1. S

    Capacity on ring main

    Hi, I'm a DIY'er, new to this forum. My situation is, I'm laying a new kitchen ring circuit for my sister. The ring will supply the obvious kitchen appliances including 3kW oven, fan, washing machine, dishwasher, f/f, microwave, toaster, kettle, plus an elec fire at the far end. Potentially an...
  2. A

    What is the panelboard capacity (V & A) for 7-eleven type convenience stores, w and w/o gas station?

    Would like to know typical voltage and amps for the main service of 7-eleven style stores, with and without accompanying gas station?
  3. Adam_92

    breaking capacity of overcurrent devices

    I’m wondering if someone can tell me in the OSG or regs that it has the short circuit breaking capacity of overcurrent devices someone said it was table 7.2A but can’t find it anywhere
  4. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Max Demand/Diversity Query

    Hello All, Iv been asked to pick up the remedials on someone else's EICR that was done last year on a school for Deaf Children. One of the items listed on the report is the conductors leading to the sub mains from the main panel are undersized. I popped the cover off to have a look and sure...
  5. Empire

    Crabtree f-60 tp&n circuit breaker bs# and short circuit capacity

    Morning All, Having spent many years gleaning information from you all as a non member I've finally needed to join because, try as I might, I just can't find the answer to this puzzle, so here goes. I've just installed, replaced really, a TP sub board that's being fed from a Crabtree 60A STD...
  6. M

    Increasing 3PH Supply?

    A company i do work for are running over the capacity of their existing 100A 3PH supply, they are pulling around 100-120A all day long. I am trying to get them to get a bigger supply, they have tried asking for a 250A supply from the DNO, but they want £20K. (they reckon the transformer would...
  7. Y

    Maximum Current Capacity

    How much current capacity can handle in a 16 sq. Mm. Wire size in ac 415 volt supply? Because i have 2 pump motors that will connect to a power source of 415 volts ac 3 phase; 1 motor is 5.5kilowatts and another one is 7.5kilowatts. Both motors will run intermittently and supplying different...
  8. Rick Ellmore

    Trunking, Ducting capacity

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm looking for some help, I am looking to find some info on cable carrying capacity of conduit, trunking and ducting in accordance with the IEE Wiring Regulations for my NVQ but I cant seem to find the info in the BS7671 or the OSG? anyone have an idea where to look?
  9. U

    DEWALT Flexvolt 18v-54v batteries

    Been looking into these batteries from dewalt standard 18v battery but has an output equivalent to 54v. Bloody expensive but they look like they will last ages and produce some serious output...
  10. C

    3 phase upgrade

    I currently have a 100amp 3 phase supply. I would like to put in a >300amp supply. excluding the eclectical work past the Cut out. can some one please tell me the approx price on an upgrade? thanks
  11. C

    Replacement panels for a defunct manufacturer

    Afternoon all We have a couple of damaged Day4Energy 240w modules to replace and so far as I can tell this company no-longer exists. Well not in the same form as it did a few years ago anyway. A new company has taken up the technology but are not producing these panels. They have suggested...
  12. K

    factory rewire help

    hi everyone im currently looking at updating a board in a factory with bs88 fuses in it can anyone reccommend a board and overcurrent protective devices that would be a more suitable replacement? the out going circuits are ok and up to date thanks
  13. S

    Commercial Emergency Lighting Central battery system design

    Hi All, I am new to this site so be gentle please.... My question is this... I have been to an existing job which has 55 slave EMLs throughout the building. We are experiencing volt drop on the longer routes with the LED fitting, approx 40 lights. The LED fittings start to strobe as they hit...
  14. K

    Relationship between Cut-Out Fuse & MCB PSCC

    Good morning all, Apologies if you have gone over this a number of times before (I have tried searching for a thread, and have found some that have touched on what I'm after but not quite explicitly enough). If the measured PFC is greater than 6ka (for example) with circuit-breakers' breaking...
  15. R

    fuse rating or setting

    Ive searched but cant find any info on the following- On the certs forms under main switch or circuit breaker it asks Fuse /device rating or setting??:santa_cheesy:
  16. S

    cable in conduit

    How many 4mm can you put down a 20mm conduit???
  17. A

    BS 3036 fuses on Ring Main.

    Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice on the Regs relating to BS 3036 fuses on a ring main, as I do not agree with the comments made on a PIR. The defect states that the conductors are too small for the protective device due to the 0.725 factor. The circuit is wired in 2.5mm2 singles in...
  18. S

    EPC, DNC and MCS - TLA headache!

    I have just had a call from our EPC assessor who has had notification from his accrediting body that they are unable to accept the MCS cert as proof of size of installation (in the case of EPC being done after the install because without it the house would not get a D) because it shows the...
  19. S


    what is allowed to be tested or can not be tested on the dno side of a domestic property?
  20. M

    how can i take breaker ics rating?

    hi i wanna know that what is the abbreviation of ics and icu? and how can i take my ics rating of the breaker? is there any formula or calcualtion? and i wanna know short circuit rating ics of single pole and tripple breaker ? how can i take it?
  21. S

    mcs certificate

    Delivered a certificate the other day and cant believe I put wrong Net capacity it should have been 3.68 and not 368kW! How do you change this and is there a cost? Cheers
  22. N

    32A ring circuits wired in 1.5mm firetuf

    I've been asked to inspect a shop and have found 4x 32 amp ring final circuits supplying socket outlets, all wired in firetuf 1.5mm twin and earth. Actually all the circuits are wired in this stuff, there must have been a deal on at the wholesalers.. My concern is does this comply with 421.1.103...
  23. P

    How to work out TIC!!!

    Hi Given that... Total Installed Capacity (TIC) is the maximum capacity at which an Eligible Installation could be operated for a sustained period without causing damage to it (assuming the Eligible Low-carbon Energy Source was available to it without interruption), a declaration of which is...
  24. P

    4kwp system and roof wind up lift calcs

    Ok Senior members explain to me in simple terms please :) whats the point of fitting a 4kwp system if your inverta is set to G83 and will only push out 16 amps ie the 3680 max your allowed? if all invertas are set to G38 then can they push out more? also whats best way to get wind calcs sorted...
  25. K

    BS 1362 fuse

    Does anyone know the short circuit capacity of a BS 1362 plug fuse? cant find it in the big red book, on site guide or GN3. can only the max ZS
  26. S

    Puzzled by kitchen toaster - learner's question about flexible cables

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone could help me understand why our toaster came with a 0.75 sq mm flexible cable with 13A BS1362 fuse on the plug. In class we've learnt that the rating of a protective device has to be lower than the current carrying capacity of the cable it protects. But...
  27. D

    Re-using panels

    I'm trying to find the definitive words on how re-using solar panels affects a customers ability to claim FiTs, I can't see it clearly defined in the Feed in Tarrif documentation anywhere. Say, for example, they wanted to re-install the panels to a new house, my understanding is that they...
  28. W

    AC Cable size - 10kw PV installation

    Hi, I am about to install my first 10kw system, the project manager has bought 6mm T&E and a 45A MCB. The cable run is 30 meters. Doesnt seem right to me. any suggestions? Thanks
  29. J

    Sort circuit capacity bs1362

    does aby one know the Sort circuit capacity of a bs1362 fuse also the ka of the bs3036 cartridge fuse cheers
  30. S

    Domestic Fitting 240V 32A commando

    Hi we have a welder which can pull upto 32A according to the spec. It says I(max) 32A. The circuit to the garage has a 16A MCB at the consumer unit. It's only powering two double sockets however am going to add a commando. So I wondering if 32A MCB would sufficient or would it have to be bigger...
  31. S

    Identifying BS88 fuse?

    Main fuse carrier says 100A 415V BS88 1967 on it. Looking in OSG page 57 for short-circuit capacity there is a BS88-2 and BS88-6. How do I know which I have? Thanks Rich
  32. L

    Short Circuit Capacity

    Hi Guys Any advice would be much appreciated! I have tested a property that has a PFC greater than the short circuit capacity of the mcb's protecting the final circuits, the PFC is 7.9KA and the 60898 mcb's 6KA. The property is protected at origin with a 1361 type b fuse 16.5KA. Under the...
  33. J

    sub mains

    hey guys, i have to wire 17 new bungalows soon,the DNO meter is in a cupboard about 10 m from the consumer unit. Normally i would just have a 16mm swa suub main with an 80a fuse. trouble is the insulation covering it will be >100mm.reference method question is what is the current...
  34. R

    Final Circuit conductor sizes in OSG 8.2

    Referring to pages 158-159 in the OSG Table 8A Type, OPD(A) A1 Ring, 30 or 32 .......etc 8.2.3 Conductor size ....The as-installed current-carrying capacity Iz so calculated must not be less than: 20 A for ring circuit A1 Am I reading/interpreting this correctly when I say...
  35. M

    bs88 type 2 fuse

    can anyone tell us the short circuit capacity rating of a bs88 type 2 fuse. suppliers fuse was recorded on a old test form NAPIT but dont state the short circuit capcity in Ka. another quick question when calculating prospective fault current can the formular be used on all types of...
  36. W

    Main Fuse Confused ?

    Hi just writing a cert and got to the main fuse. The main fuse has written on it isco, series 3 ? but does not say which type or its short circuit capacity, anyone any ideas ? also got my assesment tomo. Im sound with testing, just maybe with if he throws me with a problem question, if...
  37. B

    why Pfc is 16kA in Installation Cert?

    In the Installation Certificate, the Pfc of supply is 16kA, but on the top of testing results, the Pfc normally is 1 or 2kA, normally less than 6kA. Why the 2 numbers are so different? cheers
  38. W

    rewireable fuse details

    Hi can anyone tell me where in regs it tells you about rewireable fuses. doing a periodic and got 6 db's that are rewireable fuses ,whats breaking capacity etc of wire?
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