1. groston

    Can I change this switch?

    I recently had reason to look at the switch in my garage that controls the outdoor garage lights. This picture shows how the switch is wired and I haven't the foggiest idea of why a neutral wire runs to the switch. Note that this wiring was done by the house's builder about 20 years ago. (Note...
  2. A

    Career change at 39 - am I being realistic?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to... everything around here. I am 39, working as an engineer in big tech, and I hate it. I have got really into DIY over the past couple of years, mostly carpentry, plumbing, bit of demolition :)s) etc. I have a healthy respect for electrics, so I've not touched them so...
  3. bigspark17

    Pay as you go meter change

    A customer has a pay as you go ec7 meter, the need for ec7 is no longer but they want to keep the pay as you go (wont be talked onto a DD) am i right in thinking they dont need to change the meter just inform there energy supplier that they want to go on standard tariff? Thanks :)
  4. T

    Cu change in a flat earth size

    In my flat the main earth is the cable pictured below it has 7 strands any idea what size this is? And if it would need to be upgraded for a cu change The bonding is in 6mm but is easy to change to 10mm but I guess that's irelavent if the earth is 6mm? The conduit system the 16mm tails come...
  5. W

    UK Different test results after DB change

    Is it common to get different test results when upgrading a db? Basically I done an EICR in November and came back to upgrade the db and done live tests on all the circuits, but my results were quite different. Like 0.30 ohms out on one circuit
  6. M

    can I change a dimension of a fuse

    I could find the fuse on the top right of the image which measures less than 1.7 inches in length from end to end and has 150 amps. (grey color). The fuse is inside a SAM module in a Mercedes. None of the auto part stores have it and the dealer do not carry more than 100 amps. They want to sell...
  7. W

    Cost to change a fuseboard.

    Hi guys. Just wondering what everybody is charging these days for a board change? I've got a customer who wants theirs changed, all of it apart from the lighting is already rcd protected so hopefully no nasty surprises. I'm going to install a split load RCD board (probably Fusebox if supplier...
  8. M

    Wiring a New Oven after change in ampage

    My old hard wired 30 amp oven blew just before Christmas. I bought a new 13 amp one. In order to get it up and running for Christmas I hard wired it into the 30amp circuit. All kitchen wiring and consumer unit were renewed just under 30 years ago. There is a 13 amp single socket next to the...
  9. W

    Electrician Need a change in my career. What other jobs can an electrician do?

    I'm 27 and been on the tools since I was 16. I’ve become really fed up with site work and doing the same thing day in, day out. I was wondering what other avenues I could go down with the qualifications I have, Level 2 & 3 in college, AM2 and 18th edition. I was even considering heading into M&E...
  10. D

    Help to change Honeywell Thermostat Back

    Hello I need to put back a Honeywell Thermostat. There is 3 wires and a earth I have placed the current thermostat wiring in image one and in image to is the new Honeywell thermostat that i want to put back in place. Please could some one tell me where the three wires go on the second...
  11. W

    change plastic light switches to metal ones

    hi guys probably been asked a thousand times before but i wanna change plastic light switches on wall to metal ones but there are only 2 red wires inside metal back box with no earth wires so do i need to stick with plastic switches?
  12. G

    B16 Breaker change in control

    Have B16 breaker thatfeeds two double sockets in my garage. I have purchased a Nail Gun that trips the breaker on one use. from what I can tell the sockets are wired with the same wiring that the rest of the house is. Could I simply change the breaker to a higher rated one ? Or have to...
  13. justcurioustwo

    Climate Change is not alone, changers on the way

    .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,ClimateChange.,.,.,.,., Below is what I have found. You can do the math Globally, crude's reserves-to-production ratio has hovered between 40-55 years. (Then the well runs dry) How Much Oil Does the World Have Left? -
  14. Dan

    Can you login ElectriciansForums okay since the change in Ad Network?

    Just checking that you can all login okay since we've switched Ad Network provider. If you can't login, you should be able to reply to this article as a guest, give us your username and we'll take a look. Failing that, email us on [email protected] Thanks Dan
  15. E

    New kitchen does it need own fusebox or change just the mains fusebox?

    New kitchen will be installed. Do we need to rewire the kitchen? The fusebox we have is ancient and our electrician has recommended to rewire kitchen then have a consumer unit just for the kitchen electrics as he said things may trip because our consumer unit is old but my builder who covers all...
  16. Stevie g

    To change DB or not ?

    Evening all. EICR done on ground floor flat all electric no gas, flats built 2006, no rcd protection on circuits 1 to 8 - lighting, kitchen appliance sockets , immersion ,panel heaters and towel rail, 3 storage heaters via contactor and rcd control 2nd immersion, general sockets, all cables...
  17. E

    No question, but i personally find domestic work more ("fun") than commercial & industrial... change my mind.

    It just is...
  18. TankGirl182

    Needing guidance for career change to become Electrician.

    Hi, I'm Zoë, 34, female, no university, based in Liverpool, U.K. I've worked as a medical laboratory assistant in the NHS for 14 years full time and I'm on a relatively low-average wage. I've always seen the trades as a 'man's world' and have been nervous to go into the industry but now feel...
  19. HappyHippyDad

    Which brand of switch/socket should I change to?

    I have used Crabtree for years. It's still ok, but I just don't like their sockets, as they stick out quite a bit compared to say MK or even the Lap ones. Which brand is good to use? I do like the look of MK, but it's a bit expensive. I tend to buy in bulk and keep it in stock.
  20. P

    Hi,guys do you have to change consumer unit from plastic one to metal if you want to add an extra circuit?There is an RCD in it.Thank you for answers.