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  1. Doomed

    current carrying capabilities

    So came across some old aluminium T&E yesterday, the smaller stuff with only 3 strands in the live, 3 in neutral and single strand for CPC. I cant remember its maximum current capability. Its been used for running an immersion tank on a B16 MCB, about 10m from the dis board, mostly under floor...
  2. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Max Demand/Diversity Query

    Hello All, Iv been asked to pick up the remedials on someone else's EICR that was done last year on a school for Deaf Children. One of the items listed on the report is the conductors leading to the sub mains from the main panel are undersized. I popped the cover off to have a look and sure...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Waste carrying licence, do we need them?

    I got pulled over today by the council waste management jobsworth otherwise known as the Bath branch of the Gestapo. It seems that I should have had a waste licence to take my scrap metal to the scrapper! As until it arrives at the scrap yard and is processed it is waste and i should have...
  4. JackSparky

    Carrying out work with NO Part P

    Hi all, Could someone list what work i'm able to carry out without my Part P, thanks! (i've tried google but nothing! haha)
  5. jaydub

    Advice on carrying out EICR's

    Just started up on my own, haven't been asked to carry out an EICR yet, however I have, unbelievably, never found myself carrying one out, so feel I am a lacking in knowledge and experience at the moment to carry them out, should I get asked to. Do you need to have a special qual to carry them...
  6. S

    Worst tested cable I ever found doing a EICR

    Last year at night I was carrying out Electrical Inspection and Testing and Found the 300mm 4 core SWA sub main cable to a chapel was recording 0.09 ohms on carrying out high insulation resistance testing between phases. 25 thousand pounds later its rectified. Would love to hear other people's...
  7. J

    Initial verification and periodic inspection.

    Anyone can help me here? Does anyone know how the initial verification would differ from a periodic inspection and test.
  8. S

    rcd protection

    EICR tnc-s system circuit ......cables buried less than 50mm ....not rcd protected....what code should i put (i think code 2... but could it be c3 (not compliant with current regs)
  9. S

    cable in conduit

    How many 4mm can you put down a 20mm conduit???
  10. A

    BS 3036 fuses on Ring Main.

    Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice on the Regs relating to BS 3036 fuses on a ring main, as I do not agree with the comments made on a PIR. The defect states that the conductors are too small for the protective device due to the 0.725 factor. The circuit is wired in 2.5mm2 singles in...
  11. J

    Fuse Downgrading

    Is it acceptable to leave a 2 core 10mm2 MICC cable supplying an upstairs flat on a 100A suppliers fuse? (Maxing demand is acceptable and disconnection times are within tolerance.)
  12. 5

    retrospective work.

    when carrying out a PIR before an address is rented out, there are always the issues of original wiring being sub standard for current regs. examples being earthing, special locations, RCD's smoke detectors to state just a few.i always make a point of upgrading the earthing, and do my best to...
  13. S

    Puzzled by kitchen toaster - learner's question about flexible cables

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone could help me understand why our toaster came with a 0.75 sq mm flexible cable with 13A BS1362 fuse on the plug. In class we've learnt that the rating of a protective device has to be lower than the current carrying capacity of the cable it protects. But...
  14. R

    Final Circuit conductor sizes in OSG 8.2

    Referring to pages 158-159 in the OSG Table 8A Type, OPD(A) A1 Ring, 30 or 32 .......etc 8.2.3 Conductor size ....The as-installed current-carrying capacity Iz so calculated must not be less than: 20 A for ring circuit A1 Am I reading/interpreting this correctly when I say...
  15. B

    Mcb rating shower

    Installing 8.5kw shower which will pull 37 amps, looking at shower cu with rcd, but it comes with 50a mcb will it be ok to overrate or should I change the mcb to 40a.
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