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  1. stummish

    Charity work, please read whole post!

    Hello all, please read this, it will take you 2 mins but it's really important to me. There's a great community of helpful people here, and I'm asking for a different type of help. I'm doing a trek across Costa Rica for Marie Curie Hospice in November. It's a 8 day trek over 6 volcanoes through...
  2. DPG


    Funny but not funny: Cat charity shop sells electrician's £200 tools for £1 - BBC News -
  3. N

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC application

    I am applying for the NEICE Domestic Installer scheme. I was an NiCEiC DI about 10 years ago and all they required was 2 pieces of work to see. Their website says that want to see the paperwork/evidence for all your electrical work over the past 12 months. I have been working for someone else...
  4. S

    commercial funding

    Is there any funding out there for free commercial projects still?
  5. M

    trade stand

    Hi Anybody been to a exibition / show type of thing to sell their services Ive just booked one so any pics of what you may have done just looking for ideas. Cheers Mayfair
  6. P

    **charity auction** NICEIC dvd's

    we have for the charity for sale a set of niceic dvs a warm thanks goes out to the niceic for providing these for us. the auction will run until 10PM friday the 27th
  7. P

    **CHARITY AUCTION** Megger Multi-meter

    here we have a megger multi meter up for grabs from Napit brand new and all the proceeds will go to the pen charity`s Auction will end next Thursday 19th August at 10pm
  8. P

    **CHARITY AUCTION!!**niceic great dvd money goes to the pen charity

    An Introduction to BS 7671 by NICEIC Group Ltd - 9781906091033 at The Book Depository kindly donated by my local wholesaler for sale and funds go to the pen fund please place bids and the highest by friday night gets it all money to the charity fund. and be nice people no nic jokes :) great...
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