1. L

    Crank no start issue

    I have a right hand drive 2002 nissan xtrail t30 replaced a cam and crank sensor still no start issue
  2. P

    Competent Persons Scheme and which is best.

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and as an electrician of 41 years circumstances are seeing me head in a different direction as far as work is concerned. Here is a list of questions (Sorry) Do you need test and inspect qualifications for competent persons scheme, although I have experience. My...
  3. N

    How to change normal circuit for lighting to a light sensitive circuit?

    I have garden lights and lights on my fence that I would like to arrange for them to switch on automatically when the sun sets for security purposes. I currently have switches for all the lights on the fence and the garden lights are huge LED appliances that are also hooked up and switched on by...
  4. Midwest

    Colour change Festoon Lighting

    Trying to source some Led RGBW Festoon Lighting like this RGBW Colour Change Harness, which is out of stock at the moment. Its for a temporary marque. Been googling today, but can't seem to find anything other than led strip, or expensive stuff for Blackpool Illuminations. Anybody come across...
  5. S

    Bit of advice for someone looking for a career change.

    Hi all just joined because at 37 I'm after a career change. Been thinking about sparks for a while, and more recently feeling the need for a more stable career. I want to do it the right way, and get the right certs. I've been looking at the tradeskills4u course, which savings and a generous...
  6. U

    How can I connect a three phase manuel change.

    I want to do connection for three different power source in my house. Community solar, Personal solar, and a Generator. They are all single phase. Please help me how to connect it in a three phase change over.
  7. V

    Optima Compact G3 Outside bellbox ( Sounder) change

    Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. I have a problem with my Optima Compact Gen 3. I don’t know how can I change the outside bellbox, sounder without raising the alarm. If you have any idea please let me know! Thanks
  8. T

    Change 1gang switch to 2gang

    Hi there and apologies in advance if this has been asked elsewhere. Long story short, I have a 1g switch at my front door for a hallway light - this is a 2way as other switch is at end of hallway. I would like to convert front door switch to a 2gang for an outside light also. I’ve attached a...
  9. J

    Career change at 23, electrician advice (Glasgow)?

    Hi everyone I have been reading threads on this site for a while now and thought I would get my bit in. I'm 23 years old and with the time off work due to the current situation it's gave me time to think of my career and where I actually want to be in years to come iv not long got a mortgage and...
  10. A

    UK Cu change with intergrated contactor

    Hi all, I've just been to a flat with the old double stack mem cu which includes an old 63 a contactor for the storage heaters. Looks like contractor is getting very warm over time and the board could do with an upgrade. Anyone had to do similar and if so can recommend a good brand? I'm guessing...
  11. D

    Warm-up MStat change out help

    Hello I recently had a Warm-up underfloor heating system installed, but due to a breakdown in communication. I ended up with the basic Mstat controls units rather than something digital/programmable. The MStat comes with NTC5K sensor and for some daft reason the rest of their thermostats use...
  12. R

    Change of job?

    Hi guys, so for the past 2 years I've been working for a firm which I thought were predominantly industrial ended up being the occasional industrial job, it's mainly been commercial maintenance tbh, and a lot of lay down time sat around. But I've gained my CompEx and had a couple of decent jobs...
  13. T

    Advice for a possible job change?

    Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me in regards to where to begin my search for a new job. I’m currently a commercial/industrial electrician and have been with my current place for just over a year. I moved there from a domestic...
  14. R

    Change standard batten light to 3no LED spots

    Morning, First post... apologies...! Currently got 2no LED batten-style lights in my garage, all wired in by a sparky about 6 months ago. 1 serves the front of the garage, the other the rear (and the garage is divided by a partial stud wall). The rear half ceiling insulated and boarded over...
  15. M

    Change of economy 7 CU

    Hello all I have been asked to quote on a change of CU that I have attached photo of. I have never changed one like this that looks to me like it has a dual supply from an economy 7 meter and also a supply on the standard rates. I am aware that the actual connections from metering can vary for...
  16. Tuxornot

    UK CU Change help

    Hi, Before I begin my tale of woe, I have my tin hat ready! I'm retired from the trade, I started out just as the 16th came in and had a rather interesting career before being thrown a googly, so I am out of the loop by a few years, yeah I can re-qualify and join a scam but its not going to...
  17. J

    HELP, lights not functioning properly after consumer unit change

    I changed an old fuse board for a new consumer unit and the lighting for this house was connected in two separate fuses. So I swapped one for one and put them into two 6 amp breakers. Now the light at the bottom of the stairs is permanently on and the light at the top is off. Light at top...
  18. S

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?
  19. S

    Should I change for a thicker wires?

    Hello, I have a generator that generates 14V/20A DC for two ends and I use both of them for operating olive harvesting machine. I have no Idea how much wattage or Amp each one needs because it came off the label , but I know that they both need 12Volts each. The issue : operating both on...
  20. D

    can I change a hortsmann E7 to a conventional emersion switch

    We have recently moved into a property that previously had economy 7 (storage heaters and boiler) but the storage heaters have been replaced by simplix fan heaters and tariff changed to single supply when they were removed - but we are having problems with the water heater with is hortsmann E7 -...
  21. J

    UK Do I need to change to an 18th edition board when rewiring a house?

    Hi We are having a complete rewire of our house and also new wiring to the two-story extension that is being built. The Sparky has said we need to change our board to a metal cased 18th edition board. Our board is only 7 years old and has plenty of headroom for adding more devices. See...
  22. Dan

    Forum Tags - We're done now I promise

    Thanks for your patience with all of this. I jest about them being just tags on a website about electricals. But I know a lot of people have worked really hard to get them. So I often lose sleep over knowing at some point they're changing again. So this is it now. We've hit that last point of...
  23. ajmayers

    2 gang and 1 gang switch change help

    Hi In our hall we have an old 2 gang switch which controls the downstairs and upstairs lights. There is also a 2nd 1 gang switch upstairs which just controls the upstairs light. I am struggling to figure the wiring on the new switches, can anyone help which wire goes where on the new...
  24. E

    Consumer unit change

    Hi, I'm a recently qualified electrician and my parents need their consumer unit replacing as they are having a new bathroom and they currently have an old rewirable fuse board so obviously no electrical work can be carried out to it. The installation has no bonding present and 16mm tales...
  25. Pinners27

    old 2-way lighting switch - not sure how to change over

    I'm trying to change over a 2-way switch in my hallway (that controls an upstairs and downstairs light) and can't for the life of me work out where each cable from the old switch should go in the new one. There are two cables in common (red top right and yellow bottom left) Blue to L1 Red to...
  26. S

    Two Meters- How do i change to Single Meter?

    HELP!!!! I have a dual occupancy house that is unoccupied for most of the year- holiday rented for about 12-15 weeks a year - so my electricity use is zero most of the time- most of my rather huge bills is produced not by consumption but by 2 sets of daily supply charges all year. Given I pay...
  27. Dan

    Change "Arms Access" banner / tag to "Professional"?

    Change "Arms Access" banner / tag to "Pro Electrician" "Professional"? What would you guys say? I assume everybody with the current Electricians Arms tag is an actual Professional Electrician? (Been a while since I've admin'd here to be fair) So I'm squishing out content that doesn't make...
  28. C

    EDF meter change fault

    Hello guys EDF came out to a flat and attempted to replace the meter. I have been called out to investigate there comments which are “unsafe to remove meter, possible borrowed neutral, voltage at meter even with fuse removed (dropped neutral test)” First off i am currently on site, I removed...
  29. H

    New CU change and testing

    Good morning all. So, when doing a CU change and installing some new circuits to it would you test all circuits on the new CU or just those additions? I tested all but interested in others views, thoughts and advice.
  30. Dan

    5 Week Wonder = 'electrical trainee'

    3, 4, 5 and 6 week wonder (short version) will change to "electrical trainee" from now on automatically. Let's try and get rid of that terminology. They're trainees who are trying to get into the industry. End of. They shouldn't be knocked for it. We don't know their circumstances. No...
  31. T

    Testing during a consumer unit change

    Evening all When doing a consumer unit change, how much dept do you all go into? Do you treat it like an EICR with 20% ish and spot checking? Normally we do end to end, r1 or r2 and IR test once the old board is off and Zs when the new board is on. We try and find end of the line on each...
  32. T

    smoke alarm wiring.

    went to change three smoke alarms today and found they were wired in 1.5 t&e useing the cpc as the interconect link wire. would you class this as a c1 / c2 i was thinking c1, any thoughts
  33. Bobby34

    EIC Consumer unit change

    Hi guys and girls, Changed over my first CU today (didn't go bang so I'm classing it a success), with regards to the EIC do I list every circuit and fill it in as if they were new circuits, I've had a look at the best practice guide for CU's and the way i'm reading it it would suggest yes as...
  34. John Matrix

    Career change

    Has anyone on here changed careers? Come off the tools, moved into a different field? I’m still mulling things over like I have been for past year or so and I really would like some advice on this. I don’t feel that setting up on my own is an option for me and I’m not financially set up for it...
  35. B

    Testing with a CU change

    Working with a spark, now when we change a CU no new circuits just old for new, We do all end to ends on rings, IR tests and Zs making sure all the new protective devices that disconnection times are met, would you do R1+R2? If we do a CU change and add new circuits we do R1+R2 on the new...
  36. Jason94

    Trainee Looking to change careers.

    Hello all, I'm currently a HGV driver but it's not something I want to continue to do. I enjoy learning new things and expanding my knowledge which my current job doesn't have. I have always been interested in becoming a electrician and now at 25 I feel like it's now or never to actually...
  37. T

    Testing after a consumer unit change

    Had to change 40 consumer units the other day in a hostel/hotel/b&b and it come to the testing stage I spoke to the NICEIC who said you need to test circuits for " safety only ". He said doing a global IR test (testing each individual circuit if less than 1M), and earth fault loop, RCD and...
  38. S

    New member looking for career change

    hi there just introducing myself. I’m 28 and currently looking for a career change to become an electrician. Going to get access to the trainee forum. I’m based in Glasgow any advice on where to start would be very much appreciated Thanks Steven
  39. C

    ABS and Brake Light on after battery change

    Hi, I drive a 1999 Toyota Corolla. I bought a new battery 2 weeks ago which was flat this morning. The battery warning light came on on my way home from work last night. I jump started it and took it to the place I bought the battery. They changed the battery I had bought for a new one...
  40. R

    Looking for advice, want to change career.

    Hi All. So i am 30 years old and thinking to change my career. At this moment i am working for a builders merchant as a manager and earning 28k, but I really want to change my career. Thinking to lear electrician trade, but not sure how to start and where to start. I have a family and i need...
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