1. G

    Hi Guys from Canada

    I'm new and great with 12volt but home electrical is definitely my weak spot
  2. i=p/u

    Canada Working in Canada

    Hi, would love to go to Canada and work as electrician. I've only started reading about and was wondering can anyone point me in right direction as they have already been there. #canada #express entry
  3. W

    Wiring newer Lutron style 3-way light switch

    Hi guys I'd like to switch out the old rocker light switches with Lutron style. The 3-way ones have terminals X, Y, Z in the picture all on one side. The Newer style has two on the right, one on the left, A, B, C (ignoring the earth). Could any kind person please tell me the map from X, Y, Z...
  4. T

    Master Electrician - Ontario, Canada (Multiple Locations)

    Osborne is currently working with Canada’s leading HVAC provider in hiring talented, skilful Electricians for their first-class service teams. This company prides itself on the strength of its longstanding customer relationships and the quality of its staff members, systems and equipment...
  5. S

    electrical consumption of an air source heat pump, Ontario Canada

    Hi - No idea if I am writing in the right place. Please, I cannot get a straight answer when the temperature is 0- -20 Celsius - where can I find a chart of what normal KWhr consumption is? I think mine is using far too much electricity thanks
  6. E

    EV home charger installation, Canada, Quebec

    Hi, Just bought a Tesla. Live in a Condo with outdoor parking. Need to get Co-Owners permission to install a charger. Have to present a plan and answer all questions, safety, security etc etc.. Will do partly or all myself but get professionally inspected by a certified Electrician. The supply...
  7. Dan

    Providing and Seeking Electricians Advice in Canada?

    IMPORTANT: Please note that nobody on this forum should be seeking or providing advice to people who are not competent in their field. If you live in a country where electrical advice is only to be shared between professional qualified electricians, then clearly you need to abide by those laws...
  8. Megawatt

    The big difference in the electric terminology and installation regulations and practice in each country!

    I’m from the US and I’m just trying to learn how UK does things and the terminology of what I call something verses what y’all call materials. I read some of this and I mostly don’t know what being said and I’ve been doing this for 32 years
  9. w0z

    (obscure) question about dual voltage in Canada

    I was chatting to a non-technical person back over here for a visit but who now lives in Canada. He told me that the domestic voltage is 110v but some properties including his have a second feed of higher volts (unspecified but 200 and something Volts) for higher power domestic appliances. Does...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Canada know how to punish cowboy electricians...

    A mate in Canada sent this to me... A guy did the Canadian equivalent of notifiable work without the required permits/licensed membership and got a few days jail time and a whopping great $50,000 fine! All for installing lights without the relevant paperwork or qualifications in place. If...
  11. N


    Hello, Im Ravi from Canada and I work as a reseller of electrical equipment. I hope this forum will help my knowledge and teach more about the equipment I am selling. I look forward to all your expertise in the electrical world!
  12. H

    Work in Canada

    I've been thinking of going to work in Canada and was wanting your opinions. So here's the deal..... The company pays for flights, accommodation and sorts the visa out. You work for 5 weeks and then they fly you home for a week. The shift pattern is either 6 days with a day off, or 13 days...
  13. H

    working in Canada

    Any sparks on here ever worked out in Canada?
  14. J

    jobs in Canada

    Anybody know of any companies in Alberta Canada taking on electricians
  15. T

    220V 50Hz Fluorescent to 110V 60Hz?

    I purchased some glass lighted shelves in Italy and need to install them in my home in Canada. The fixture inside is 220-240V 50Hz with a 21W fluorescent tube. Can I connect them to my 110V 60Hz? I plugged one in and it seems to work. I also purchased a 110V 60Hz fixture here in Canada but it...
  16. B

    Working in Canada

    Hello all, This is my first post so i would just like to say hello to everyone and i'm hoping in months and years to come i can give some input into the forum and have some good banter :) Now, onto the serious stuff....... im looking at moving to Canada to live and work and I have done some...
  17. S

    Do voltage convertors convert cycles?

    Hi, Im waiting for a machine from China to arrive to Canada, and here is my question, machine will be 220V 50Hz, and currently in Canada its 110V 60Hz, so most converters i can find in Canada have no problem doing 110V > 220V, but it seems they all give 60Hz anyways, is there a way to convert...
  18. N

    Working in Canada

    hi guys (new to site) could anybody give me some advice on moving abroad, particulary Canada. I am just about to complete my C & G 2330 III, C & G 2391, 17th edition and NVQ III, i have also been employed in the electrical industry for around 4 Years. Do you think i have any chance of work...
  19. P

    Glass v Ceramic Fuse

    I have a travel adapter that has blown a fuse due to using a hairdryer in Cuba. I need to replace it. The original has a 2.5amp ceramic fuse in it. Can I put a glass type in or does it have to be ceramic? What are the differences between the two? Tom
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