1. S

    Should we change the wire?

    Hello, Suppose we have a building that is 30 years old. It is being overhauled. Do the copper wires need to be replaced? Do electrical wires have a useful life? Thank you
  2. EricMark

    An odd question, but what is the time from radio 4? Looking at duel tariffs and when they change high to low rate?

    I have read all I can find about radio 4 and tele switching, but can't find if this changes when our clocks change. It all started when I decided to get a smart meter fitted, and once fitted may as well get duel rate and recharge my 3.2 kWh batteries over night as well as using solar, this seems...
  3. tony9i9i9i

    How many electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Had a customer message me before I went to do a job asking if I could put a new bulb in a spotlight while I was there, so I picked up some LED GU10's on my way. When I got there I couldn't budge the spotlight from the ceiling, I poked and prodded the recesses in the fitting and the top came...
  4. BigSpark

    UK Generator - Change over

    Afternoon! Hoping someone has experience working on the ABB gear below. It’s in a Mobile Office/ Welfare unit, supplied via either 230v hook up or Generator with a Change over relay. The issue is the 230 supply isn’t being able to be utilised - only the generator. Then occasionally the 230...
  5. J

    Career Change Advise

    I'm in the military with 2 years left of service and want to become an electrician when I leave. What's the ideal route I can take to become qualified and also have the relevant experience required to join the industry?
  6. bing820

    Change single switched fused spur to include a 13A socket?

    DIY'er question: I have a singe switched fused spur above my kitchen counter, providing power to an undercounter fridge socket beneath it. The boss lady wants a socket installed there to move the toaster away from where it currently sits, because 'lady reasons'.. Is there any way I can swap...
  7. tonuorak

    Sigma Smart+Guard SG-S Battery Change

    Hi All, Might be a stupid question but I have about 30 of these smart+guard alarmed call point covers to deal with. All the batteries are dead and need changing. Only problem I'm encountering is that you have to unscrew it from the wall to put the new battery in and once the new battery is in...
  8. C

    UK Change RCD type at CU to enable RCDs at socket outlets

    Hello All, I am a homeowner (but not an electrician) and I am renovating a house that has an old CU containing MCBs and an MK LN5725 residual current-operated circuit breaker on the supply side (25A, 30mA trip current). The RCD is there because some of the circuits supply power to outbuildings...
  9. R

    Street Lights. Can I change bulb to different type?

    I have a street light circuit on land I rent out. I need to replace 2 of the bulbs. 1 of them is an old Philips 55W SOX Plus, the other is a Heathfield 30W E27 LED. I'm not sure if any electrical work was previously carried out to enable the Heathfield LED to work. Can I just replace the old...
  10. sabbon1138

    How to change this light bulb?

    Hi all, Having some trouble working out how to change this lightbulb. Videos of similar units suggest you should be able to unscrew the white rim - it does turn but just rotates and won’t come loose (it's very, very tight). I’ve included a pic of the bulk of the unit wedged in the ceiling - do...
  11. M

    Can I simply change this over.

    Hi, I am changing the electric shower in a bathroom refurbishment (my own) and just wanted to ask about the mcb rating. The existing shower was an 8.5kw, I would like to install a 9.5kw... the cable to the shower is 10mm, it is only around four meters from the consumer unit, and the 10mm...
  12. Dvyj123

    CCU Change on property

    When doing an eic, does anyone put limitations for existing wiring within walls and under floors and you’re not able to check them? Or what do people put down for that. Also would it be best to consider asking the customer to consider getting an eicr completed before a board change to rise any...
  13. V

    Change to solar FIT payment contracts

    Hi all Is anyone aware of the change to solar generation FIT payment contracts for existing installations. (FIT payment scheme closed in 2019) It seems ofgen is changing all existing contracts which paid a set amount for 50% of of the kwh generated .. into only being paid for every unit you...
  14. V

    Advice on New Consumer Unit Change Please?

    Hi Everyone, Last year arranged for my mother's and my consumer units to be changed by the same electrician who is NICEIC registered. Both jobs were not completed for various reasons, I have been trying to arrange for them to be completed over the last two months. At my home the oven began...
  15. S

    change light pull switch - different wiring inside

    hello the old light pull switch in my bathroom has broken and no longer pulls - i have bought a new one - but it looks different inside. is is just a case of taking the two wires from the old one and connecting them to the new one or is this something more difficult... as no doubt can be...
  16. SDMarshall

    New to forum - Im looking to change careers

    Just a quick introduction from me - I'm a 49 year old living in Essex - I have no electrical qualifications but Im looking into training options and wanted some advice on what route to take. Im looking to get into renewable installations in some shape or form but Im not rigid in my goals. I just...
  17. R

    Texecom Premier Elite battery change.

    I’ve recently moved into a property with a Texecom premier elite system. I’ve been given the engineers code and have read up on the alarm. It looks as though i have a Texecom oddesy x3 sounder which is wired. I dont know if the system has been serviced as it looks fairly new. However as a belt...
  18. F

    Consumer unit change

    Hi everyone. I currently have a level 2 diploma, Part P and 18th edition. Can I carry out a consumer unit change if I work for myself privately?
  19. T

    Adding a light to loop at switch and change to 2 gang switch

    Hi, I am wanting to add a couple of wall lights to a room that currently has a single ceiling rose. Attached are photos of the one gang switch and the ceiling rose. I wish to change the one gang switch for a two gang switch, so that one switch operates the current ceiling rose while the other...
  20. S

    Sufficient cable to change outlet

    Is there enough cable in a 3 pin socket box to change the socket to a freestanding cooker outlet. The cable is on it's own 32 amp circuit and is adequate for a freestanding cooker. I was originally going to have a gas hob and electric oven. I would post a photo, but the thread doesn't allow. Too...


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