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  1. PJH2903

    For Sale Megger MFT1730, Just calibrated.

    I have an MFT1730 available for sale. it is in pristine condition and has just come back from being calibrated. Open to sensible offers from the group before it goes on eBay next week.
  2. G

    Selling a Megger Tester

    Is there a sell/buy section on here. I've got a newly calibrated, hardly used (3 times) Megger MFT1553 (with original purchase receipt)... career that never happened. Hopefully not broken any forum rules....
  3. P

    Problem with Fluke 1651

    Hi Guys Everytime I try to test an RCD the fuse blows in my Fluke 1651 multi tester, even on half test. Any ideas?. If the Fluke needs repair can anyone suggest somewhere in the south London area. Many thanks Guys'
  4. P

    Yearly inspection and calibration

    Hello, just asking what everyone else is doing in regards to calibration of their test equipment We have the clamp meter, infrared thermometer and solar power meter, will they want certificates with these on the inspection, because a calibration from our wholesaler is coming out as more money...
  5. J

    using company megger

    Do you need your own testing equipment calibrated in your own name to be able to perform eicr's or can I use any calibrated tester?
  6. M

    MFT For Sale

    I have a robin KTS 1620 for sale, it is 10 years old and has not been used since 2004 which is when it was last calibrated, it will cost £65 to get it calibrated and around £15 for 1sst class recorded delivery, If anyone is interested I will accept a resonable offer, but remember 80 quid will...
  7. D

    megger 1710

    A friend of mine has offered me theses for £250. Very good condition but he now works for a company who provides them with testing equipment. Are they worth the price? And has anyone used these? I know the auto rcd is a draw back but I don't do huge installations so not much a problem. Thanks
  8. A

    Fluke 111 Multimeter

    Hi folks wonder if you can shed some advice too a newbie. Just started out on apprenticeship, getting tools bit by bit. Just acquired a Fluke 111 multimeter, discontinued now, but setting me up I'm not complaining! Really chuffed. Anyways, should this be calibrated regularly? Readings seem ok...
  9. T

    What exactly is required to calibrate a voltage continuity tester?

    My company does not allow us to use our own voltage/continuity testers. Instead we must use the ones they provide for us. They're pretty cheap but do the job well enough. I have had my testers for just over a year and the label says that I shouldn't use them after that time so I handed them...
  10. B

    Megger 1552 vs 1720

    Hi all just got a quick question for you all I've been using the megger 1720 recently and think its the best piece of kit going but I can't help to notice that when doing ipf test when compared to the 1552 the readings are considerably lower when tested on the same part of an installation also...
  11. M

    Megger 1720 with correct firmware, sucess!!!!!

    Hi all, was very sad on thursday, picked up my megger 1720 which had old firmware on, V1.01, hence would trip rcd, rcbo's out on low setting loop tests, wasnt impressed at all, took it back and got another one with firmware V2.05, works perfectly very happy now, thanks for those who replyed to...
  12. J

    Megger 1730

    Megger 1730 for sale. Used but In very good condition. the black crocodile clip and the red test probe end are missing, but the everything else is there and all tidy would like to see £700 for it. thanks
  13. R

    Fluke Calibration

    I'm sure it's been asked, but where can I get my Fluke 1651 Calibrated? I'm in west wales if its relevant. Thanks
  14. B

    Where to get Megger calibrated .

    Evening everyone, hoping someone can help with where the best place locally is to get my tester calibrated. I am in Bristol, have a Megger 1553 mft. Cheers Steve
  15. sparky3366

    Metrel 61557 for sale with calibration cert

    Seeing as I have just aqquired a Megger1552, I'm selling my Metrel 61557. It is in full working order and was calibrated in February this year. Only reason for changing is I prefer the Megger. £100 plus £10 postage...open to reasonable offers as well. Cheers all Neil
  16. S

    Elecsa being difficult!

    I decided to register with a elecsa. Went through all the motions online, nice and easy. Then thought I'd call and double check before paying that I'd filled out everything ok. Lady I spoke to was helpful and friendly. So far so good. I told her I currently work for a firm and have done for five...
  17. 1

    Oh Dear, second hand Fluke 1652 mft and cannot find the serial number?

    Please could someone be kind enough to help me out here...... please?:o I recently purchased a mft from a power seller on ebay who has one hundred percent feedback. Everything looks mint and as in the photos but I cannot find a serial number anywhere:confused::( Is the serial number traceable...
  18. B

    RCD Tester

    evening all what tolerance do you put on you D_lock tester as i have had my MFT52 calibrated and it reads a differance of .30 when tested standard E loop And D_lock E loop tester testing on same no RCD protected socket and this socket is my test log socket and readings have been the same...
  19. J

    why calibrate a fluke tester ?

    hi all got another one for u, will probably be extremley simple for u lot :D bascially im looking to buy a fluke multitester 1652b i rekon, and as i go to purchase the tester from a website it says would i like it to be calibrated ? what does this mean ? thanks again
  20. S

    Fluke 1653

    Hello does anybody else here have problems with the fluke 1653 mine takes ages doing loop readings and alot of the time it comes up error 5 which in the instructions says excessive noise does anybody know what this means. My old robin meter was much quicker and always done the test so im...
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