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  1. D

    Are these cheap electricals a hazard?

    To cut a long story short, I've been looking for a while for a 'smart' light switch that doesn't require a neutral or a hub. I've found a few on ebay and ordered them due to arrive on Tues...
  2. Gaz92552

    UK Cheap Part P - Blue flame

    Looking to a join a scheme and was wondering if anyone here was a member with Blue Flame? Annual membership of £295 dropping to £195 after 3 years. Or if anyone could recommend any other cheap schemes now that stroma are no longer taking applicants.
  3. Zerax

    Cheap batten fittings... for a loft

    Does anyone know of a source of cheap batten fittings... I used to get cheap fluorescent ones but they all seem to be LED ones which are a trifle overkill just for a loft... with like 30 mins per year usage !
  4. D

    Cheap impact.........

    Hi all It is my 40th coming up next month and my parents are insisting they get me a little something I have told them I don't need anything but they want to So my old Hitachi 18v impact is pretty much dead and I would like to try another brand Any recommendations in the sort of £100 range
  5. The Flyinhos

    Cheap MCB lockout devices

    Had these arrive today, thought it was quite a bargain. 10x lockouts for £9.00 including VAT and delivery. Thought they maybe cheap n nasty, but pleasantly surprised. Can't knock em for the money.
  6. M

    Cheap labour in offer in exchange for basic training in electrical installation

    Mature adult wanting to gain some on job experience. Willing to work as part time labour for any electricians in and around the SE-SW London, I would happily accept a £60 day rate for any one willing to show me the ropes. I’m enrolling into college in September for my level 1. I understand...
  7. GBDamo

    Cheap nasty little LED holders.

    I'm trying to find a supplier for those white plastic holders for emergency light charge indicator LEDs. the ones that push into suspended ceiling tiles. Ceiling tile boys just cut off the old LEDs and threw the tile, holder and LED in the skip, bless their cotton socks. I'm usually pretty...
  8. D

    Fleet vehicle or buy a cheap one ?

    Anyone got any advice on which is the most cost effective ? To hire a fleet van long term or to buy a van Any views appreciated .
  9. Loki

    Seen cheap Megger 1721 on ebay

    Hi everyone, Just seen a cheap Megger MFT 1721 on ebay with calibration until 6/7/19 if anyone is looking to get one? £450 & no its not me selling mine lol Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Tester/calibrated. | eBay -...
  10. joel89

    Cheap Multifunction Tester

    hi all I am after a cheap multifunction tester with calibration certificate, Im an industrail spark for a compant & I do only the occasional industrial/commercial install So I want it to self certify work. (Dont come with are you NIC/Elecsa registered) Cheers
  11. L

    Cheap Halogens Occasionally Flickering

    Hello, Had a call-out today for a lady who was concerned about 'flashing' lights throughout her house. The 'flashing' happens about once every 10 minutes, and the lamp essentially goes off for a split second. The issue happens across both of the lighting circuits. I've checked at the board and...
  12. J

    Anyone after some cheap swa

    Hi guys I’ve got 6 drums of 6mm 3core swa 65m lengths from bat cables brand new still sealed on the drum after £100 a drum if anyone is interested cheers James
  13. Dan

    Cheap large roller toolbox!

    Just found this on fleebay Selling fast. 40% off. Not sure you could climb on them, but they see a cheap...
  14. B

    Can't find any cheap G4 LEDs that run off the mains 240v.

    Hi everyone We have a couple of NEXT ceiling lights in the living and dining room. Both the transformers have gone and replacement transformers are about £35 each, however I'm worried they may keep blowing and its going to get costly to replace them often. A friend suggested removing the...
  15. W

    Testing Equipment

    Hi All Which testing kit do people recommend for more diy use which doesn't cost silly money. Like socket testers etc. Is there a better socket tester than the Martindale ez150? Or a kit similar to the kewtech 17th edition testing kit. Thanks
  16. Soulsurfer

    Awkward Customer.

    So I have a full rewire to do asap but customer is trying to live in upstairs of house while myself and builders are going to try ripping out and rewiring entire place, chasing in extras at same time but she doesn't want ceilings down to gain access to joists ! or many floorboards upstairs...
  17. N

    Inspection Cameras

    Hi all. Just a quick post - Aldi's are doing inspection cameras for £39.99. I've had mine a couple of years and used it loads. Good camera for the price.
  18. O

    Iphone USB charger cable - lightning

    Ok, I'm fed up buying replacement (not Apple) lighting cables - the cheap ones don't last that long and the Apple ones are a rip off. Can anybody suggest a supplier of cables that last. Thanks:clap:
  19. P

    Combi drill and prices!?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a decent (not overly expensive) combi drill. Any recommendations and ideas of what sort of price I should expect? Thanks in advance
  20. M

    Led strip supplier

    Hello I am looking at installing some LED strips in my own house and I have found a website that seems to do them for cheap. It's a Chinese website but looks quite decent. The ones I've installed before from electrical wholesalers has cost a lot of money over £200. I figured that even the ones...
  21. Hellmooth

    Hager 100A s type rcd

    Can anyone tell me if a Hager 100a time delayed rcd part number CN284U will directly replace a Hager 100a main switch part number SB 299U?
  22. Dan

    Who are you using for Van Insurance?

    Who are you using for Van Insurance? And do you shop around or just keep renewing? Have you found anybody that does a good deal specifically for Van Insurance?
  23. Pete999

    C.E.F and Klein tools

    Had an email yesterday regarding C.E.F. being the sole outlet for Klein tools in the UK. So I think to myself OK Pete an early Christmas Pressy for you, so me and "camerabloke" bimble over to C.E.F. as I need a new tool bag and they looked very nice. well how much is this then mate?. £99.99 +VAT...
  24. A

    stainless finish switch plates

    I've just put up a stainless switch plate. The plate itself is giving me a reading of 10-12v. Its earthed, and I've disconnected the earth just to see if any difference in voltage but there isn't. Checked cables, no nips on insulation, nothing touching back box, its not tripping RCD, even when...
  25. N

    Asbestos training recommendation

    Hi everyone I have just moved to the UK from New Zealand and have completed my 17th edition, ECS and JIB gold card. While applying for jobs I have noticed some recruitment agencies require applicants to have completed Asbestos Awareness training. Can someone recommend which online training...
  26. R

    Cheap 2 way RCD CU

    2 Way Garage,home,caravan Mini Consumer Unit 40A RCD + 2 MCB's | eBay What make is this at that price
  27. B

    Best GU10 LED replacement

    Anyone have any recommendations? Want warm white but a lot seem to give off a greenish colour? cheers
  28. happyhippydad

    What do you think of this quote for a builder 'aquaintance'

    Morning guys.. I recently did a job (partial rewire) with a builder, since then he has rang me and asked me to wire up his girlfriends small new extension. He is a decent chap and was very patient and helpful with my first partial rewire (he was the project manager). Because of this and also...
  29. I

    new shower

    installing new shower just shower unit no new wiring involved , old house no rcd protection , i need to install an rcd for new shower correct?

    crap batterys..

    was fitting some smokes n heats the other day.. here`s the batterys they came with....golden golden power....golden shower more like....caus their a rite shower of sh... :biggrin:
  31. B

    best sds drill??

    hey there guys, im just nearly finishing my first yr (2330) and iv started being asked to do a few jobs, i done an outside light and had to drill through the wall, i then quickly relized my little hammer drill was compleatly useless, lol so looking to upgrade to an sds drill. so wondering...
  32. E

    Bargain SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL on ebay

    An acquaintance is selling a 3000tl bought recently for a project that is not going ahead. Going cheap!! SMA Sunnyboy 3000-TL PV Inverter | eBay
  33. W


    Quoted a shower installation 16 meter run of 10mm , pull switch in bathroom with an Rcbo installed in consumer unit as rcd side is full ( plumber supplying shower ) quoted £185 and have pretty much been called a con artist is this right!? Quoted a EICR at £130 for a 3 bed , told by customer...
  34. G

    Where is the best place to pick up LED GU10's?

    Can anyone recommend anywhere to pick up up LED gu10's, i know where to get the cheap rubbish ones. I mean something middle of the road that is half decent with no comebacks ie breaking after a week. Sort of new to buying LED lamps as most customers are not happy to pay the prices for this...
  35. M

    Hitachi drills

    Just seen in the screwfix catalougue Hitachi DV18DCL2/DS18DCL 18V Li-Ion Combi + Drill Driver Twin Pack | Just wondered if anyone had any advice on these, are they a good purchase?? Always thought Hitachi was a good make but seems very cheap for both drills
  36. O

    Domestic Toolstation Sockets?

    Asked by the folks to add some double sockets to what will be a guest room and replace the existing sockets so they match. Not really fussed about looks as the room will be rarely used and at most a couple of lamps and a radio might be plugged in, along with the usual vacuum cleaner usage etc...
  37. D

    Customer/price moan!!!

    Just quoted £260 for a consumer unit change £100 to allow for board tails etc £160 for me for the day to change over and test etc, the lady over the phone was not best pleased and accused me of being over the top!? Where as I see it as being competitive! What more do these people want....blood!
  38. H

    Dodgy copies of BGB selling on Amazon UK

    Just to warn people... I recently left a bag on a train that contained amongst other things, my copy of the BGB. Obviously extremely ****ed off to lose such a valuable book, I was somewhat please to find that I could get a replacement from Amazon for only £32. Book arrived in 3 days, from NEW...
  39. C

    Genreral Pricing

    Just wondering , being new to pricing domestic work what prices people charge for generic things. I know each jobs is different & its own but some things i guess don't change much job to job! Understand if no one wants to give away their trade expertise but thought id ask! Things such as CU...
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