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  1. A

    Electrician Looking for a chance into electrician

    Good afternoon all, I’m desperately looking for a way into getting a job as an electricians mate not then have the opportunity to get fully qualified. I’m 43 year old hard working individual who has lots of experience in electrical installations, cctv, burglar alarms, satellite tv including...
  2. UKMeterman

    Chance to see some working Mercury Arc Recifiers in London

    I know modern art is not every one's cup of tea, but the Takis exhbition at the Tate Modern features two small working mercury arc reciferes and a lot of big magnets. Takis – Exhibition at Tate Modern | Tate - Closes 27th October
  3. Matthewd29

    My lights aren't working.. any chance you could have a look at them?

    A fine example of DIY
  4. K

    Looking for a chance to gain experience in/around Tyne & Wear

    Hi everyone, I've just completed my Level 2 (2365) and am due to start the Level 3 on the 17th of this month. As I'm training away from home on a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off pattern my availability will be limited for the next few month until the end of the course. The dates I will be back home...
  5. O

    Strange negative voltage on neutral.

    This has got me stumped,continuos corrosion on a water pipe,plumber claims hes getting zapped,well we checked the supply right back to the transformer,everything ok,with neutral disconnected from earth -15 vdc appears enough to light 400 watts worth of 12 volt lamps,PEX installed from street to...
  6. G

    very quiet tonite........

    .......on the forum. very few active threads for me to troll out in. :-) would have thought everyone would have been sick of xmas by now after the typical UK 3 month build up to the event lol. if it gets any slower i may even have to start my design project , bummer ;-)
  7. K

    Searching for apprenticeship by phone!

    So far I've rung 10 firms in the Surrey area asking "are you taking on any apprentices at the moment" and they've all said no. I'm 31. Should I continue?
  8. O

    Working for free while at college...

    Hi all, after a bit of advice regarding work experience. I have been offered the chance to shadow a guy and his lads on some domestic and commercial stuff. What tools should I take if any? He didn't say much about what I would do other then working alongside his lads and learning from them. Not...
  9. S

    On Roof DC Risk Assessment

    I'm in the middle of reviewing our mcs documentation including risk assessments and have realised that we haven't got a specific on roof dc connection risk assessment for our roofers. Does anyone else have one specifically for the roofers?
  10. E

    2 x Brand New Di-Log Voltage & Continuity Testers

    Hi guys, I recently borrowed a few testers to do a review which I will be posting on here soon. However I couldn't get hold of either of the new Di-Log testers on loan so I went and purchased 2 today. They have only been out of the box for 5 minutes to do a quick review in my garage and are...
  11. sythai

    Earth rod installation...

    Jusy wondered what the correct safest way of doing this is....? without going through gas/water pipes etc? Reckon there is a chance I might have to rig one up temporarily for a job I'm doing. And also good to know for future reference. Property is in the middle of a residential area so dont...
  12. C

    Fluke 1653 Calibration Price?

    Hi Have the chance to buy a Fluke 1653 but it has no calibration. Any ideas how much would it cost to recalibrate & are there any pitfalls to buying used like this? Cheers Andy
  13. I


    hello chaps im thinkin about completing an AM2 test as im hopeing this will but me in a better chance of gettin a job my qualifications at the moment are 2330 level 2 2392 2382 would the AM2 test give me a realistic chance of company takin me on:cool:
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