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  1. E

    UK Contra charges after non payment

    Hi all. New here, just a question if any one has had a similar experience. Halfway through a small domestic rewire, builder wouldn’t pay so long story short, had to take to court, awarded my way, but builder refused to pay still. Got bailiff involved, builder paid and I haven’t been asked to go...
  2. T

    Can anyone help on mutiple meter standing charges

    Hi Im totally confused and wondered if there any electricians who could explain and if there any way out of it. Im trying to switch electrical suppliers and been told that on the national database there are two meters showing at the address and that if I was to switch I would be charged 2...
  3. S

    Texecom Tech support charges

    I think Texecom alarm systems are hard to beat. When installing an elite 24 some weeks ago, I had a small technical query. After some 26 minutes of waiting for technical to answer and listening to the carp music, it cost me £12.86 for the privilege, and still never got my query answered.
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    DNO charges when needing isolator fitted.

    Spoke to the local DNO this week, as a job im quoting for needs an isolator fitted so i can run a small second CU from a henley block to supply an extension. I may also be running a supply to the separate garage in the foreseeable future. I only need them to either de-energise supply and i will...
  5. T

    Laptop charges off 12v battery/inverter when full, stops after a while

    Hey so I have a 300W inverter and a 24ah 12v battery. This works to run and charge my laptop for a couple of hours, however after a while the laptop stops charging but I can still charge my phone off the USB that the inverter comes with. Can someone explain why this might happen, does the...
  6. Dan

    Which card readers do you use for taking payment?

    Wondering which card readers you guys use for taking payment at the customers door etc. I think some people/banks can take payments via mobile phone and whatnot now can't they? Using the phone number or something?? What sort of charges apply?
  7. K

    Fluke 87 LCD repair

    Hey. Does anyone have a source for replacement fluke LCDs ? I have 87v here with a cracked display and I'm struggling to find a UK source for a replacement part. I've contacted fluke they've told me they won't supply a spare but will fix it if I send it to them, it's a 5 minute job to repair so...
  8. Amp David

    For Sale Makita BHR 200 24v SDS drill

    It comes with the charger, which also charges Makita lithium ion batteries, has 1 x 3.3ah battery which charges and holds the charge properly and carry case. Looking for 40 quid then what ever delivery/postage would cost. PM me for pics if you like.
  9. C

    London Congestion Charge and Parking Charges

    Hi I just wondered how others deal with London Congestion Charges and Parking charges. I have just completed a job which for one reason and another required 3 visits of 2-3 hours a time. Is it reasonable/common practice to pass on parking and congestion charges to the customer? Thanks in...
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