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  1. M


    hello i have been asked to install a kiosk at a farm entrance to accept 100 a 3 phase,RURAL TT ,at present there is a bungalow slap in the middle of the farm which is being supplied direct from dno very badly i may add with numerous pvc tape over the cable joints in the trees it is 2 core cable...
  2. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Certificate missing items is this ok?

    Hi All I just have my Kitchen done with new sockets, lights etc and they have provided a certificate with only the hob and cooker and it says its an addition. Would this not come under new and should they included the new lights, light switches installed and plug sockets? I don't want to cause...
  3. D

    Do you need the 2391 course to certificate or is the 2330 enough?

    We did inspection and testing in college, and i'm wondering if I would need the 2391 course as well to certificate, or is this just to improve your ability to inspect and test? I remember filling out some sort of certificate on the exam. I have a fluke multifunction tester and it doesn't seem to...
  4. P

    UK What certificate does my garage need?

    I've added some extra circuits to my garage fuse board and I've tested it etc. and filled in a schedule of test results. Is that all that is needed? or do I need to treat it like a full installation and fill out the generic 7 page certificate, treating the supply from the house as the "mains"...
  5. B

    I bought a mortgage the electrician have been paid completely and he refused to come and fix the fan extractors also certificate for rewiring of the

    The electrician that renovated my house mortgage rewiring of the whole house (3 bedrooms semi detached) have refused to come complete the work (fan extractors uncompleted ) and the certificate for heating system inclusive of new boiler fixed. He says it takes 8 weeks for it to come through the...
  6. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Can i issue an EIC?!

    Hi lads, Im new to the forum but have a question I think i already know the answer to. Ive been a qualified electrician for 10 years now, work as a sole trader for a few different people every year, ranging from new build housing to shop fitting ect. My question is... My sister needs her...
  7. M

    First NICEIC notification. What do i enter for relevant certificate number?

    Afternoon all I'm a new member to NIC and I need to notify 2 jobs done this week. A DB change and a minor works for bathroom extractor installed. I use easy cert software which generates own cert numbers. When going to NIC site to notify is asking for relevant certificate number and says enter...
  8. samsingh

    Fault find (Electrical condition report) or (Electrical Installation certificate)

    Hi guys, I have carried out some testing on a existing domestic installation, I was finding a low IR Result on a lighting circuit. I identified and rectified the fault. I am going to carry on the with the testing on the weekend and will be doing the paperwork for my Testing on the install I just...
  9. PJH2903

    Domestic Which certificate?

    Been called out today to a smell of burning from a consumer unit. On investigation busbar terminal on RCD found to be burnt out (looks like the busbar was either loose or missed the terminal to start with) There were no other issues with the install (dual rcd board etc) apart from the cu being...
  10. mark the spark2

    UK NIC certificate query

    I have just bought a new house and am looking at the electrical installation certificate. It is dated 17/06/19 but the certificate is done to 17th edition. I thought the 18th Edition came into force in Jan 2019? The only thing that highlighted this was my wife tried to switch the extractor fan...
  11. U

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Working without Certificate ? (Need Information)

    Hi dear friends, Firstly sorry my english skill if it's bad:) I've a special condition and need some more information. I've a company in my country (registered sub-contractor of GE, ABB, etc.) and provide automation engineering for high and medium voltage systems. But for some reasons I moved...
  12. B

    UK No Building Installation Certificate

    We had electrical work carried out by a NICEIC electrician in early 2016. We are now selling the property and have been asked for the Building Installation Certificate which we weren't given and didn't know we needed it. I have the Electrical Installation Report and have searched on NICEIC...
  13. E

    Consumer unit change

    Hi, I'm a recently qualified electrician and my parents need their consumer unit replacing as they are having a new bathroom and they currently have an old rewirable fuse board so obviously no electrical work can be carried out to it. The installation has no bonding present and 16mm tales...
  14. S

    Is certificate part of installation?

    I don’t want to see my sister ripped off, so I thought I’d ask a quick question of you guys if I may? My sister had underfloor heating installed in bathroom with new circuit. The electrician said he would get her a minor regs certificate which She needs to uphold the underfloor heating...
  15. L

    Electrical Test Certificate

    Good morning all, I have recently carried out a rewire on a one bedroom house and installed a new DB. As I am not part of a CPS I cannot complete an EIC for the install so was going to get someone who I know to do this for me. The property owner now has a cash buyer to but the house and is...
  16. mydigitalhome

    Lightning Protection Certificate

    Hello Guys, Hope you can help do any of you have a sample lightning protection certificate that you can send me? I'm working on a site away from home not back for a few weeks and need to refresh my memory on things I need to do. Just had the client make this request so was not prepared for it...
  17. Jimjamyaha

    Building control / works certificate

    Hi, In 2005 would building control / works certificate have been required for a new / extending kitchen wiring, new ceiling lights and oven installation? In 2007 would building control / works certificate have been required for new ceiling lights, sockets, replacement of electric shower and...
  18. J

    2391-52 Certificate

    Hello, Does anyone know of City and Guilds certificates taking long to arrive? In particular Inspection and testing 2391-52? Me and other lad did the course back in the beginning of March and we still haven't received a certificate yet? Passed the online exam and the tutor said we passed...
  19. C

    Part P Certificate not provided

    Hi all, desperately looking for some help/advice here. We’ve just undertaken a big home renovation using a builder who is a qualified electrician. We have hit some issues with the build work and are terminating contracts with some outstanding work and remediation of some plumbing issues. Problem...
  20. J

    EICR certificate

    On an installation there are two main switch’s one in a 12 way DB, another is an exel switch fuse supplying two DB’s. What would you put down as the main switch on the cert on page 2? Thanks
  21. M

    Electrical Certificate

    Hi guys looking for some advice. I recently had an extension added and new lighting was added. Building control have asked for an electrical certificate. The electrician is providing one for the changes to the lighting but not for the power as no changes were made to this. I was wondering if...
  22. C

    Issuing and installation certificate

    I had an emergency call out to replace a consumer unit, (used a fully 18th edition compliant board) when compiling the installation certificate your not allowed any limitations. now i know the rest of the house does not need to conform to 18th edition standards but The house is a large house so...
  23. S

    18th Edition cert issue

    Can anyone help as I have taken my 18th edition but the employer I took it with has refused to send the certificate. They have sent an email of the certificate and I have forwarded this to ECS to update my card but they have put this on hold, for some reason. I no longer work for this company...
  24. R

    Electrical Installation Condition Report, not a Certificate

    I have been trying out a few popular softwares which greatly assist in preparing the EICR following a periodic inspection. Problem is, most of these softwares produce an EICR with a "Certificate" reference, which might mislead the owners/clients into understanding that the EICR is a certificate...
  25. E

    Certificate Required?

    Hi All, I'm a bathroom fitter and have been asked to provide a cert for installing a LED mirror with integrated shaver socket onto an existing shaver socket feed. I normally get it installed and certified by an electrician when installing a new feed, but in this instance as the feed was...
  26. N

    Certificate for additional certificate

    say I installed a new cooker cercuit to an existing installation and the customer wants a certificate for the work done do i need to test all the other circuits and record all results for the full instal or just test the circuit I installed and record that also if ther is no main bonding to gas...
  27. B

    Minor works certificate

    Changed 4 way hook up box with individual 16A RCBOs in box, Part 1 is description of works all good Part 2 is earthing and bonding yes Part 3 Circuit details so this is what feeds the box? And the fuse/mcb Part 4 is test results for circuit altered or extended so these are my results for feed...
  28. happysteve

    Kewtech KT63 MFT with calibration certificate

    Used Kewtech KT63 MFT, with leads, hard case, instructions, and calibration certificate dated 12/03/2019 (i.e. last week). Purchased October 2014, used until about September last year. Great little tester, simple, small and lightweight (will not give you neck-ache!). Only takes 4x AA batteries...
  29. B

    Which certificate???

    Adding SWA from IP rated panel to IP box for WIFI, Minor works certificate for this? New switch in panel and socket in IP WiFi box
  30. John Preston

    Do you need a calibration certificate on new equipment?

    I've been looking at buying some new test equipment and have noticed that there is always an option to buy with or without a calibration certificate. (extra cost involved) Surely if the equipment is "brand new" then you shouldn't need it... or am I wrong?
  31. Zdb

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Minor works certificate (18th edition)

    I use my own MEIWC that I based on the NICEIC's version below: Can someone confirm if the NICEIC are using the same certificate or if it has changed due to the 18th edition. Also if it has changed, please could someone upload a scan on the newer version for me to use as a template. thanks
  32. B

    Should I have a 'Completion of Apprenticeship' Certificate

    Hi guys. I completed my apprenticeship back in 2009, just now getting round to applying for my ECS gold card and I've noticed that I have no Completion of Apprenticeship certificate. I have my NVQ LVL3, AM2 and LVL3 in Electrotechnical Technology. The company I completed my apprenticeship...
  33. B

    Which certificate????

    Did a job last week, DNO added new 80A fuse and isolator, so I’ve tailed into new IP rated box that has 80A 60898 MCB that feeds another distribution unit, what certificate would you of done?
  34. D

    Certificate for replacing a main 200amp isolator

    Hi Guys just replaced a 200 amp main isolator in a factory along with a replacement 3 phase board should you do an installation cert or a minor works as it's like for like
  35. C

    Completing a domestic electrical installation certificate

    It asks for type of wirering what do i write only room on form for one letter
  36. K

    Certificate for garden installation.

    HI all. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Dec 6 2017 we had a garden installation form a local registered electrician. This was power taken from the consumer unit in my garage.Down to a security light halfway down the garden on a wooden post.With a double socket also fitted to the post.Also...
  37. H

    Your thoughts on this Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

    Can you please give me your thoughts on this Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate I have received? Page 2 is blank. Thanks in advance
  38. O

    Certificate Software - time to change?

    I've been using PIRform / Shineforms for many years now - it costs about £90 per year but has a few irritating niggles....... and my annual subscription is due in about 3 years. So with the 18th Edition just around the corner is it time to change software? Key things for me are : PC based - I...
  39. D

    Which certificate for RCD replacement

    Hi Guys sorry if this has already been discussed at some point but recently carried out a condition report and gave it unsatisfactory as the rcd was not tripping. I was asked to rectify this so changed the rcd now. Now there are a king for a cert to say this has been done to I issue a new...
  40. J

    How long until you receive AM2 certificate??

    hi, Does anybody know roughly how long the AM2 certificate takes to arrive on the post, after you found out that you have been successful?? Cheers
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