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    PVC cable and sand and cement

    Afternoon I might be taking over a job where the previous sparks is not avaliable to finish off 1st fix when the builder needs it...usual rubbish He had 1st fixed the ground floor- but chased into the block work and clipped cables- no capping or oval- although it is chased in below the surface...
  2. S

    Cable Duct install in Cement Bound Sand (CBS)

    Hi Has anyone had any experience of excavating to find HV underground cables in CBS backfill? I am being asked increasingly to use CBS (usually about 1:14 Cement/sand) for bedding and cover infill of cable ducts we install. Reason usually given is that apparently it helps with heat dissipation...
  3. W

    cement board roof safety

    Hello all, got a 20kw on a fibre cement roof. Having roof survey, edge protection and safety netting installed. What do other use to walk on the roof? Crawl boards, ladders?
  4. S

    Socket fixing

    Just a quick one for any tips. While drilling screw holes for a socket box the hammer action of the drill pushedd the brick into the cavity. Although not completely lost, to fis with cement etc will take a while to set before trying again. Does anyone have any quick fix tips so the box can be...
  5. I

    pvc conduit need to be glued

    hi do short runs of pvc conduit less than a meter between boxes securly saddle clipped, is it a must that they need to be glued ??
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