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  1. A

    UK Qualified electrician to certify my work remotely?

    I currently have a free standing cooker hard wired into a single appliance outlet plate with a cut off switch nearby and a dedicated rcd in my CU (32amp rcd). I want to buy a built in hob and oven and then connect them to a dual appliance outlet plate using 10mm wiring. I’d look for a hob and...
  2. S

    How do I certify when there are no rcds to test

    I have an elderly client that wants some additional sockets adding to a ring final circuit, some are simple spurs and some will need the ring extending - pretty simple jobs. she also wants some independent switching in her lounge, an additional light in the hallway with 2 way switching - again...
  3. Michael J

    Domestic Standby Generator installation how do you certify?

    I don’t know if this has been discussed in the past? I have received a request to install a standby changeover generator/mains system. My question is, how do you certify the installation? Am I the only one posting on this forum?
  4. C

    How to certify a lighting spur off a socket?

    I've just finished a small job replacing a bathroom light and adding an extractor fan. Since it is a very old installation there was no earth to the lighting circuit. Part of the job was to remove a fan heater that had been supplied by a socket radial. To overcome the lack of earth situation...
  5. C

    Do I need to certify equipotenital bonding to new gas pipe

    I have a customer who has just failed his gas safety check as he has no bonding to gas, job is straight forward enough. Just wondering what paperwork would be needed for this? If any?
  6. R

    What work am I able to do?

    Hello I am a qualified electrician with level 3 2330, and 17th edition wiring regulations qualifications. I do not possess 2391. I no longer work full time as an electrician and am curious as to whether I am able to advertise and carry out any work myself, despite not having 2391 and being...
  7. R

    Elesca and EICR's

    Hope someone might know Thinking of joining Elesca , are you able to do EICR's under there scheme ? I thought when I looked before, you could but had do have indemnity insurance and pay a bit extra but been on the website today - nada no mention Any ideas ?
  8. A

    signing off work

    Hi, I currently work for an NIC registered company, but I am getting asked more and more if I can sign off my own work. So I was wondering what is the cheapest way of doing this. At the moment I dont want to go out on my own, but on the other hand I dont want to miss out on/ turn down work. I am...
  9. P

    Testing and inspecting

    Hello all Help please!!!!!!!! Yesterday I went to a property that has had an new extension built, I had to connect some appliances induction hob (no seperate supply), cooker isolators behind induction hob and sockets 75mm from edge of the sink. I informed the customer that I could not do it...
  10. B

    Testing (part P required??)

    Hi all. I have my 2391, but does this still not mean i can test and certify a domestic dwelling without having part P? Or if the work is carried out by someone who has part P, would this then be okay for me to test and sign it off?
  11. B

    Joining a competant person scheme

    I did a Disq a few years ago and now I am a self employed plumber and want to get myself up and running to do small jobs on the bathrooms I fit, what is the best route to get my initial assesment out of the way, I have not carried out any electrical work for any one to inspect, I have a new...
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