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  1. sabbon1138

    How to change this light bulb?

    Hi all, Having some trouble working out how to change this lightbulb. Videos of similar units suggest you should be able to unscrew the white rim - it does turn but just rotates and won’t come loose (it's very, very tight). I’ve included a pic of the bulk of the unit wedged in the ceiling - do...
  2. M

    Can I simply change this over.

    Hi, I am changing the electric shower in a bathroom refurbishment (my own) and just wanted to ask about the mcb rating. The existing shower was an 8.5kw, I would like to install a 9.5kw... the cable to the shower is 10mm, it is only around four meters from the consumer unit, and the 10mm...
  3. Dvyj123

    CCU Change on property

    When doing an eic, does anyone put limitations for existing wiring within walls and under floors and you’re not able to check them? Or what do people put down for that. Also would it be best to consider asking the customer to consider getting an eicr completed before a board change to rise any...
  4. V

    Change to solar FIT payment contracts

    Hi all Is anyone aware of the change to solar generation FIT payment contracts for existing installations. (FIT payment scheme closed in 2019) It seems ofgen is changing all existing contracts which paid a set amount for 50% of of the kwh generated .. into only being paid for every unit you...
  5. V

    Advice on New Consumer Unit Change Please?

    Hi Everyone, Last year arranged for my mother's and my consumer units to be changed by the same electrician who is NICEIC registered. Both jobs were not completed for various reasons, I have been trying to arrange for them to be completed over the last two months. At my home the oven began...
  6. SDMarshall

    New to forum - Im looking to change careers

    Just a quick introduction from me - I'm a 49 year old living in Essex - I have no electrical qualifications but Im looking into training options and wanted some advice on what route to take. Im looking to get into renewable installations in some shape or form but Im not rigid in my goals. I just...
  7. F

    Consumer unit change

    Hi everyone. I currently have a level 2 diploma, Part P and 18th edition. Can I carry out a consumer unit change if I work for myself privately?
  8. S

    Sufficient cable to change outlet

    Is there enough cable in a 3 pin socket box to change the socket to a freestanding cooker outlet. The cable is on it's own 32 amp circuit and is adequate for a freestanding cooker. I was originally going to have a gas hob and electric oven. I would post a photo, but the thread doesn't allow. Too...
  9. J

    Trainee voltage experiment - Will it remain the same or change?

    If we have a single 100V Live coming in from the AC Transformer, at any point we measure its 100V If however we introduce loops, does this have any effect on voltage? What would be the voltage reading at the following points on the image Purple Pink Green Im wondering does it have any...
  10. sythai

    TP Change over switch

    Hi Guys Just doing new house and Client wants us to put in a change over switch in case ever needs to run off genny. Not put one in before but looks straight forward enough. Was going put commando socket next to the meter box for hook up point along with earth stake (current supply coming in...
  11. S

    MWC for changing socket or light

    If changing a socket front front or light is a minor works required and would you test the circuit
  12. S

    Career change at 39 - am I wasting my time

    Hi All, I am looking to retrain at the age of 39. What are the chances of an employer taking me on and giving me a chance? I do have my electrical installation qualifications NVQ levels 2 and 3. All I need is the practical training that will lead me to my AM2. Does anyone know of any...
  13. NellyManjaro

    Hard wired smokes with CU change?

    Hopefully an easy one without much debate but I've just had spoke to someone who has had an electrician go to his rental property and say it needs a new CU which I'd agree, all sockets to be replaced as they don't have switches which I would personally but didn't think this was actually a...
  14. M

    Type A rcd in series or change at the board

    I am to install a car charger that states a type A RVD is to be installed. Can this be put in the garage from the non rcd side of the board or is it better to change the RCD on the board and use that side. I assume it makes no difference
  15. Binda69

    Consumer Change - Should I be Concerned?

    Greetings all, just had a consumer unit upgraded and wanted your opinion before I have words with the electrician. Some stuff is obvious like the gland strip not fitted properly, you can’t just about make it ou, but others not sure off ie should the the meter tails have been fed separately from...
  16. groston

    Can I change this switch?

    I recently had reason to look at the switch in my garage that controls the outdoor garage lights. This picture shows how the switch is wired and I haven't the foggiest idea of why a neutral wire runs to the switch. Note that this wiring was done by the house's builder about 20 years ago. (Note...
  17. A

    Career change at 39 - am I being realistic?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to... everything around here. I am 39, working as an engineer in big tech, and I hate it. I have got really into DIY over the past couple of years, mostly carpentry, plumbing, bit of demolition :)s) etc. I have a healthy respect for electrics, so I've not touched them so...
  18. bigspark17

    Pay as you go meter change

    A customer has a pay as you go ec7 meter, the need for ec7 is no longer but they want to keep the pay as you go (wont be talked onto a DD) am i right in thinking they dont need to change the meter just inform there energy supplier that they want to go on standard tariff? Thanks :)
  19. T

    Cu change in a flat earth size

    In my flat the main earth is the cable pictured below it has 7 strands any idea what size this is? And if it would need to be upgraded for a cu change The bonding is in 6mm but is easy to change to 10mm but I guess that's irelavent if the earth is 6mm? The conduit system the 16mm tails come...
  20. W

    UK Different test results after DB change

    Is it common to get different test results when upgrading a db? Basically I done an EICR in November and came back to upgrade the db and done live tests on all the circuits, but my results were quite different. Like 0.30 ohms out on one circuit
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