1. telectrix

    Easiest Fault Ever!

    got a call this a.m. @ 08.10. "can you come out, no electrics at all in the house". "OK, 30 mins, what's the address?" 30 ish year old installation wylex metalclad with an added upfront RCD (tripped and won't reset). tripped as soon a rfc1 MCB was energised. while i got the lid off...
  2. G

    How Do You Fit Additional Immobilising Relay to Car with Start/Stop Fuel Saving?

    Hi, Is it possible to fit an extra immobilising relay* to amodern car loom with start-stop fuel saving? (in addition to the manufacturers standard immobilisingsystem) This is the logic that I’d like = Initial turn of key = only start engine if fitted securitysystem is happy to start AND...
  3. M

    Problem connecting 2 Busch Dimmers

    Have just moved to Germany (don’t yet speak German) and amtrying to replace double-gang rocker switch plate with a Busch Dimmer. Thecurrent set-up (see photos) has a double face-plate connected by a singleframe. The top face-plate is a double-gang rocker switch which turnsliving-room light...
  4. S

    France - Advise wanted with CU and MCB's for a barn rewire

    Bought a holiday home in France and the barn has very oldwiring eg. Brown Bakelite light switches with 2 pin holes for a power plug inthem. Cabling is old and rotted, fuses are white porcelain with some chickenwire inside as a fuse. Terrible!! So I am doing a rewire. All easy access toEDF meter...
  5. P

    Orona load ropes have failed after 2-3 years - anyone faced the same issue??

    Hi all, just trying to find out whether anyone has come across a similar issue with Orona lifts? We have been notified that ropes have failed as a result of unequal spring tension in the ropes. Could this be manutacturer's fault at all? thanks for any advice.
  6. C

    Elios4you has stopped working

    Elios4you has stopped working. It was working a few daysago, but now it will not connect to any Android device I have tried – using Ice-CreamSandwich, Lollipop and Marshmallow. I am using the latestAPP VERSION 2.6.3. I have tried to update to the latest firmware but get amessage ‘Update...
  7. N

    Voltage Drop Equation

    Hi, I've been doing some revison and came across 2 different equations for voltage drop. The first one is; Vd = mV/A x Ib x L divided by 1000 The second one is; Vd = (R1 + R2) x Ib x Multiplier The multiplier is to compensate the difference in conductor temperature at the time of the test...
  8. H

    Outdoor Security Light Question

    Hi All, As an ex-sparks who has been out of the game for nearly 20years, I decided to post a question here that hopefully someone may be able toanswer? I am having a frustrating time in trying to locate asupplier for a soffit mounted security light. Naturally in past years Halogenfloods etc were...
  9. B

    Domestic Sockets tripping CU

    Hi, My kitchen sockets keep tripping at the consumer unit, not immediately but after 20 minutes or so. The kitchen appliances plugged into this circuit comprise the fridge/freezer, kettle, dishwasher, washing machine and a portable TV. I have discovered that this circuit also includes a socket...
  10. A

    0 Megohms N-E and no RCD Trip

    Hi All I was re-testing a brand new install for QC purposes todayand the N-E on the IR was 0 Megohms, am I right in expected the RCD to trip. Itwas a TN-C-S system so wondered if the shared neutral and earth may have aneffect? The IR for L-N and L-E belled out perfectly, I haddisconnected both...
  11. F

    Solar PV for my new roof?

    Ihave a South facing Slate roof big enough for a 4KW Solar installation. Itis on a 3 storey semi detached house in the South of the UK Iam soon having the roof replaced and am looking into Solar PV Iwould appreciate any comments and experiences that you can kindly offer Isthere anything the...
  12. A

    Domestic TT System with no RCD

    Hello all here’s my first ever post. Quick background, I’ve been working for myself since theturn of the year building a portfolio, I have done a few minor works and a weekon Monday I will start a house rewire and wiring extension which I plan to useto be assessed on. I was asked from someone...
  13. S

    wired or wireless network in my house?

    Hi I am moving to a new house soon and want to eliminate the loss of signal/buffering and future proof it for smooth clear broadband use age , so I need to know which is best wired or wireless as I can decorate after but don't want to decorate and get everything done and find that I am having to...
  14. A

    Is this training course worthwhile? Time and Money?

    Ive limited experience in the electrical field and im wanting to learn. Would this course be worth while? I cant get a placement with anyone as I have childcare issues and my employer doesnt have the time to train me from the beginning. The only issue I see with the course is that its 8 days...
  15. O

    Light switches, MCB's size and Reg 536.5.1

    536.5.1 A switching device shall be protected against overcurrent...... This is hypothetical situation which has some barring on a condition that I have !! So a 10Amp MCB protects the whole lighting circuit on the ground floor of a small office total load with all lights on 7.5A. The...
  16. N

    Advice 2394 course!

    Hello everyone I decided ,i will to enrol for 2394 inspection and testing course ,which is start november! I would like to learn before start my course! I found electa course and lecsoft course exam simulators! Anyone does know anything abaut two courses? Are they useful? Worth the price...
  17. B

    Domestic Installers Course - Ummmm!!

    I know this question has probably been asked a dozen times, just need some clarification on a few things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just been made redundant. Been thinking of doing a Domestic Installer Course for several years as I wish to pursue new work avenues. My idea was to...
  18. S

    Qualification expiry and legal requirements

    I have City & Guilds 2382-12 and 2392-10, as well as various other certificates, all gained from OLCI, and am working as a self-employed "Domestic Electrical Installer". I always thought that qualifications were for life, but the more I read about this in relation to electrical qualifications...
  19. J


    Hi can anyone advise on the best training centre to do the full 2357 qualification I have done some research and like the look of trade skills 4u however I live in Cardiff and the OLCI website is not that informative many thanks for any help
  20. B

    Working abroad

    Despite the recent sunny weather, I'm in search of work further afield. I’m interested in living and working in the U.S. I’ve looked into in briefly and noticed the obvious differences. However if I wanted to work there, what sort of re-training would be involved? If anyone has any advice or...
  21. B

    Newbie trying to get into the trade

    Afternoon all, im new to the forum and I'm looking for some advice if possible. I'm not currently in the trade but am looking to retrain. I'm 30 and currently employed full time and can only do part time training having a family to support, can anyone give me any guidance on courses? I've...
  22. B

    DNO - Geordies and Northeners..

    Hi fellow Geordies and Northerners, Northern power grid.. How you rate them? Has the misfortune to needing there services on a number of occasions and to be fair found them hard work.. Now the latest was, I have landed the tender for a lot of work in the area where a requirement is “ No...
  23. R

    scam warning

    BE CAREFUL IF SHOPPING IN ASDA OR TESCO'S Just had this forwarded to Carefulout there Over the last month I have become a victim of a cleverEastern European scam while out shopping. Simply dropping into Asda for a bitof shopping turned out to be quite an experience...
  24. D

    Private tutor - wanted!

    I'm currently studying from home towards my NVQ level 3 but im finding it hard to get my head in the books. I'm was wondering if anyone knows of any private tutors in the Nottingham area that might be able to help? Dominic
  25. B

    Eicr codes

    Recently got the job of performing EICR for estate agent, now there are two of us performing them. However one property in particular is a property that a member of staff is purchasing and then to rent out in Westerhope. The other spark has deemed it unsatisfactory for the following...
  26. G

    Can I get someone to test my work if I am not NICIEC

    Hi all members. Just wondering if anyone could answer a question. If I was to do an installation or re-wire, am I able to get an NIC regestered spark to do a test certificate for me on a domestic dwelling? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  27. M

    Chint RCDs

    Has anyone used CHINT products are they any good I have been looking at their RCDs priced at £15.00 for S type 100Ma 80A RCBOs From £5.00
  28. O

    Sizing of a Generators Earthing Conductor

    I’m goingto be installing some quite large Generators (1000 Amps plus on each phase) in the next few days will I need to size the EC to Table 54.7 or 54.8? I’m leaningto 54.7 as I think that would be safer, but am I correct or just wasting copper?
  29. S

    Domestic Cut out to big for new LEDs

    Hello all, I have been asked by a customer to replace their mainsvoltage down lights for LED’s, the cut out for the original lights is 130mm. All the LED’s I have seen so far have a cut out of 80mm max,does anyone of an LED that will fit the original cut out or will I need tobackfill with...
  30. E

    CASH back amounts on green deal scheme

    Cash back amounts on green deal CASH BACK Scheme Loft insulation including top up £100 Cavity wall insulation £250 Solid wall insulation £650.00 Flat Roof insulation £390 Room in roof insulation £220...
  31. S

    Luxomat PD9-1C-FP, switch or not to switch

    I recently put in the above sensor to control some LED decklights in a hallway, The builder supplied the lights and the luxomat, all was well until the client said he wanted to be able to ' switch ' the lights. i didn't see this as to much of a problem at the time, however when i had another...
  32. L

    Band 1 Band 2 circuits..

    Hey Guys, Back again to check something on the title topic. Going to be using one of my installs for NIC reg and was wondering how we figure with intruder alarms run off A1. Without delving back into the books at the minute I do remember something about the alarm feed affording the same...
  33. B

    Solar PV handover pack contents

    Hi I am a new member to this forum, I have recently joined a new company after a year of installing PV systems, unfortunately i was not involved with the process of design or handing over documentation etc. The new company i am working for is trying to obtain an MCS accreditation and...
  34. P

    continuity testing

    The electrical installation withinthe office and shop includes a separate CPC for each circuit installed withinthe containment system. The socket outlets in the shop area are installed on aring final circuit. a. The method for carrying out thecontinuity of protective conductors for one of...
  35. P

    insulation resistane testing please help

    Insulation resistance testing hasbeen carried out on a installation in a shower block and the followingresults obtained live to live = 200m ohms live to earth = 0.5m ohms a. are these testresults are acceptable: b. The actions to be taken should thetest results be unacceptable are:
  36. O

    Live to Ground (as in the SOIL) voltage 220V !

    At the moment I’m working overseas at a BFPO address in the Middle East. The climate is warm (30-35 at the moment) and dry. While conducting a visual inspection of a distribution board I thought I had stepped on an ant nest as my right foot was 'tingling' as I was working away. On looking down...
  37. K

    Single & 3 Phase Wiring

    Hello I wondered if you could help? I’m only domestic installer and have been asked aboutthe following There is a 3 phase 200A metered supply into a factory unit.From the meter it goes straight into a pull handle isolator with fuses for eachphase (old Colours). All wiring from that point has...
  38. L

    Domestic CPC missing from ring circuit but end to end continuity at C.U!!

    Hello All This will be my first post for a bit of direction sincejoining the forum a while ago, and this issue has us a bit baffled. It is possible me and my mate have overlooked something really daft & obvious! Anyway here it is.. Yesterday we were doing a periodic on my mates flat which is...
  39. D

    MCS Requirements

    Just trying to find out what requirements the MCS place on solar PV companies. A few come to mind but are they requirements or recommendations? Would be good to see a full list, does anyone know of one? 1. SAP calculation 2. Structural calculation 3. Correct system design 4 Panel testing...
  40. J

    Manchester Sparky needing advice :)

    Hi all, Due to a car crash a couple of years ago alongside a close friend dying in the same week happened at the same time as my job at the time being on a 3 monthly contract not extended. I needed some time off and since have beenself employed as a photographer and pyrotechnic crew member...
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