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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    New MFT and testing EV Chargers, spds etc

    Need to look at a new MFT in due course as I currently have a kt64dl which whilst it works fine, is a doddle to use I have to use a chunky rolec charge check for testing EV Chargers. I see the new Metrel 3152 has a bolt on to test the chargers. Not sure if the EV testing part works fully with...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Identification of cut outs and ev chargers

    Those involved with ev charger installs will be aware that we should carry out a site / pre works survey to ascertain the current max load with diversity taken into account and strictly speaking should submit the DNO notification beforehand to give them a chance to come back and tell you a yes...
  3. T

    Pod Point EV chargers

    Good evening all! Does anyone have experience is fitting Pod Point twin chargers? If so, I would love to pick your brain on a few things
  4. hey-hey-my-my

    About Victron chargers and AGM batteries

    Hi all, I've just purchased a Victron 7 stage 30A charger : Victron Blue Smart IP22 Bluetooth Battery Charger - 12V 30A, 3 outputs - https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/victron-blue-power-ip22-7-stage-adaptive-battery-charger-12v-30a-3-output-uk-plug.html This coupled with a 400W solar array should...
  5. C

    Can two car chargers share the same TT rod

    Can two car chargers installed outside next to each other use the same earth rod? My thinking is yes ?
  6. Bob Geldoff1234

    Electric car chargers

    I know nothing about electric car chargers so was wondering if anyone can answer my question. I see that some of the new service station electric chargers at rated at 150kw. How do they wire that up to get so much power to the car? Is the cable supplying the charger underground absolutely...
  7. A

    USB wall chargers and there inputs for Oculus Go headset

    Hi I have just signed up to the forum - its good to be here I am looking for a Wall charger with a USB standard input socket for a Oculus GO VR headset which comes with a Lithium Ion battery. In the UK the Oculus Go doesn’t come with its own power charger included. The charger according to...
  8. M

    Electrical Chargers In Thailand

    Hi all, apologies for coming here to simply ask for advice but I am not particularly electric-savvy and I don't want to make a mistake on my upcoming trip to Thailand. I like to travel light but because of work I need to take my phone and my laptop with me. I checked the details on the chargers...
  9. sparks55

    Ev chargers cost how much to install

    How much do you charge to install Seen 1 company doing installs for £149.00
  10. a-z electrics

    Car chargers coming...

    Bought a new little Cudis metal DB the other day.. on the circuit labels they now have CAR CHARGER.. the first of many I'm thinking! Have many sparks fitted any of these yet and what have been your experiences? I've done one for myself, just like a new cooker circuit really. I believe the...
  11. Steve93

    RCD for car chargers and zappi install

    where does every one source there Rcd’s from for car chargers? I know you need the types A etc but where actually has these on the shelf? Or at least next day? Also has anyone got finished install pics of the zappi charger? Thanks in advance
  12. I

    Combining two laptop chargers?

    Okey, first of all- I know nothing. A fuse blew today and I think it’s after that my laptop charger broke somehow. I assume it’s beyond repair and I’m kind of desperate. now, I have an old laptop charger, which of course doesn’t fit in the hole in the new laptop. My question is if I can strip...
  13. G

    RCD's and large capacitive loads

    Hi all, just registered today and sorry to come straight in with a request for help. I wasn't sure if this would be best in the commercial forum or the domestic one as really it is using comercial type equipment on a domestic ring main. I have 2 large battery charger/inverters in use at my...
  14. J

    100-240V charger - Changing plugs

    Good morning, First of all I am not an electrician. I have two batteries in two different enclosures that are each powering instruments, that run on 12V DC. The instruments are provided with chargers that plug into regular 240V AC UK plug or European 230V AC plug. Those chargers both...
  15. T

    I phone charger went bang

    Got back from work, phone battery was low so i picked up my charger (which i had left plugged in to an extension lead all day) and bang. Tripped out the mcb and partly popped off the plastic cover of the charger, and its all black inside and my flat now smells of fried circuit board. Morale of...
  16. applemac

    exploding apple iPhone charger

    good reason to switch off chargers after use!
  17. J

    18v makita battery

    has any1 used the replica lithuim batterys for makita? i hav 5 original batterys which 2 are now dead flashing red and green:( and hav seen replicas for £55 on the web. was just wondering if any gd or best to get orginals.
  18. G

    battery chargers keep blowing?

    Hi all, saw my brother over Xmas and he has a problem with battery chargers fusing out when he turns them on, now blown 3 different ones. All other things work ok. Any suggestions would be helpfull before i call round to look, thanks in advance. Graham
  19. P

    24v makita battery

    anyone know the cheapest place for a 24v makita battery. thanks in advance.
  20. J

    Industrial Fused Neutral in Fork Truck Charger

    We had Four new power pallet trucks at work and the first to chargers delivered (single phase) had a short supply flex which is to short for our use. Upon fitting a new flex i found that the line conductor when straight to the primary side of the transforme and the neutral when to the fuse...
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