1. J

    Horsebox conversion electrical guidance please

    Hi All, I'm currently converting a horsebox into a coffee unit and I'm looking for some guidance on what route to go down power wise, any help would be much appreciated. Here's my expected electrical requirements - Item - Must Haves Wattage (w) BAM2E Coffee Machine 2850 Under counter...
  2. J

    Catering Trailer Electrics

    Hi All, I've bought a 12ft Catering Trailer that is mainly fitted with LPG Equipment, but Electrics are required for 1x Undercounter Fridge, 1x Undercounter Freezer, Strip Lights, Water Pump & Appliance ignition. I may occasionally use a Microwave, but can do without if necessary. I would...
  3. T

    Catering Horse Trailer Conversion

    Hi All, New to these parts and rapidly learning about electrics! I have a converted Horse trailer that i am using as a to cook Toasties, i'm working out my power requirements and have a few questions. The list of appliances I wish to run are Double Contact Grill (2*13amp 240v), each one pulls...
  4. G

    I'm looking for advice on using a leisure battery for a catering van.

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on which battery to use to power my catering van. I don't want to use generators anymore as I want to be greener. I have a list of all equipment. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. C

    Sy cable for catering trailer

    I recently bought a catering trailer and have been advised I need to have it re wired using SY cable. I can't find much information about this and want to make sure I am going to be getting the right thing done. Thank you for any replies ?
  6. T

    when wiring catering van...

    when wiring catering van ...have I read correctly or incorrectly 1....... I see catering vans on the street with their electrics run over the wall boarding and enclosed in conduit to their sockets . i.e surface electrics . Have I read correctly or incorrectly in thinking ....certain Festivals...
  7. J

    Wiring a van converted into a catering van? Help.

    Hello, I went to go and check some electrics on a friends catering van they have purchased. It's not a towable van, it's a long wheel base with the back converted into a catering van. Everything was wired in twin and earth, no cpc sleeving, holes in the C/U typical bodge job so I'm going to...
  8. I

    Testing and signing off mobile catering units.

    Hi all, A friend of mine wants me to help him out renewing/converting trailers and horse boxes to be used for catering of film sets or in the public. I've got all the info I can get from Section 717 but what I'm not sure about it to what level I need to test and how certifying comes into play...
  9. S

    Mobile Barista at wits end!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!!! ... yet I have found myself stressing about power supply! I have a mobile coffee van. I'm done with using generators and so are many event/festival organisers who are now banning petrol/diesel from their sites. In an ideal world I would like a battery fed...
  10. M

    Catering van generator earthing ??

    Hi new here so take it easy chaps !! A client of mine wishes to supply their catering van from a new generator they are purchasing, I believe it is single phase 7.5kW Inverter style generator with a 32 amp socket outlet. My query is about the earthing to the van. The van has a DB inside with a...
  11. D

    Need power installed in van for catering

    Afternoon all, my apologies if I am positing this in the wrong section, if I am please say and I will delete and repost. I am based in Essex and need a professional to install power in the back of a small van with some plug sockets. I want the ability to plug into venues power supply and also...
  12. F

    Power for mobile catering - batteries versus generator?

    Hi all, I'm new here and have a pretty specific question. We've got a vintage ambulance we've converted to a coffee bar. There's a mains voltage hookup to a 3 way consumer unit which runs everything including a 12v charger which charges 2 x 110Ah batteries. Now, we're looking at a pitch where...
  13. H

    feasibility of three-phase power in mobile catering trailer

    Hi all. First, I have to admit that i have no experience and very little knowledge in electrics and I'm therefore looking for some general practical advice. I am wanting to start my own mobile catering business but i am still in the planning stage. I want to know if three-phase power is really...
  14. T

    Catering trailer connection question....

    Hi Ive just got a pitch for my catering trailer, however the trailer has a 32amp inlet and the supply is only 16amp. Ive got to start there in the next 2 days, and the earliest the supply can get sorted is 2 weeks. Is there anyway I can run it safely for now? Know absolutely zip about...
  15. D

    Catering trailer electrics

    My neighbour has built a catering trailer, which is mainly gas for the appliances that he intends to use, Bain Marie etc. He has asked me if he could have a couple of double sockets fitted to it and I said I would look into it for him. Section 717 would be applicable for the electrical...
  16. the pict

    Horse box, well was, now catering trailer

    Where can I get a 12volt psu to power a sink water pump ala caravan, tried all the obvious, caravan, alarms, pc,s, aquariums. and I am at, turn next left for wits end. all because I said 230 Volts which somehow means 24 volts to some. being completed and used this weekend, but apart from the...
  17. S

    Catering Van install - Earthing

    Hi all, back again requiring some transportable building knowledge, this time round a catering/burger van and its earthing arrangment. Was asked to carry out some simple repairs and replacements to a local burger van that is basically static to one location. Fed by a 3kva generator with a16a...
  18. C

    CATERING: salamander grill elements??

    hi new to this site.. i have a 8 element 3kw grill thats elements keep blowing after a few days... the elements should be 375watt 240v. totalling 3kw im thinking they shoud have a 154 ohm resistance my boss ordered new elements telling me they are 110v 360watt, just put them ones in..... i...
  19. W

    Catering Trailer

    Hopefully this one will post ?? I have recently bought a catering trailer. I need it pat testing so called an electrician in to quote for pat testing and fit new fuse box. He has said the whole trailer needs to be rewired with flexible cable and not twin & earth as is now? is this right. Is...
  20. W

    Catering trailer electrics

    Hi, just new to the forum. I recently bought a catering trailer and need it pat testing and checking. I had an elecy round the other day to quote for a new rcd / fuse box ect. He has stated it needs to be completely rewired with flexible cable not twin & earth a it is at the moment also I have...


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