1. AngelLaHash

    UK Guess the Light Fitting (and Replacement Bulb/Fittings)

    Sorry for the RUBBISH PHOTO im SHORT! I tend to be a Domestic Electrician, but i was asked to go to a Site to check out some lights turned out one of them was a Lamp Post and they are asking me what type of Light Bulb it has (funny enough i could go up there to look) I know its a Valmont...
  2. K

    Canada - ON: does this wiring work?

    Hi, New to the forum. I have two very specific questions, for the setup below. Setup details: Currently I have a setup with an outlet used for my home theater (TV plug), an attic plug used for exterior cameras controlled by a wall switch. I am now adding pot lights, to be controlled by a new...
  3. R

    RV plug using existing power run, will this work?

    we just replaced our hot water tank with hot water on demand (natural gas) and still have the old power run for the tank which is 30a 240v. I would like to use that power run to put a plug in for my RV ( 30a 120v). currently the run has a ground and 2 hot wires so I wanted to know that if I...
  4. G

    I Need Work Electricians needed for project work in Toronto, Canada. **Immediate start**

    We are a UK registered Electrical company with a large contract based in and around Toronto, Canada. Are you looking for work? We have a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has an Electrical License with a valid Visa/Work permit for Canada. If this sounds appealing to you or possibly someone...
  5. A

    90V DC motor connection using receptacle

    My boss asked me connect 90V DC motor by receptacle. What’s receptacle can I use?
  6. J

    Voltage drop question

    I have a run of conduit 172ft from a 12x12 box which branches out to parking equipment with runs about 50ft from the box. My voltage drop calc requires me to run #10s to the 12x12 box. My question is from that box can I size down to the respected size of wire my machines need (#14awg) to branch...
  7. W

    Mounting screws on the inside of the receptical box ??

    Can you put screws inside of a receptacle box to mount it to a stud as it's allowed by the code
  8. S

    electric clothes dryer in the bathroom in Canada ?

    Is it legal to have an electric clothes dryer and washer in the bathroom along with the toilet, shower and sink in Canada ?
  9. W

    Outdoor 230 EV charger with 115 V outlet: supply through conduit . Does this plan make sense?

    Hi! I’d like to install a pedestal-mounted (230 V, 30 A max - programmable) EV charger close to my driveway, which ends about 12 feet away from the house, on the other side of a landscaped rock wall of sorts. While I am at it, I would like to oversize the circuit to allow a second EV charger to...
  10. Heeler188

    EV charging. Condo multiple outlets

    Hello, I need some advice, I do mainitance on a condo building that has 100 parking stalls in the basement. They want put outlet for every vechicle for possible future EV charging for now and future use. So I guess I could run a 20amp 120v receptacle for each bay, that would be a level 1 charger...
  11. C

    Microwave - 20A Circuit Required

    Hi everyone - new forum member here, looking for some guidance / advice before I try this myself or hire a certified electrician From Quebec, Canada. House was built in 2009, with everything seemingly 'up to code' -- previous homeowner spared little expense. The microwave in the kitchen has a...
  12. B

    9 wires to old wall outlet

    Hey there! I removed an old wall outlet. It had 9 wires connected to it. 3 sets of white, red and black wires. I want to install a new one. What outlet do I buy and how do I make the connections? The outlet is not controlled by a switch. Thanks Alain
  13. A

    Recessed Light fixture in bathroom need to be damp proof?

    Installing a recessed light in a washroom. I tried to find in the code if the light fixture need to be damp proof, but couldn't find it. I would assume I would need one considering the bathroom would be a damp location? Can anyone confirm? Thanks in advanced
  14. G

    Is this possible to do safely?

    Trying to install a stove in my garage to use only the oven portion for small powder coating projects. I have a Nema 6-30 outlet on a 30amp breaker already in the garage. I know a stove should be on a 40-50Amp breaker but I understand that would be needed if the oven and all elements were...
  15. E

    Low voltage over several circuits?

    I extended a bedroom in my basement and had to move a couple outlets from the knocked down wall to the new wall. After, I was sanding down the drywall mud and forgot to completely shut the door of the main panel (which is in the corner of the room). Soon after, I went upstairs and noticed the...
  16. S

    Wiring an A/C unit, making from in my panel

    I am looking to install an A/C unit. (3.5 ton York) I believe I need a 30 amp breaker. My panel is full but I have two beaker spots I will not use that are next to each other. My plan would be to pull those and replace them with the new 30 amp. Do I need to pull a permit? Location Edmonton, AB
  17. G

    240 Heated Schluter cable problem

    I bought a 240 schluter heated cable, did all the required test. everything passed. Tried 2 new thermostats. The heated cable has a hard time getting past 26-28 degrees Celsius. And its constantly fluctuating in temperature even though its set to 29 permanently. The electrician i used has it...
  18. E

    Electric furnace wired breaker calculation (canada)

    Hi, can anybody walk me through on the CEC side on figuring out the breaker and wire size for a 240V, 15.7kW electric furnace. I am an electrician and have not worked on residential for a while. Thank you.
  19. NBCanada

    What is best and easiest way for an electrician to connect lights and plugs from electric baseboard existing circuit upstairs?

    I have an older home with some knob and tube upstairs, downstairs has been rewired new. I want to disconnect upstairs knob and tube. Can an electrician , junction my electric baseboard wire (all upstairs rooms have baseboard heaters to install new bedroom lights and plugs.? I am on breakers. I...
  20. A

    Arcfault for mining rig

    I want to start building a mining rig. Was planning on installing a 20 amp breaker for it, but im not sure if it has to be arcfault or not? I tried to search it but couldnt really find anything on it. Also i know the new code recently came out so im not sure if it indicates about mining rigs...


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