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  1. R

    How to get my ambient surround to work?

    Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta mk8. I brought some ambient surrounds 3 for my car expecting they may work as on the website it states it only works on the st fiesta. I wired the positive and negative direct to the battery as stated, I then wired the indicator cable to the right and left indicators...
  2. HVManiac

    How much current does car starter motor draw without any load?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any information on how much current does a car starter motor draw at no load? The motor specs: Power max: 1.4kW Voltage: 12VDC Armature resistance: 0.7 ohm Brand: Bosch Model No.: 1740374 The starter was removed from the engine when tested. A little history...
  3. M

    UK Earthing a V2G Electric Car Charger with a earth rod

    Hi I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I was supposed to have a vehicle to grid car charger installed last week. But they couldnt get a suitable earth from the earth rod. The earth rod reasing was 384 ohms. They're saying I need a marconite pit. the reading has to be below 100...
  4. littlespark

    Aftermarket radio for older car

    I’m looking for a cheap radio for my daughters Kia picanto. It’s a 2010 and the radio only has a CD player. I’m looking for something with usb and Bluetooth so she can answer her phone safely. Are the under £40 android ones I see on eBay any good? (Although marked as “unbranded” possible carp)...
  5. C

    Car horn issue help need or fixer

    OK guys got mk6 tdi cr 1.6, added mfsw using correct clock ring and module, horn worked fine and so does the mfsw, after about 3 mths horn stopped working, checked horn direct to battery sounded, changed steering back, clock ring and module, no sound, fuse 17 fine, told relays 646 brought new...
  6. J

    How is an ammeter in a car protected from high amperage during start (especially in cold weather)?

    I’ve been looking at ammeters to install in my car, I see an analog gauge by Bosch that shows -60 to +60 amps which would be great most of the time to show when my car is charging, when it’s fully charged, and how much of a drain is on the battery when the engine (and alternator) is off. But...
  7. J

    Electric Car Charging

    Hi i need some info on a few electrick parts for a electric car any help would be so greatfull 1573401889 I have a Peugeot Expert fully electric 3 phase input But the inverted are fluxuant from 200v /400v Then a converter that's 288v input and output of 12v 50a I'm lost help lol
  8. U

    USA Buck or boost for car lift

    I'm looking for help on fixing a car lift for a customer. He bought a used lift that calls for 30 amps at 230 volts but his building only has 120/208 voltage. Should he have the motor changed out or should I boost the voltage somehow? And what would I need.
  9. D

    Car bootsale finds ........

    Picked up this on Sunday from a lady selling her late husbands old tools Its the 15 inch version , so the big sucker 10p so couldn't resist
  10. A

    Car backup camera WiFi interference

    I just got a 2.4 GHz backup camera, that seems well-designed and manufactured, which my mechanic installed for me, it gets power from the reverse-light power line, and it works nicely when I put the gear in reverse. I drive a 13-year old car in great shape. I'm still having issues with the...
  11. happyhippydad

    Electrical car charging point installation

    At some point I'm going to get asked to fit one of the above and I'd like to know a bit more about it from some people that have already fitted them. I've had a look through section 722, am I right in thinking the following: 1. Has to be on a dedicated circuit? 2. Has to have Type A RCD...
  12. Bob Geldoff1234

    Electric car chargers

    I know nothing about electric car chargers so was wondering if anyone can answer my question. I see that some of the new service station electric chargers at rated at 150kw. How do they wire that up to get so much power to the car? Is the cable supplying the charger underground absolutely...
  13. Pete999

    For Sale ACT Battery tester 12Volt SLA and Car Batteries from 1.2 AH -200AH

    As title complete with soft case and instructions PM me if interested £150:00. Pete
  14. Loki

    police car driving without mot

    Just out of curiosity i decided to put a police car reg in online to see what cc is 1.6 fine. then thought id check mot history (im an ex mechanic yes sad lol) found this: naughty lol
  15. sparksburnout

    Car charging point needed urgently......

    Good morning fellow electricians. Now, as I am sure you have all been enjoying, I have not been on here much lately, as I am jacking in very shortly, or at least not renewing my scam membership. So, with only 20 days left, it has just occurred to me it might be a good idea to install myself a...
  16. L

    Car Radio, what is wrong???

    This is really pi$$ing me off now. Got an 03 combo van. Stock radio would light up but screen was smashed and couldn't get it to play anything. Bought an aftermarket radio. Swapped them over without a problem, or so I thought. It worked fine, until the van started moving then it would cut out...
  17. telectrix

    total ecu meltdown car broke., dead.

    just a weird one here. driving along, slow, in traffic, suddenly warning comes on " tryepressure system fault", then power steering fails, then IBIL roigh sensor fail" then RBIS left sensor fail, then engine stalls, won't restart. stuck in left lane of dual carriageway, hazzards on but still...
  18. D

    On off car battery switch - cable length?

    Hi, My car is Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 (1998), and I'd like to install a battery on / off switch in the interior of the car. My question is: would it be ok to use around 1.5 meter length of normal battery cable? The idea is to connect it to the battery negative terminal and to the existing...
  19. D

    Android Android 8.1/9.1 car dvd for 3008/5008 with 9 inch Capacitive Screen/ GPS/Mirror Link/DVR/TPM

    Good day.....I am having the above android box firtted to my peugeot, presently there is a HUD already built in, however the Android box does not support HUD, question is ....Is the HUD be able to be wired up somehow so that it is still able to function. Many thanks. Dave
  20. PaulBerkshire

    Domestic Car alarm new door pins fitting

    Hi, I have a van that has a factory alarm but i want to instal another with sensors in rear and louder siren. Firstly if i instal new door pins for new alarm is it ok to have two alarms? Secondly the alarm has the out put for the pins but does that go to them with no other cabling (pins look one...
  21. O

    "nice" car charger install - not

    This caught my eye earlier: The race to the bottom continues...
  22. G

    Help! VW Golf GTE Car Horn won't shut up

    Hi all, new to the forum so apologies if this one is covered in a separate thread please feel free to redirect me :) I have a 2017 (67 plate) GTE and 4 times in the past month the car horn sounds constantly for over 10 seconds, pauses for a second or two then sounds again constantly when I...
  23. a-z electrics

    Car chargers coming...

    Bought a new little Cudis metal DB the other day.. on the circuit labels they now have CAR CHARGER.. the first of many I'm thinking! Have many sparks fitted any of these yet and what have been your experiences? I've done one for myself, just like a new cooker circuit really. I believe the...
  24. P

    Help needed! Car charger / TV amplifier

    Hi! Just bought a new house and wired my car charger up. It’s been wired up to the same circuit breaker as the ‘loft/tv socket’. Now my TV isn’t picking up any TV signal! The tv amplifier is on in the loft with everything connected. Has anyone got any ideas? Am I being an idiot as per?? Any...
  25. Steve93

    RCD for car chargers and zappi install

    where does every one source there Rcd’s from for car chargers? I know you need the types A etc but where actually has these on the shelf? Or at least next day? Also has anyone got finished install pics of the zappi charger? Thanks in advance
  26. A

    12v car battery. How to lower amperage output for a device?

    How do I lower the amperage output best for a device that will suck my car battery dry without loosing too much energy? There are several methods but I would like to know a way to say get around 1 ampere max out to my device the most energy efficient way. Not loosing too much to heat. The...
  27. diyterry

    Favourite car chases in a film or TV show

    Sitting there watching The Transporter last night set me wondering which film has the best car chase, my moneys on Ronin or perhaps the Love Bug, what's your favourite?
  28. P

    Volkswagen is toughest car?

    According to their advert, the Volkswagen Roc can scare a lamb. Would this persuade anyone to buy one?
  29. telectrix

    new acquistion..... car boot

    bought yesterday from car boot. £4. Sangamo Weston, mint condition. 10A range, AC/DC. certified 1963.
  30. Doomed

    quick info on car charging port

    Wiring up a series of offices in an converted factory unit, all well and good. They have asked us to install a car charging port for one of the managers cars, we have never fitted one and have no interest in getting in to fitting them, but we need to do this as a one off. TNCS, will be approx 5m...
  31. Argcape

    Domestic Alternator Problem Advice needed

    Hi Everyone!! I need some serious advice please History: The Car was working fine and there was no electrical problems Had to repair the alternator / PAS mounting bracket and after putting it all together I accidentally put the battery warning light cable onto the W terminal and it did not...
  32. O

    Car insurance for young drivers

    My son, who is just 19 has just received his insurance renewal and its £524 Not bad I think, but as he's shortly to start a full time job/ apprenticeship I told him to make sure they knew about his change of status from "student" to "apprentice" and he also needs a higher mileage too due to the...
  33. buzzlightyear

    would you buy a car with no mot or wheels

    called to a fault, .nice house loads of Moines. customer to me ,every time I put the mcb 20 fuse keeps blowing no rcd protection on any of the circuit the 20 mcb on circuit . holly S88t ,was like bomb fire night in the dark .now on this circuit vir old cable. coming from behind the...
  34. M

    Becoming OLEV registered?

    Guys, i like to have a broad knowledge base and range of work, as i get bored doing the same things day in day out. From working on F1 hospitality units, to kitting out warehouses, to a little bit of domestic (however i generally hate domestic Re-wires, so rarely do these). I have been...
  35. P

    Car insurance pleasant surprise

    For as many years as I can remember I have had to change my car insurance provider as the annual increase was so much. Last year I went back to CIS after a break of several years, and paid £366. I've just received this year's renewal notice, and instead of the usual jump of £300 to £400 it's...
  36. T

    3 phase four post car lift

    can anybody help me please I have a second hand four post mot lift and I cant find anybody to sort out the electrics on it can anyone out there do the job for me please or does anybody now anyone who can help me cheers tony
  37. S

    Any car people here......................

    Mate just turned up and let me have play in a Audi 6RS-R Jebus fecking hell 730BHP the acceleration was out of this world.....
  38. C

    Releasing car door deadlock - equipment needed?

    I want to try the method below to release my car door deadlock. I have access to the door lock module and have identified the two pins but have no idea what equipment I need to do it re power supply, leads, wires? Cheers "If the door is dead locked try the following without any damage being...
  39. Jim90

    Anyone have experience with Car charging ports?

    Been tasked to put a quote together for 3 EV chargers. The client wants a super fast charger and seen a few online - Rolec Basic charge to be exact. The supply is fine, I’ll send out a 6mm 4core SWA. I can’t seem to find anything on banging in an Earth stake? Im unsure if it’s a necessity...
  40. A

    Car dash camera wired into dome light

    Is there any reason why a car "dashcam" could not be wired into the dome light? This would be a much better method than the usual. The next question is not an electrical one, but people reading this are probably into cars (!) so I include it anyway: Alternatively (or additionally, for a rear...
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