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  1. P

    Certain accents not worth quoting for?

    I have come to the point that I no longer even waste my time quoting when I hear Certain accents who call me. No disrespect to any accent but I have concluded that I have wasted far too much of my time over the years not having the majority of my quotes accepted or wanting discount to the point...
  2. littlespark

    New avatar for a certain member on here

    After reading a rather lengthy thread over the weekend.. Someone mentioned Snoop Dawg.... but I thought of this; So this is an example of a spoonerism... where two of the letters of a word or name are swapped over. Or is that a snooperism?? Anyway. It made me chuckle and got me thinking...
  3. Vortigern

    18th Edition, puzzled about certain question

    So I had this question in mock exam, got mine tomorrow, the real one. The external influence code ACM requires IP rated equipment to IPX1 IPX4 IP0 IPX2 Answer IPX4 apparently. But I could not find the corresponding external influence and presume it is a typo? I don't want to encounter this...
  4. S

    Good, easy reading textbooks?

    Hey! First time posting here :hurray: ive been a sparky for 10 years working in mostly domestic and now I've decided to try going into another form of the industry. However I've realised that I'm not as upto scratch as I should be with certain things and would like to refresh myself. I've spent...
  5. biospark80

    Industrial Setting the overload on a motor circuit contactor.

    Hi I haven't much experience on this subject so thought id ask!. I need to choose and set the overload on a circuit contactor containing an overload. It's a 3ph motor rated at 14.1 amp do i set the overload at the same current rating or just above due to the initial inrush?
  6. R

    Building Services Controls Course

    Hi guys, Prob going over old ground here but does anyone recommend a good controls course, I can fault find on a panel but its more knowing why, for example certain plant needs interlocking, sequences for startups etc. I know this prob sounds daft but any help would be great.
  7. I

    do you still need to contact DNO when exporting TNCS earth

    hi dont want to open the usual debate re tncs earth, looking for where i can find out the answer as to weather the DNO still needs to give permission for there earth to be exported any one help ?
  8. J

    suppliers main fuse (100a)

    Hi, Im sure this has probablly already been posted on this forum elsewhere, however i have a question i would just like clearing up if any one can help. Looking at most domestic electrical supplies the main suppliers fuse is 100a and the main switch in the consumer unit is 63a (or less than...
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