and the board has a few 20a circuits, a few 10a, and a few 32a. Hes replacing the 20a double pole breaker from the old water heater to a 3 phase 40a breaker, to suit the new heater. What is the formula/calculation to determine the...
  16. P

    Calculating current supplied to led drivers

    Hi folks. On the site I'm working, another company is fitting out a little gym with ---- loads of led's in the ceiling. The strips are 100 mm apart and cover the area of roughly 8 metres by 8 metres. They are divided into 3 rectangular grid like formation. So here is where the numbers come...
  17. J

    Calculating cable size - start to finish

    Hello everyone, I would like it if anyone would be able to help me in listing the steps For choosing cable size. Starting from protective device from a boards 'Zs' value, all the way to the cable size. Thanks in advance
  18. A

    Industrial Calculating power factor with wattage and voltage

    Hello, I really need to know if it's possible to calculate the power factor from the voltage and the wattage... For example... 13kW, 400 V three-phase machine Thank you
  19. J

    little help with volt drop calc

    Hi everyone just a little confused,when calculating volt drop using table 4Ab do you measure the voltage of the installation and use that value to calculate or do you just use the 230 volt value
  20. S

    testing measured or calculated

    Hi guys, I have my part p assesment in about 4 weeks. I have a kewtech kt61, it does everything i need it to apart from pscc. Will i be required to perform a manual pscc test or will calculating it be acceptable? As my tester doesnt do it. Thanks
  21. S

    Design calcs, design criteria, or working drawings

    Hi all I'm in the process of joining elecsa part p and on my assessment day along with many other bits of paperwork they are asking to see a copy of the design calcs, the design criteria or drawings relevant to the work. When they say design calcs how much detail to you have to go into? Ie do...
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