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  1. saucyjack

    Obsolete Fuse Carrier

    Hi all; could anybody please advise me where I might obtain a "Bill" 100 amp fuse carrier? (basically a 100A version of the carrier below). Any help would be very much appreciated!
  2. S

    Mercedes Vito with cycle carrier - NO TAIL LIGHTS

    Hi folks, Have a problem which had been driving me mad for months!! Really need to get my cycle carrier lights working on my Vito towbar socket. Have a 7 way bypass relay, and can get every light working, apart from tail lights!! Have tried everything I can think of, nothing! White wire is...
  3. Simonslimline

    Din rail Fuse carrier.

    I am looking for a fuse carrier to go in an MK AMD3 CU. Ideally rated at 40A. Only place i can find one is a 50amp on ebay. Not so sure i can trust it though. Anybody installed one before at this rating And know of a reliable supplier? Thanks in advance. :)
  4. 0003djc

    BS3036 Asbestos Fuse Carrier??

    Hiya guys, been taking our tonnes of bs3036 Wylex boards recently and have noticed a little pad on the carrier for the fuse I presume is to be heat resistant when the wire melts, anyone know whether these are asbestos? I have attached a picture of the little piece in question! (It’s the little...
  5. Spike1947

    Old MEM Fuse Box

    Hi I have a old MEM 3 phase Fuse box that has 20A double ceramic fuses per phase ,the question is if I link the 2 x 20A fuses together would I be able to get a 35A feed from it ! , sorry if the answer sounds obvious . What is the equation for that ! . Spike
  6. A

    Lined Pipe Carriers

    We are a British Van Accessory Manufacturer and we exhibited at the recent Toolex/Tool Fair at Coventry Ricoh Arena a couple of weeks ago. We were visited by a large number of electricians and most were surprised to see that we manufactured a LINED pipe carrier. The message was that they didn't...
  7. A

    Old cut out fuses

    Evening all, I am looking to get hold of a 40 amp cut out fuse to replace an existing 60 amp to provide adequate protection to a supply cable. I bought a BS1361:1971 fuse thinking it would be the correct fit (22mm diameter) but it turns out its about 2mm too wide to fit in the carrier. The fuse...
  8. S

    rewireable fuses

    Can I get a 5 amp rewireable fuse from any wholesalers ? Need one ASAP !!!
  9. B

    50 year old installation.

    Was asked to carry out a EICR and found this! One saving grace is the storage heating on a separate phase has been disconnected. My personal favourite is the fuse carrier with a live tail from the meter exposed just where you would put your thumb to remove the carrier to replace the fuse wire...
  10. S

    fuse mod which disconnects neutral

    Evening guys, I got a job at the moment that requires a bit of scheming, I have some gas fired fan heaters that need to have a permanent supply for the fan inside them so they don't over heat etc, they then switch on from a control wire simple stuff, what I need to do is have a local isolator...
  11. W

    Undersized main tails eicr code

    Undertaking an eicr on a small commercial unit, tpn 100a 1361 main fuses to tpn dist board, 16mm tails i have only read the side of the fuse carriers not actually pulled the fuses to confirm i have clamp metered the supply at a roughly peak time in the premises and had <30A across any one...
  12. 7029 dave

    down grading of fuses

    If a domestic installation has 16mm tails from the consumer unit,lets say old 6way with 60amp double pole switch, and cut out 25mm tails100amp,customer does not want to upgrade fuse board and you think the dno would downgrade cut out?
  13. L

    Pulling Main Fuse

    Hi All, Obviously I have never pull the main fuse, but out of interest does anyone know where you can get the saftey inserts from... the orange/red ones the meter guys/DNO carry to 'plug' the hole whilst the fuse is pulled... Any links etc would be good........ just for reference obviously...
  14. vxwestie

    Converting Double socket to a spur socket, how?

    A bit of a dilema guys, I have a customer who has fitted a sink directly in front of a dual socket,... well the drainer is, and within 300mm of the bowl edge. This is now used to feed a wall hung instant water boiler (kettle thingy) so I need to keep the supply there.... BUT .... The splash back...
  15. i=p/u

    Wylex 1361 fuse carrier

    Fuse blew in a shower circuit last night, the guy said the fuse was roasting and stuck to the fuse carrier . It's an 8.5 kw shower on 30A fuse. i poped new fuse in and stuck clamp meter on and was pulling 28A isit normal for the fuse to get roasting in 5 mins
  16. B

    domestic cut out, help needed

    Hi, I have some properties that need have been fitted with new supplies. The metering people turned up with the fuses but no carrier and told us that they dont supply the carrier. UK power networks are saying that they dont supply the carrier. is there someone that know who is responsible for...
  17. N

    Domestic 16mm tails with 100amp fuse?

    I am going to be changing the consumer unit in a house. The owner arranged to have an isolator switch fitted by N power (free of charge). Ive been to look at it and the guy has fitted it with 16mm tails. The customer was told that this was because the tails to the ccu are 16mm. But it has a...
  18. happyhippydad

    removal of main cutout fuse!

    Hello all, I think this may be a controversial question, but here goes.. I have passed my domestic installers course and will be getting registered soon (so showing a CU change would be good). I would like to update my consumer unit and have read many of the posts on this site regarding that...
  19. S

    PPE For Service Fuse Pulling

    Hi All What PPE do you chaps wear when having to pull a service fuse for a CU change. Also has anyone pulled a fuse that has been damaged in any way leaving a dangerous situation? Thanks
  20. B

    Fuse ID

    Hello Main fuse only ID is "English Electric RO 80" . Got no pic but seemed similar size to a 1316. Never seen this make of fuse before, i presume its 80 amp but the carrier is marked 60 amp . Anybody shed any light please. And yes shouldnt be touching DNO property but its not for me its a...
  21. O

    Main Fuse Recognition

    Is there anywhere, book on line etc where you can identify the different types of fuses. I have come across a few recently which have no identification numbers on them. The attached is a 100Amp main fuse but there are no other identification numbers on it. I assume it is a BS1361 but i dont know...
  22. S

    Main Fuse ID Help

    Having trouble identifying the main fuse on a recent CU change ( 1939 Semi ) to put on EIC, it’s an Aeroflex Fluvent Type AFS 60A rated, dimensions are approx 78mm long by 17mm wide. Have tried DNO and are no help. Any help would be appreciated as I am unsure of the KA rating. Thanks
  23. S

    What fuse?

    Doing an install - came across a main cut out with the following markings On the outside - BIGG Stamped on the inside around the fuse head - LISTING RH80 80A Any idea what I'm looking at? The house was built late 60s early 70s according to the owner.
  24. C

    Domestic Identity of main fuse

    Can you help me identify this? Sorry the pic's rotated... the thick end is the bottom! TN-S arrangement, no markings on the case. Any help appreciated.
  25. S

    What type of fuse is this?

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what type of fuse this is and the current rating? The only thing written on the fuse is BICC and Made In England Thanks
  26. i=p/u

    bs 1361 fuse

    hi ho, i just replaced replaced 8 gu10 50W bulbs in room as were blown. there is 18 on the one circuit plus 3 mini strip lights under benches very likely 18W each, they were all working when i left and when she left room she switched all 3 switches on 1 go and she said the fuse had blown...
  27. S

    Identifying BS88 fuse?

    Main fuse carrier says 100A 415V BS88 1967 on it. Looking in OSG page 57 for short-circuit capacity there is a BS88-2 and BS88-6. How do I know which I have? Thanks Rich
  28. M

    who watched cowboy builders on channel 5

    Demand Five | watch Cowboy Builders, Season 2 - episode 3, Episode 3 link to the show What a programme this week competent person scheme my arse, i loved the carrier bag cant see what was wrong with that at all give your replies and thoughts guys.
  29. cbw

    Main fuse colours

    OK, basic schoolboy question!!!!!! I am used to just opening up a main fuse carrier to determine the fuse rating. If this is not possible I will go by the stated rating labled on the carier. (often wrong anyway) I have quoted to instal a power shower in a flat with storage heaters...
  30. E

    getting the cut out fuse changed??

    a customer needs a cu replacement and the meter tails are 16mm and the earth 10mm run from a receesed box outside the flats front door and the cut out fuse is marked up upgade the meter tails nd earth is going to be a right pain in the A*** it unherd to ask the dno to put a 80...
  31. B

    Distributors cut out fuse

    On a EIC it asks for Supply Protective Device Characteristics. Type and Rated Current. I know the rated current is 100amp but whats the type?? Sorry if this is a stupid question.:confused:
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