1. M

    EICR Report - Advice regarding remedials & final Certificate

    This is a Situation I haven't run into before, I do all the smaller to medium sized maintenance and electrical Jobs at a Local Educational Premises, this building was a new build in 2014 . There are 13 large three phase Distribution Boards, the last EICR in 2019 was completed by a Testing...
  2. Yellowhammer

    UK Scheme/scam certificate woes

    Hi, Currently having no end of issues with a NAPIT application. For reference I absolutely have completed work/exams for: C&G 2330 (which I've now been told is as good as worthless) NVQ AM2 Apprenticeship 2391 18th regs EV charging (can't remember the c&g number) 2396 (awaiting certificate) I...
  3. S

    EICR Remedial Works

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice, EICR was completed on the property which needed a new consumer unit and a few other bits like broken sockets and damage pendants. What’s the best way to address this with a certificate? Is it an eic stating the consumer unit has been changed and other work...
  4. J

    Certificate Building Control

    Hi all, I am a home owner and our builder has completed a garage conversion with the electrician installing a new 4 way distribution board. The electrician has now gone completely silent, does not answer phone, email, text and appears to have left his address. We need a certificate for building...
  5. L

    Solar Commissioning certificate for electricity supplier

    Hello, Signing up with my current electricity supplier for export after recent solar install. They stated they require a commissioning certificate to complete my application for export. I’m looking to know what form this certificate takes, what it contains etc so my electrician can sort me out...
  6. V

    Should a completion certificate always be given for works carried out please?

    Hi Everyone, I had a new consumer unit installed in December 2021, the electrician said that he had more testing to complete and would come back and said it could wait. My oven also began tripping on the same day, which he felt was a faulty oven. I asked to schedule for a few months and...
  7. Y

    Completion Certificate

    I have had a new kitchen fitted and the electrician fitted 5 under counter lights, moved the ceiling light to a new position, fitted an architrave switch, re-positioned an underfloor heating thermostat and a extractor fan switch. Some of this work was done very poorly. The question I have should...
  8. T

    Electrical certificate with multiple installers

    Hi all, how do you go about filling out a EIC or a minor works certificate when you have multiple installers that have worked on the circuit, there is only one space for installer/constructor?
  9. J

    Compliance certificate part P

    Hi, Wickes have just finished installing a pump under the bath. The socket is next to the pump but it is unaccessible due to a sealed bath panel. I’m not sure if this is ok. We were given no certificate on completio but I’m not sure if it is needed or not. The supply comes from the airing...
  10. J

    Re-wiring socket circuit certificate

    I’m level 3 qualified electrician been doing for couple of years still training for my nvq and 18th I work for a company where I change db full house rewires very competent in my work just need to know would I be able to certificate my own works or need to wait till I’m full qualified as I’ve...
  11. H

    Fire alarm certificate generator?

    Hi, we are currently using Electraform to generate fira alarm certs but this is proving expensive. Does anyone know of any other similiar applications to generate certs?
  12. ziddyshin

    Do I need to join a scheme to sign off Minor Works Certificate?

    Hi, I would like to do some minor domestic electrical work while I am completing my NVQ level 2 in electrical installations. I have the 18th edition and part P qualifications as well as an NVQ level 2 in inspection and testing. However, I have read and heard from other electricians that you need...
  13. S

    Electrical certificate

    Hi all, I had a conservatory built four years ago and we have now decided to see the house. I asked the builder if I needed building regs and an electrical certificate for the 4 double sockets and electric Velux windows inside the conservatory. The builder said we don't as he took a feed from...
  14. Aaron b

    Fire alarm certificate

    Hello, I've been asked to provide an annual test certificate on some fire alarms and emergency lighting in a guest house. I see that there are courses on fire alarms are these really necessary? The certificates are very basic so is the guidance with the bsi standard. What do others do with testing?
  15. R

    How to carry out job in France and Germany

    Hi there, First time poster. I am looking for some advice on where to turn to for a job that I have been asked to carry out in France and another in Germany. I’m based in London. I have checked on my insurance and I’m covered to work there, but how do I/what’s the best way to sign off these...
  16. F

    3 weeks later and the electrician still hasn't given me the EIC

    Hi, I would like some advice. I had a full rewire done 3 weeks ago and I am still chasing the electrician to issue the EIC. The electrician is registered with Napit and he is also on the Competent Person register. I have emailed + called him up multiple times, but he keeps making excuses. What...
  17. K

    Updated editable pdf certificates

    Hi folks, does anyone have any editable PDF minor works certificate, updated to the recent ammendments?
  18. A

    House rewire - Electrician won't issue installation certificate(?)

    We've recently had a house rewired. There was about 2 years between first fix and second fix due to the pandemic and as the house was being extensively renovated, but all work was completed by last November, by the same electrician. He is NICEIC & part P registered. He hasn't supplied the...
  19. S

    Completion certificate 🤪

    Putting in a new supply for a garden shed in a new domestic property less than 2 years old. Had a look at the Completion certificate. Found lots of mistakes in the details. No bonding to gas pipe written as 10mm on certificate and box ticked. 16mm swa from outside meter box to board in hall...
  20. M

    Solar Panels solar pv completion certificate template

    evening, we have our mcs acrediatation assesment next month but i need to do some completion certificates, would anyone have a pdf template i could use please?


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