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  1. S

    Downlight spacing calculator

    Hi guys. I was just browsing looking for any hints/tips on spacing for downlights and came across this useful calculator: Hope this is of some help to somebody.
  2. I

    Short circuits calculator (IEC 60909) for Android

    Friends, I need help with my app testing. Can I put my app link (Google Play) here? Free, no ads. This application (fault currents and voltages calculator) can be used for the following calculations: - three-phase fault current (IEC 60909); - two-phase without earth connection fault current...
  3. Leighton Gill

    Solar PV Performance Comparison Tool/Calculator

    Hi All, I've been curious for a while as to how my Solar PV is doing compared to a 'typical' install. Recently, I purchased a Smappee (which is darn useful), and I have also now joined which is now building a clear picture around my generation and usage. However, I wanted a simpler...
  4. A

    New solar calculator

    Hi ya'll, here is the latest solar calculator that is the most accurate on the market when it comes to your solar irradiance postcode. (how much sun your roof gets a year to power) Solar Energy Calculator | Solar Savings Earnings | The Eco Experts This will help you understand the cost...
  5. P

    Solar PV Calculator

    Hello, I recently made this calculator for a client Solar Calculator | Poweri Services Ltd It would interesting to get some feedback from professionals in the industry and welcome any constructive feedback you may have. Feel free to use it, obviously PDF has been branded to the client.
  6. M

    Voltage drop calculator

    Need advanced voltage drop calculator
  7. S

    DC volt drop

    Anyone know of a good online volt drop calculator. We need to work out cable sizing on long underground DC runs of up to 100m thanks
  8. M

    Industrial How can i select my Generator size and as well as its kVA.............?

    HI, all let say.... i have connected load 20,000W = 20kW... I calculate ampere from this formula p=vi(1.732)(0.8) by the help of this formula i got my breaker size...... but i confuse that how would i get my generator size.......? plz help me about that.... thanks advance.......:tounge_smile:
  9. P

    Self Assesement Software

    Does anyone one use or can recommend any Tax calculation software? Been doing my self assesement online (for the first time) and I've come to realise its not that straight forward, mostly due to the way HMRC word things. Just wondering if there is any software to make this process easier...
  10. A

    iPhone Apps

    HI, I have an iphone and want to make the most out of it as seen as am paying an arm and a leg. With over 90,000 apps out there, some must be aimed at electricians. Anyone know of any handy apps that will come in useful at work or college?
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