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  1. L

    Economy 7 moved to single rate meter, should it be charged at the same rate?

    I recently switched from economy 7 to a single rate smart meter. I have two fuse boards and wondered should these now be on 24hours a day and should they be charged at the same rate? I got my bill through and it looks like they are charging us at different rates, both of which are higher than...
  2. N

    My motorbike has no power. Battery charged, fuses checked, power is going to the starter rely but not beyond....please help.

    Recently changed my starter relay on my xv1600 wildstar. When reattaching battery cable, it caught a small thermostat and sparked. Now whilst I have power to the relay from the battery I have nothing beyond the relay and turning the key does nothing. All fuses have been double and treble...
  3. M

    What would you have charged ?

    West Mids (coventry) large 2 bed bungalow complete rewire. effectively new build except chasing walls for 50% of accessories. RCBO board and gas bond, 35 down lights, utility room, kitchen with 2x cooker circuits (6mm each) lounge, 2x beds, bathroom with mirror and shaver point, en -suite...
  4. J

    Companies being charged for using subbies

    Quick question. Will companies soon be getting charged for using subbies by the hmrc and forced to add them onto PAYE? Read something about this and just curious?
  5. HappyHippyDad

    12V battery getting over charged.....

    Hello solar forum, I don't often post in here! My shed has had solar power for the last 2 years. It has a 120W solar panel, PWM charge controller (see pic below) and a 105aH non-sealed deep cycle battery. I have not been looking after the battery properly and let the levels get too low for too...
  6. HappyHippyDad

    Leisure battery discharging too quickly when fully charged?

    Hello all.. 2 years ago I fitted a solar panel to my shed, charge controller and battery. It has all been working fine, but recently it has been losing it's charge very quickly and the charge controller kicks in and turns the lights off. The battery charges up to 13.7V but drops to 12.1V very...
  7. sparkdog

    ELECSA Certification Scheme ELECSA price

    Just got a letter from ELECSA , their price is going up from £39 a month to £41 a month about £490 per year now. I thought they might have come down with Stroma being only £280.
  8. Soulsurfer

    Call Outs and pricing !

    Hey all, just been scratching head while playing with Quickbooks at this hour ! and just thinking I haven't been charging a callout fee up to now and customers are a bit confused as they have said a few times now they have always been charged one before especially for night hours. Am I missing a...
  9. M

    Charging 48v 14ah battery bank ???

    Hi guys i have owned a electric scooter for a while it has a battery bank on it that is made up of 4x 12v 14ah sealed lead acid batterys. i would presume this would make it a 48v 14ah battery The bike has sat in my shed for few years and i am now wanting to sell it. so the other day i...
  10. L

    Domestic Battery operated equipment in bathroom

    Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice please. I am just returning to the industry after a significant absence so forgive my ignorance. I have just been to quote for a disabled customer who has a battery operated bath lift. The power pack is detachable for charging, but has become to heavy...
  11. grumpyjohn01

    scam within a scam?

    Just notified some work to Elecsa and realised I was being charged £3 'per tick' when I got to the part where you 'detail' the work done....naturally when I realised this I only made 1 tick as in my mind the others didnt strictly apply, however this would be a matter of judgement and could cost...
  12. T

    Commercial 3 phase tennants meter

    been asked to quote for a local car was firm who wants there own meter to check how much electricity they are using. landlord has his own set up and they want to check they are not being ripped off. have been told its 3 phase which i can't see a problem with, but was thinking of how some...
  13. L

    Domestic excessive electricty units charged for a domestic 3 Phase property

    I wonder if anyone can advise what might be the best method to check if an electricty supply coming in, has either a leak or a faulty meter that results in high usage of units being charged? Would you suggest a load test or 2nd "check" meter to be installed? We installed 3 Phase into a...
  14. The Solar King

    Christmas Bonus. Police press for Huhne & Wife to be charged.

    Front page of the Times this morning. This is for a motoring offence and perverting the course of justice. So at last confirmation as to the honesty and integrity of the politician responsible for the changes to FITs.
  15. N

    christmas lights on leisure battery, charged by panels

    Hi, Got a few panels left over and wanted to see if I could power my outdoor LED's using Solar, but not sure on the charging issues for the leisure battery. Can I use a panel with c30v MPP panel to charge two 12v batteries in series? Near enough? Is there a risk of overcharging? Anyone...
  16. A

    Am I being over charged?

    I've just had a small commercial job done on a new building unit. The budget for the electrical work was 10K which was written in to the contract with the supplier. During the project a few modifications to the spec were made which were verbally agreed. It was agreed between me and the...
  17. i=p/u

    battery chargers

    help before purchase, i have walkie talkies that are charged with 9v 200mA charger, would it be a problem charging them with 9v 300mA charger as have misplaced the original 1.??? your knowledge and reasons are great:rolleyes:;):confused:
  18. P

    Kids Charged to Play in council playground right or wrong?

    What do think of this?:mad: BBC News - Children to be charged to use Battersea playground
  19. F

    Accounts Fee's

    Just wondered what kind of fees people are getting charged by accountants for year end books, and companies house annual return. I ask this cause i think i'm being ripped off. I'm a small ltd company me on the books and using a few subbies i've just been charged £50 for the annual return and...
  20. S

    Makita 24v battery

    Just got a new Makita 24v 3.3ah battery (BH2433). How long does it need to be charged for it's first charge?
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