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  1. S

    Can I use a switch to to Connect rear camera

    Hi, I am trying to wire my reverse camera with a switch so I can have it on all the time or off all the time until I reverse. Is this possible how would I wire the switch? And what switch would I need. The camera only has positive and earth. Would I take power from reverse light and constant...
  2. Sparksaflyin

    Thermal cameras

    Hi guys. Any of you have thermal cameras? If so what are your thoughts? which ones do you have? Has anyone got the new FLIR one for smartphones? I’ve got a testing contract that’s ongoing so am looking for something to speed up the time spent on finding poor connections. Thought this would be...
  3. Marvo

    Thermal Cameras

    I see the prices have come down over the last few years and also there are options that link to your phone or ipad. Are these any good? What are your recommendations for a thermal camera for basic electrical maintenance work for someone who's on a limited budget??
  4. S

    Multiple audio devices to IP cameras

    Good afternoon all, I am new here, so please excuse my inexperience... I am looking to add CCTV external outdoor microphones (Netview External microphone) to all 10 of my IP Camera's (Bosch FLEXDOME 5000 outdoor HD). The IP camera's are some distance away from the PoE Switch and NAS storage...
  5. rolyberkin

    Advice on X Vision HD IP CCTV system

    I have an Xvision XRN 1609 system with six cameras, I have feeds coming from all six cameras to the NVR which I can view live time on the monitor, in the recording screen it looks like all six are feeding into the disc, however if I try to view three of the cameras all I get is a black screen...
  6. D

    Electric shock from outdoor security cameras

    Hi there. I just bought this outdoor security camera kit from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00WLJ38DO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When wiring it up, I noticed that I got a small sharp shock when touching the small screws on the metal casing around the cameras. I...
  7. J

    Installing cameras using SWA cable

    Would it be possible to use a multi core SWA cable to run both a 230v supply to a certain area and also run several camera signal cables (both the visual and the earth/neutral) down the same SWA cable, or would having an AC current running down the SWA cause any interference to the cameras...
  8. A

    Domestic Security Lights / Cameras

    Hi all, My garage is fed from a fuse on the CU in the house and then has another in the garage. It has 2 RCD's? one for lights and one for sockets. I have the security lights and they have the Brown +'ve, Blue neutral and Green/Yellow Earth. So the question is whats the best and...
  9. J

    Recommended way to route DC to outdoor cameras?

    Hi all, I'm having a think about how to neatly route 12v DC inside two rooms to two outdoor cameras. Camera one is mounted up high, approximately level with the ground of the first floor so it's just a case of drilling a hole straight through from the outside to the inside. I have two ideas...
  10. B

    Mounting CCTV camera on steel/corrugated cladding

    Hello fellow installers. I have just been to see a potential customer who works out of an industrial unit. Now the external of the building has steel cladding or as some call it corrugated sheet metal. Now I plan on installing some Hikvision bullet cameras on the external, and have never...
  11. B

    Home CCTV Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a good 4 to 6 camera system, a couple of the camera could do with being extra wide angle. Thanks.
  12. H

    hiding cables

    hi went round a customers house for cctv quote. they want 4 cameras, 2 in front and 2 in the back. the issue is that the house has just recently been refurbished (all work has now finished) and they want all cables hidden and for the nvr (camera recording box) to be in a room in the middle of...
  13. J

    cctv novice

    Want to be able to add cctv installation to what I can offer on rewires etc. never done anything cctv related or read much about it before now If I was to buy this kit: 4 Camera IP Eclipse CCTV Kit With 1080p IP Anti Vandal 2.8-12mm Varifocal Dome Cameras in Graphite -...
  14. L

    Home CCTV with RJ45 inputs

    Hi All I am trying to find a suitably priced 4ch CCTV DVR with RJ45 inputs. I usually use BNC inputs but the customer already has RJ45 plugs on the end of the cameras. Thanks in advance
  15. KoFi

    Wireless cctv system

    anyone know of a 8ch wireless system finding up to 4 channels need 7 cameras do not want to hard wire or power plug over ip if we can avoid cameras are reposition on a regular bases hence why wireless system preferred
  16. Adie moore

    home cctv

    I'm looking in to fitting this at home and wondered if any one had any pointers. particularly what and where to buy. looked in screwfix, this stuff any good? only looking at hard wired systems. cheers, adie
  17. M

    Domestic Security cameras

    Hey does anyone know of any god security cameras that operate of batteries? i need it putting up ASAP and dont have a power source in at the minute. Any other information regarding recording, HD, etc etc is welcome. thanks guys!
  18. E

    Small cctv camera with HDR that I can view on iphone

    Good evening all, Im looking for a easy to fit cctv with HDR system that I can view on my iphone whilst I'm out. I only need one small free standing camera that will be set up on my window seal to keep an eye on anyone approaching my garden. I've searched the internet and considered baby...
  19. Marvo

    Inspection Camera / Endoscope With Long Range

    I already have one that works well for viewing objects that are close but the maximum distance it's good for is about half a meter. I'm in the market for another inspection camera but I need one with a long focus range maybe between 30cm and 4-5 meters. Just wondered if anyone knew of such an...
  20. A

    Domestic CCTV system

    I can't access the CCTV forum on here. I've just bought a new house and wanting to add some security to it. Can anyone recommend a decent alarm system and CCTV system? Would like to be able to access the cameras via the Internet and iPhone. Looking for 3 camera's max and ability to record...
  21. Midwest

    Inspection Camera

    I'm thinking of buying an inspection camera, mainly to look under chipboard floors to check for pipes & cables before cutting & lifting. I've searched on here and found two threads. I've googled inspection cameras and there are cheap ones and expensive ones, ones with rechargable batteries, hi...
  22. N

    Domestic CCTV

    Hi, I've being asked to install a cctv system in a house.I've never done them before.Can someone tell me a good make, There will be 4 cameras, 1 at each corner.He also wants it linked to his intruder and be able to check it on his i-phone. The house is a bungalow so cabling will be handy...
  23. M

    Cctv installation should i or shouldnt i?

    Hi, I am currently pricing a full installation for a new build 5 bedroom property which is out in the sticks. They have asked me to price for an 8 way Dvr system which feeds the images back to the main TV in the lounge. Reluctantly I exlained that I have very limited experience in this field...
  24. i=p/u

    security cameras

    was helping a dude other day pull cables for secuity cameras, we used mf100, anyway never went back cause he annoyed me. is the mf100 capable of suplying power to the cameras and transfering the picture too, just curious as never worked with cameras and want to know. i.e take someting away from it..
  25. L

    Inspection Camera

    Hi All, Been toying with the idea of getting one of those gooseneck inspection cameras. Usually have about a 1 mtr 'flex' so could be handy for under floors , inside walls etc. So the question is,what's your opinion of them ?. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Lofty.
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